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  1. Aaaand here they are in all their glory
  2. I first painted them light gray, then I drew the triangular panels with a darker gray, one by one, leaving some of the lighter gray on the background between them. It took me a full day
  3. Just wanted to share... first time painting armada squadrons (some experience in painting other minis) ready for the oil wash before highlighting the small details... what a pain those inner solar panels
  4. Let’s hope in thirdtime’s charm
  5. Haven’t received any emails... I guess no code then
  6. Got through again... out of stock. Don’t even know if they ever stocked it. Anyone got it?
  7. can't wait for the italian translation. Hopefully it will be released on the 21th with the italian version of SoT...
  8. And now, a couple of DLCs to keep us busy while waiting for the release would be perfect
  9. I would love the skipray and the starchaser!
  10. I would love expansions-based DLCs!!!
  11. Unfortunately I will have to wait probably until Spring to get the ITA translated version for my group - but can't wait for the SoA steam update: it should bring the ITA translation of Dark Reflections online! New scenario for my team! Hooray!!!
  12. Yes they did - it took about 3 months before we got it
  13. Akachi is my girlfriend's favorite character... but we usually play characters we like without too much planning (and we get crushed by mythos 9 times out of 10.. but it's fun!)
  14. can't wait for the Italian translation!!!
  15. This is beyond awesome! Can't wait to put my hands on it
  16. Same questions here. We want more, FFG!!
  17. I will sacrifice my Tie punisher to some unspeakable god out there the day they will release the gunboat!
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