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    Maxosaso reacted to VanderLegion in Y'all are slipping,there should be 3 wave 12 speculation threads by now.   
    You forgot the assault gunboat.  It's not a thread till someone talks about htat
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    Maxosaso reacted to Enormously Fat Man in EFM Salvage   
    Decals are fine and good. They can capture the detail needed to replicate a piece of art that's many times larger than the mini. There'd be no way to capture the detail of the ceiling of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica if, say, you wanted to put that on the circular Falcon. There seems to be some weird stigma I've seen associated with them for minis. That's exactly what they're for since you end up with a lot of weird cartoony-looking art because the resolution just isn't there. Or that, given that you can make them look exactly like they're painted on, they save a lot of labor. I only freehand things when I need to.
    Anyway, I'm making an airbrushed/hand-brushed pinup on a larger ship next, so hopefully it comes out well. I usually only draw that stuff on ~A4 sized sheets.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Fuego Estelar in Worlds 2016 Prizes Announced   
    There is one thing we must do:
    - Make the Winner read this forum so he designs the ASSAULT GUNBOAT with FFG
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    Maxosaso reacted to IndyPendant in Sharing: my path to Worlds   
    I got to thinking: my path to this year’s Imperial Assault Worlds tournament is a somewhat unlikely series of events, each one of which –had- to happen for me to go.  (I'm cross-posting this on the Imperial Assault forums as well, btw.)
    I had gotten out of touch with a close high school friend about twelve-ish years ago.  Just over two years ago, August 2014, his long-term girlfriend contacted me: his 40th birthday was coming up, and she was pretty sure he would love it if I showed up and surprised him.  He lives in Victoria, I live in Vancouver, basically a 6- to 8-hour trip to get there.  I thought about it.  Hemmed and hawed, finally decided to go.  Had a blast.  (His expression when I stepped out of their guest room and just said “Hi!” was hilarious. ; )
    He’s a gamer too.  His party was a gaming party.  At some point that evening, he said to me “You know, there’s this game I think you might like.  It’s called Star Trek: Attack Wing.  Want to give it a try?”  Sure, why not? I’d never played miniatures before, mostly because I’m not the –least- bit interested in painting them, but hey it’s his birthday, let’s have some fun.  Two games later, I was –definitely- intrigued.  And I didn’t have to paint these!
    (I did my research, which is why I switched from WhizzKrap-produced Attack Wing and went for this similar “X-Wing” game, made by some company I’d never really heard of before, called “Fantasy Flight”.)  So, to keep track so far: if his girlfriend hadn’t called, if I had decided not to go, or if he hadn’t introduced me to Attack Wing, I almost certainly would have never tried X-Wing.
    Fast forward over a year.
    It’s now around October 2015.  I’ve gotten into X-Wing’s competitive scene.  By now I know –all about- FFG, am in grave danger of becoming a raving fanboi, and own –way- too many ships. I’ve heard they’ve come out with this new game called Imperial Assault.I’ve looked at it, it seems intriguing, but the figures are unpainted, and that’s a dealbreaker for me.  Also, the box is over $120 (Canadian).But…it sure does look interesting…
    A guy I know from casual board games arrives at a bi-annual local board game swap night, toting the Imperial Assault box.  He says it’s got the Stormtroopers and the Kayne Somos expansions in it.  I ask him how much?  “How about $50?”  SOLD!!!  (I end up leaving that swap meet with less money than I went in with.  *sigh* ; )  The box sits on my shelf for about four months, unused.
    A local guy starts actively promoting Imperial Assault Skirmish in our area.  Around January 2016, I discover and decide to join the facebook group—and hey look, there’s a kit tournament in February.  Should I go?  Eh, why not?  I’m not going to spend a lot of money on IA though, it’s going to be a secondary game for me.  (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *cough*cough*cough* …Sorry, just had to point and laugh at past-me on that one.)
    I get second place in that tournament—I actually won all my games, but so did one other person; it’s a bit complicated, but it was perfectly fair, don’t worry! ; )  –That, uh, definitely helps pique my interest in this game!
    And now I have to backtrack a bit, to string up a completely different thread.
    I’ve GM’d a weekly online text-based roleplaying game for about fifteen years.  One player has been with me throughout all my campaigns, for every one of those years.  He lives in…Minneapolis, Minnesota, FFG’s headquarters.
    Two years ago, I had to give up roleplaying because my studies were taking up too much time, and we had gotten out of touch.  Last May, he sent me an email checking in, asking how I was doing.  I figured, sure let’s chat—but things won’t calm down for me at work until August, so we’ll reconnect after that.  But I get some unexpected spare time, so impulsively I offer to chat early…on Saturday, July 2nd.
    During that chat, two big things happen: I’m reminded about where he lives, and that he was happy to host me if I ‘were ever down that way’…and our conversation rekindled my desire to GM again. ; )  If I decided attend Worlds, I likely would not have to pay for a hotel!  Hrm...  –And- I could meet my long-time roleplaying friend face to face, finally!  Synergy!
    (So.  If I hadn’t starting GMing 15 years ago, if he hadn’t been my PC the whole time, if he hadn’t gotten in touch with me, if I had waited until August to talk with him, if he hadn’t offered his place to stay, and if he hadn’t lived in Minneapolis…I –never- would have even considered going.)
    ALL of this had to happen, for me to go to Worlds.  My lost childhood friend’s girlfriend contacting me.  My going to his 40th birthday, 8 hours away.  His introducing me to Attack Wing.  Another guy selling IA for super-cheap.  The local guy promoting Skirmish.  Choosing to GM for fifteen years.  My long-term roleplaying player deciding to reconnect with me.  Chatting with him early instead of waiting until August.  His living in Minneapolis and offering a couch to sleep on.
    And one last one: I’m an accountant by trade.  April and May are right in the middle of my busiest months.  I definitely would never have even considered going to one of the subsequent Worlds, if I had missed this last November event.
    So…yeah.  Not really sure the point of this post, except maybe to share.  And…life sure is funny, when you think about it.
    (My wife and I met in a similar sequence of had-to-happen events as well, btw…; )
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    Maxosaso got a reaction from RogueLeader42 in Ship suggestion thread   
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    Maxosaso reacted to R4B2 in U-K-ARC: Unbeatable due to pretty wingspans   
    The KUARC theory of xwing.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Hobojebus in I did a boo boo.   
    I own two pairs one for work one for leisure time, I won't buy more till a pairs nearly worn out so I consider buying more shoes than you really need as frivolous as buying toy ships.
    And the only time when I'm dead serious is when I'm hating on the prequels, I made a joke and I'm not going to apologise because you didn't get it.
    And I'm certainly not going to give in to your attempts at censorship either.
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