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    Maxosaso reacted to Jake Weaver in New expansion again!! "Sanctum of twilight"   
    I know! Quite startled by this so quickly.  Had vaguely thought that DLC would have issued forth instead for a short while. Still More maps and more boards - and more cityscape by the looks of it. Arkham does grow in fits and starts. 
    Personally i'm hoping for the Arctic expansion one day..where we get tiles of nothing but white 
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    Maxosaso reacted to FTS Gecko in GUNBOAT ACES PACK   

    It must be so awful for you having to read people discussing something they like and enjoy.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Boba Rick in GUNBOAT ACES PACK   
    I really feel like we need an aces pack next year to add additional GUNBOAT pilots and pretty new GUNBOAT paint schemes.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Bibbles in ARGH THAT BOAT IS SLOW <Rant>   
    Aw man!!! When does the next expansion come out....... 
    Just kidding.
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    Maxosaso got a reaction from JorduSpeaks in Beyond the Threshold Tiles   
    I would love expansions-based DLCs!!!
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    Maxosaso reacted to Arterial Spray in Tie Interceptor update   
    Bah. Keep that Second Order filth away from the fine imperial engineering. 
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    Maxosaso reacted to Darth Meanie in A thankful reply to Frank, Alex, & Max   
    This game has no flaws.
    It has overused components and components that haven't been made yet.
    That is all.  All hail the Devs!!
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    Maxosaso reacted to Marinealver in FFG thanks you for meeting the demands for an Official List Builder.   
    You done it FFG, now by removing upgrade slots via Pen & Ink errata the integrity of your printed cards are thoroughly removed to the point where I can't find any reasonable explanation why the outdated official cards should be a requirement in tournament play. None what so ever, on the bright side you can now go ahead and change point values upgrade types and so on as you see fit (and you should Major Rhymer needs to go down 3 points). But point is now your cards are completely point less and out dated.
    So with the requirement of having participants bringing incorrect information to the tournament my suggestion is to now let list printouts and alternative art proxy cards as legal tournament resources without requiring the original outdated and incorrect ones. Players still need the model, the base, the cardboard tiles, and you could even go back and say the dials have to match the faction now that you have dial upgrade kits and can easily make a Scum Y-wing a Rebel one or visa verse.
    If not then for the sake of the force get your new digital development team to make an updated official list builder and have everyone buy that (or even subscribe if you need it). That way every FAQ will automatically updates everyone list. All I got to say is you made one heck of a mess, clean it up.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Julia in ARGH THAT BOAT IS SLOW <Rant>   
    You know, rumor has it that every time someone posts in this thread, the ship moves backwards 2 weeks...
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    Maxosaso reacted to phocion in FFG, you know what we want...   
    T-65 X Wing fix (as distinct ftom the T-70). At long last.  Good shoo-in for the Scarif pack mentioned above.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Rat of Vengence in Heroes of Scarif pack; Rebellions are built on hope. What needs to be in it?   
    I like a lot of those ideas!
    Um, that thread took 3 years to see a result...
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    Maxosaso reacted to Wondergecko in GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat   
    Welp, it worked for the Starwing, so I'd love to see if there's some love for the noble Blastboat. Personally, this was always a favorite ship of mine -- a sturdy, hard-hitting assault craft with a good variety of weapons and a roomy cabin that actually makes sense for a picket ship.
    It's a badass little ship, and in lore it was supposed to be occasionally classified as a small capital ship due to the output of its reactor. Game mechanic-wise, perhaps this could mean it gets energy tokens, like an epic ship. Anyways, who else is clamoring for this?
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    Maxosaso reacted to FTS Gecko in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   

    Fantasy Flight Games have already included the profile and created rules and artwork for the XG-1 Assault Gunboat in one of their games - Edge of the Empire, specifically in the "Fly Casual " source book which came out in early 2015.  More recently, the ship has been added to Star Wars: The Card Game in the Scrap Metal Force Pack which was released in December 2016.
    Alpha-Class XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat (game rules omitted)
    "Designed by Cygnus Spaceworks, the Alpha-class Xg-1 Assault Gunboat is a multipurpose starfighter, excelling at space and planetary attack, interdiction and long-range reconnaissance and patrol.  Unlike the more common TIE series, the Alpha-class is equipped with heavy armour, deflector shields and hyperdrives, though these come at the cost of speed and maneuverabilit, making it a less than stellar dogfighter.  Heavily armed, the Star Wing is more than a match for most threats, disabling them with it's ion cannons to allow for boarding actions or blasting them out of space with it's lasers and concussion missiles.  While used primarily by the Imperial Navy, Star Wings have begun to be employed by Imperial Customs and some planetary defense forces."
    Hull Typer/Class:  Assault Starfighter/Alpha-class.
    Manufacturer:  Cygnus Spaceworks
    Hyperdrive:  Primary: Class 3.  Backup:  None.
    Navicomputer:  Yes
    Sensor Range:  Short
    Ship's Complement:  One pilot
    Encumberance Capacity:  8
    Passenger Capacity:  0
    Consumbales:  Three days,
    Price/Rarity:  135,000 credits R/7.
    Customization Hard Points:  2
    Weapons:  Forward-mounted medium laser cannons,forward mounted ion cannons, forward mounted concussion missile launchers.






    My body is ready, FFG...
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    Maxosaso reacted to Boba Rick in The GUNBOAT has saved us all!!!   
    When hope was elusive and the light was almost gone, the GUNBOAT has arrived.  
    The joy is back.
    I am a 15 year old boy playing TIE Fighter in front of my 486 again.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Helias de Nappo in Wave 12 Announced!   
    I've never cared one way nor the other about the gunboat nor even known what it is, but it makes me happy seeing that y'all finally got it.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Bibbles in ARGH THAT BOAT IS SLOW <Rant>   
    Wow! When they list that something new for either MOM 2ed or Arkham horror LCG is on the boat it eats at me. I wonder how slow that boat is moving. It feels like its travelling backwards in time. I imagine 15 burly Innsmouth sailor types in heavy wool sweaters laughing off the side of the leaky slow moving tugboat while others sit on the deck playing all the new add ons. I imagine them pulling into port somewhere off course and partying with the locals, letting them all see the new gear, then pulling out of port only to turn back the way they came cuz someone is worried they left the garage door open. Finally they set course for wherever it is that my copy will be shipped out of only to run out of diesel which doesn't bother any of the Innsmouth sailors cuz they all get off on upsetting me........
    They either need a faster boat or some sort of medication I can take to fill me with a greater sense of patience. Might help if I didn't check every day.  I could also learn to not take it so seriously or personally. 
    Man am I jazzed about the streets of Arkham.  My goal is to have everything I own painted and the second I open the new box to prime everything and have at least some nice base colours and detailed bases on everything before we play the first scenario. Not one of my friend think I can be patient enough for that...Not even my own wife. 
    I don't think they realize how fast I can paint nor that I'm planning to take the day off work to get em done. 
    We are doing a 1920s costume party for that night with some Lovecraftian inspired snacks. I was thinking of dressing as the characters we are gonna play but thankfully realized that a middle aged balding pudgy white guy with a beard might look foolish dressed as a courageous athletic black woman....
    Anyone else as delusionally excited as I am?
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    Maxosaso reacted to totgeboren in Little log for painting all the MoM figures!   
    Sup guys? I'm currently trying to get all the MoM figures painted, though I still haven't got Suppressed Memories so those models will come a bit later.
    For fun I figured I might make a log and update as I go along.
    First of all, after my first game, I hated the bases included in the game so much that I for a moment regretted even getting the game(!). I have gotten the impression that I'm not the only one, so enough about that. I came to my senses and ordered some clear plastic bases instead.
    I started with the monsters, and will begin working on the Investigators after I'm done with all the monsters I have (base game, Recurring Nightmares and Beyond the Threshold).
    So, here goes. First off, I did some cultists. I slightly regret going with the greyish purple, they would probably have looked better in more striking purple...

    After that I did some slimy Deep Ones. Pretty fun models, though the flash from casting was pretty rough.

    Continuing the Innsmouth (pronounced like Plymouth! Seriously people!) theme, some smelly fishermen and a Child of Dagon.

    And the regular Innsmouth crowds, the Riots.

    After that, I only had 4 regular humans left. The witches and the Maniacs. I didn't really 'get' the witches, I even found the design sketches on the web and read the designers notes. For me Lovecraft witches tend to be a bit more repelling. And her breasts... It's like the sculptor wanted the nipples to be hidden, but failed to get the anatomy right or something? I tried to compensate by painting fake shadows and so on.

    Anyway, then I had some Zombies! Everybody loves zombies. Too bad I had painted 105 of the buggers for a different game not too long ago! I took this as an oppertunity to paint them more like reanimated bodies, and not like the more extreme semi-decomposed zombies you often see in fantasy settings for example. Also, ghosts! Would be cool to make casts of them and make my own in semi transparent bluish resin.

    And then we have some guests from angled space, the Hounds! It was fun to paint source light on them.

    Mi-gos and Hunting Horrors! Should perhaps have made the Horrors darker? I'm a bit disappointed with the Mi-gos. I really like them from the Mythos, buy they are described as about 5 feet long, they seem to walk more on their hind legs being a bit more human-like, and their faces are just a bunch of antennae. These models don't really match that, and I don't get why they had to give them faces (in the form of some kind of mask)? Still, pinkish/red turn more red or red/orange for me. And since they mine the earth, I figured I might give em gold masks, to make it clear they are in fact masks. It also ties them in a bit with the gold details on the cultists.

    Easy to forget, since they hide so much, the Cthonians!

    And then, one of my favorite monsters from the Mythos, the Shoggies! First guy I did a bit like I felt at the moment.

    Second I tried to follow the concept art on the card a bit closer, with a bit darker and more greenish body, and black eyes.

    And both of them side by side, just because they are so cute! 

    Next up will probably be the Star Spawn, then perhaps the Thralls. After that I might start getting some Investigators done.
    Hope you like it!
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    Maxosaso reacted to Bibbles in Rising Tide marathon   
    Thunder has ended as has the first map. A cool clear sky has blossomed over Innsmouth and the investigators have bedded down for a quiet night of unnerving dreams. Roughly an hour play time.
    Michael McGlenn managed to find some hooch and waste money on a fountain. Then he went from person to person alienating people with his irish brogue......NOT GOING WELL!!!! DICE ARE AGAINST ME.
    Dr Lee angered a Detective and the hotel owner with his Snideness. Then he got upset about a claustrophobic feeling room.
    Min Thai Phan talked to frighting children and got the willies after upsetting two old ladies evening tea.
    Kate Winthrop and her long sexy legs talked to a bookstore owner and managed thankfully to make our one and only friend so far. GOOD ROLL FINALLY
    No one talked to Zadoc Allen sadly  I hope we get there before his appointment with the Esoteric Order.....
    After a short conversation and an intermission to go get fast food we have decided to go break into the detectives office and see what the snob who can't play pool is having delivered. Also my wife is getting me and the rest of my team a box of dry apple cider....I hope that does not hinder the investigation. So far so good. 
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    Maxosaso reacted to Bibbles in Rising Tide marathon   
    WE elected the mission and were setting up as a MAJOR thunderstorm rolled in. I could not tell the thunder of the APP from the real thunder. Its gonna pour and rain all nice....... I got my sound system cranked. We are going nowhere
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    Maxosaso reacted to Leavon in Star Spawn mini from Spare Oom Studio now for sale!   
    Just had an update on the StarSpawn from Zealot minatures.
    Here he is raw off the printer, still on the sprues. I'm really pleased with the amount of detail that has come out. 
    Eddie at Zealot is going to get the parts cleaned up and prepped for casting next week so I'll hopefully have some pics of the assembled mini to show you!

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    Maxosaso reacted to FTS Gecko in XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread   
    Save us FFG, you're our only hope.
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    Maxosaso reacted to hismhs in Happy Friday Happy Week. What do you want truly?   
    The beautiful Assault Gunboat.

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    Maxosaso reacted to rubberduck in FFG is out of ship ideas ?   
    They aren't even close to out of ideas, they haven't even made the Imp Gunboat yet...just thought I'd get that out of the way.
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    Maxosaso reacted to Effenhoog in FFG is out of ship ideas ?   
    not out of ideas until Our Lord and Savior the Assault Gunboat, All Praise Be Unto Him is released
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    Maxosaso reacted to Estarriol in FFG is out of ship ideas ?   
    When they've made the Gunboat I'll be happy, the dregs they're scraping up at the mo are just dull.
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