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  1. First off, Raiders need to lose the double tap ability or bring the CR-90's ability up to par. The raider out classes the CR-90 with it's 5 attacks vs the CR-90s 4 attacks. Someone else mentioned adjusting the point cost of the huge ships to cost way less. If we do this the hard points should cost much more. Make the base model with no upgrades cost 25-30 points. Then make harpoints cost around 10-15 points each. For missiles and topedoes you have a hard point upgrade that costs 8 points and you may equip 1 missile or torpedoe to that card. Modify the CR-90s primary Turret Arc so we don't have to do the silly ship post to ship post measurement. Huge ships should crush large or smaller base ships if they get in the way. If you really insist that they don't outright destroy a ship perhaps if a huge ship overlaps a ship with a smaller base the smaller ship is delt a number of faceup damage equal to the ships speed. Then if the smaller ship is not destroyed the player moving the huge ship displaces the smaller ship to anyware so long as it remains in base contact with the huge ship and must face the ship so it is flying away from the huge ship. I like the idea that the manuver doesn't generate energy but rather the ship uses energy on the manuver. Huge ships could Regen energy much in the same way force regens in 2.0 in the end phase. And PLEASE give huge ships a 0 speed manuver.
  2. Here is my build, it's been working really well for me. Droids and Friends Zuckuss(34) [Zuckuss(28), Predator(3), Tactician(2), Tractor Beam(1), Mist Hunter(0), Collision Detector(0)] 4-LOM(34) [4-LOM(27), Push The Limit(3), Fire Control System(2), "Gonk"(2)] Torkil Mux(32) [Torkil Mux(19), Twin Laser Turret(6), Dengar(3), Pulsed Ray Shield(2), Ion Discharger(2)]
  3. FAQ says ignore "Minimum of zero" until calculations is complete. Agility is 0, expose is -1 Range 3 is +1 die. (Agility)+(Range Dice)=Number of dice rolled. (0-1)+(1)=0 Ignoring minimum of zero until calculation is complete.
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