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    Maxosaso reacted to aenima in Homebrew scenarios now available   
    hello! I'd like to help this project making the italian traslation... what have I to do?
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    Maxosaso reacted to Bibbles in NERD GLEE!!   
    I totally have a copy of one of the MOM 2nd ed entrance board pieces signed by the game design team....  So very cool.
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    Maxosaso got a reaction from Makron in New expansion! Streets of Arkham   
    This is beyond awesome! Can't wait to put my hands on it 
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    Maxosaso reacted to kraisto in SIX MONTHS!   
    I think the software team is very small (based on the delay to solve even critical app problems in some cases) and my theory is the development team by now is only working on the IA app.
    The second problem, FFG is heavily focusing  on the new Rune Wars game and the new LCG / collectible games in this year. Besides the Star Wars games, the others miniatures games are lacking of new info  in months ...
    MOM still strong and sell lots of units. The last reprint sold out in a month or less from the most online stores (Its already the forth reprint, or more), but most of the early buyers are getting tired of the game because the low replayability and the lack of the new content.
    Theres lots of room for improvements in the digital plataform, and its sad to see  they are not taking the true potential of the game.
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    Maxosaso reacted to FTS Gecko in 10,000 words for 10 pictures of our Favorite Game. One link.   
    Number 13 - When FFG Finally Releases The Gunboat

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    Maxosaso got a reaction from Leavon in Star Spawn mini from Spare Oom Studio now for sale!   
    I would be interested!
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    Maxosaso reacted to Julia in Star Spawn mini from Spare Oom Studio now for sale!   
    Holy cannoli, you should send a CV to FFG and have them hire you. This mini is all the MoM Star Spawn should have been
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    Maxosaso reacted to PzVIE in Expansions: what i would like FFG to make   
    More scenarios. Fully digital will suffice; no need for new components, and I'm willing to pay a good price for those.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Odanan in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    Kill it with fire!
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    Maxosaso got a reaction from Odanan in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    I will sacrifice my Tie punisher to some unspeakable god out there the day they will release the gunboat!
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    Maxosaso reacted to Drjacobs in Expansions: what i would like FFG to make   
    I haven't played all the scenarios yet, but I don't believe there is a scenario from the popular story "The Colour out of Space."  Maybe add a few tiles showing the crater and some farm houses and you are set.  
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    Maxosaso got a reaction from RejjeN in New "Guns for Hire" Pack Announced   
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    Maxosaso reacted to UnitOmega in New "Guns for Hire" Pack Announced   
    Ah yes, naturally, five minutes after a huge announcement of a "finally" release - something people have been anticipating forever we immediately move to "this is why we can't have nice things". My first instinct is to shout for all of you worthless complainers to get the **** out, I don't want you playing the same game as me but that seems rash and judgmental. A harsh, snap judgment on your character from only a momentary interaction without greater context. An irrational annoyed response which really has nothing to do with you as individuals just kind of a snap thing because you're part of a trend which annoys me in the greater plastic spaceship zeitgeist. 
    That's a metaphor, in case you didn't pick up.
    Everybody who is mad is just wrong. You are wrong because everywhere I go, people feel joy. They are happy that Kihraxzes and StarVipers might amount to something. They really liked those ships before, and now the game has done right by them - a well reasoned "fix" pack with new tools which breathes new life into underperforming ships. Because the OG Scum were not great, except for IGs. Now all 3 Scum original ships have a wealth of interesting pilots and viable configurations which people who played them despite their shortcomings, or wanted to play them but also wanted maybe to play serious games in a competitive environment. Now they can - in different styles and ways, with a lot of added flexibility - some of which we haven't even seen yet. 
    And what do you people want to do? You want to cry power creep, **** the bed and whine about how your dog isn't having his day. Well the scum dogs need their days. By the time this comes out it'll be close on 3 years since Wave 6 and the SV and K-fighter dropped originally. The fact that this occurred at all is a joyous occasion - something some people are taking to heart. "Hey, this low-tier scum ships get all this cool stuff, think of what they might do for X-Wings or E-Wings?". This is the proper take away, that FFG can find a space in the math to improve on ships which were not built optimally, or simply weren't future proofed. They know stuff is not "right" with these ships and will eventually figure out what the solution is. But also this is like SKU #73, and the TIE/AG is #66. That's like 6 product codes that clearly they must have planned (Similar to the C-ROC) or spoken for between Guns for Hire and Wave XI. That's a lot of work on their plate to sort out. Give them time and if all you got inside you is hate then brother - get out my face. You need to relax. Patience, knowledge, understanding. Hate only leads to suffering. 
    Also in general, I think it's a great pack. Vaksai is just the right kind of bananas both for the lore of the ship and for a unique mechanical niche.  Can't wait to see the rest of the pilots and upgrades. 
    tl;dr - u jus mad bro, dn't h8
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    Maxosaso reacted to Zazaa in New "Guns for Hire" Pack Announced   
    Please add some fotos, and pieces of paper article! I find this kinda "ugly" post, no offense!
    FFG dropped X-Wing atomic bomb! Holy s**t! This was so unexpected but the best one in the year so far!
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    Maxosaso got a reaction from heychadwick in New "Guns for Hire" Pack Announced   
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    Maxosaso reacted to Schu81 in What the.... FFG   
    Sorry. I am pissed off.
    Seriously FFG, whats so freaking difficult about putting some XWings into the XWing game?
    I am seriously trying to make the T65 work with lists like Expertise-Luke, which sound promising first, until you realise that this 2-green, lousy dial, 1 straight red turn, 5 HP ship is going to be eaten alive by some unworthy toilet seat looking ships, as well as a lot of other power creep monsters.
    I mean.. WTF? Why does a turreted ship have a white turn anyways? It doesnt even need one.
    Why dont you FINALLY give us Luke, Wedge and co back into this game?
    Go ahead, give them a fix already. If they are OP afterwards... who cares? Id rather see tons of Lukes at tournaments than Rau and Dengar.
    Why do you push Scum so much anyway?! Ill buy your stuff. Dont worry. Just bring more. But why do you seriously put a third faction, which is only a sidekick in the Star Wars universe, above Vader and the Imperials or Luke and the Rebels?
    This SUCKS! 
    Xwing fix. NOW. Goddamnit.
    And give us a Gunboat too, when the XWing fix is done.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Odanan in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    Oh My God!!!!! Look at this Gunboat mini!
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    Maxosaso reacted to Xerandar in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    TBH the Empires abysmal competitive level shows that something other than another yawn 3agi 2 atk tie with gimmicks or yet another inferior interceptor is needed.
    I mean Imps are getting TLTs 2 years after they were cool. And it's in a fugly, stupid looking ship.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Odanan in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    Gunboats are built on hope.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Velvetelvis in Where is the X-Wing community?   
    There is apparently something very wrong with this forum. When people talk about "the x wing community" they don't mean here.
     Where does this community actually happen? Is it the Reddit page? Or I have to presume something like a Facebook group?
    Over the years I've heard people comment about the forum and how its mostly people that complain about the game but don't play it much. I've recently heard another comment where someone mentioned involving the community for some ideas and the response was (possibly jokingly) " well yes but...not the forum".
    But then it occurred to me. That really this place isn't used by the ...er..mainstream x wing community.
    With some rare exceptions the only podcasters that post anything here is by accounts with very very few posts and all they do is pop in occasionally to sell the next episode.
    The more competitive players who we all know there names because they are in all the videos....are largely absent here.
    So, this forum is really a conglomerate of ....what? What are we here? We don't even know what we're doing here.were wasting our time.(Luke Skywalker sulk)
    But what I'm wondering is where is this actual community at? Evidence shows and opinions are such that it's not this forum. But where then?
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    Maxosaso reacted to Jedu in News drought - give us some previews!   
    Hi everybody!
    I've noticed that there was no ground shaking or at least interesting information about x-wing from developers for a really long time. It cause more anxiety considering the fact that we had May the 4th just a few days ago and as far as I remember, a year ago they announced heroes of the resistance. Now we've got nothing. Moreover, I discovered that most of the topics on our forum for some time because of that now are (no offense) less interesting than they used to. They are focused mostly on fixing/nerfing/recycling older topics. There is no new stuff to talk about  so I may say that this is a normal effect. But this is also a great reason for devs to make give us some news. I feel like this forum is losing a lot of interest (at least mine).
    Of course this is just my subjective opinion. For about 3 months I feel like there is no magnet to read the forum as it used to be. Maybe I'm somehow tired of it? I don't know, but I think that the main reason is lack of news. And I mean real news, like previews, not like the 101 articles.
    Does anyone feel the same?
    Maybe I'm getting old
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    Maxosaso reacted to Panzerfaust in Resin models   
    I saw that the game had resin models at the cons where it is being previewed. Will the Resin models be available in small quantities for those of us that would like to customize the paint jobs?
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    Maxosaso reacted to chervorlovesu in Darth Vader fix   
    They should also print the gunboat in this pack. 
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    Maxosaso reacted to Lobokai in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    Gunboat Libre! 
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