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    algi15 reacted to Sharkey1337 in Wave 12 Wishlist   
    Ha, that is a fair point after all! Kallus could actually be an interesting two character pack, one Imperial Version and one Rebel Version.
    Imperial player could gain him automatically with his Agenda Set, however Rebel players could essentially remove his Imperial version from the game by completing and winning his Green mission, gaining his Rebel version! =D
    OR if the Imperial player loses Kallus’ Agenda mission then the Rebels gain him as an ally.
    Another option could still have a Green mission packed in, however only one of the missions can be included in a campaign. If the Imperial player picks his Agenda set then his Green mission won’t be included in the side quest deck. If the Imperial player doesn’t choose to use his Agenda set then his Green mission may be included for the Rebels for that campaign then.
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    algi15 reacted to udat in Jabba's Realm now live!   
    It still seems to like them.  We've had a Wampa deploy in a foundry in the first campaign, and we have had one rock up in the jungles of some place or other and the deserts of Tatooine in the Jabba campaign.
    We like to think it's the same Wampa, wandering from place to place, and leaving quickly when he gets an overly warm welcome.
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    algi15 reacted to Fourtytwo in Spectre Team Preview!   
    The new figures too weak to be played in any other way - what a timid, narrow and uncreative view on new cool elements in a game that has so much room for creativity and experimentation beyond the lame-gamer modus operandi of just looking for what's supposedly the most effective. Gideon-R2-C3PO in every list, that's the dead-end of this kind of thinking.
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    algi15 reacted to angelman2 in Prequel factions for IA coming next maybe?   
    I do concede that the PT were poorly executed, but the concept art and general story was rather interesting and I, for one, wound LOVE an IA expansion box full of Battle Droids and Droidekas vs. Jedi heroes with Clone Trooper allies! While I'm not sure I'd want a full 2nd edition recalibrated towards PT game, I DO think another pre-ANH expansion with these kinds of thing would be pretty karabast awesome!
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    algi15 reacted to mazz0 in Prequel factions for IA coming next maybe?   
    No, we’ll remember that, but we also remember the awesome settings and other good elements (droidekas, the clones from the cartoon, more Mandalorians, not to mention the amazing ship design that’s coming to X-Wing and hopefully Armada).
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    algi15 reacted to Tvboy in Played through the new Jabba campaign and...   
    Okay guys, I completed my first playthrough of the new campaign by using Vassal. Here's my verdict: It's good. Very very good. Like 10 times better than the first campaign. The story was better, the narrative choices were more interesting and more impactful, the combat was a lot tougher and more tactical because of how much better the map tiles are in Jabba's Realm, the mission-specific mechanics were super fun and super thematic, the randomized enemy choices felt tighter and less wonky. Several of the missions are also divided into 2 distinct parts, which made it feel like 2 mini-missions and made the campaign feel longer than 5 missions overall. There was a good balance in the missions between objective play, stealth play and just mowing down every bad guy on the map. The AI also did well with being very specific about how the Imperial figures should be working with the mission specific objectives, like specifying that they can't voluntarily move into certain dangerous spaces or that they move towards specific spaces key to the mission after their activation 
    It was also cool to see them playing with more stuff that could only be done in the app and not in the physical game. Mercenary and Imperial figures fighting each other while still both being enemies to the Rebel heroes. All the heroes that the players choose and certain characters from Jabba's Realm get their backstories fleshed out more in mission rules and the campaign story text which was super cool to see. For example I got to meet Diala's grandmother, Vinto's childhood friend, and Saska's brother and see these characters interact several times during the campaign. 
    Now for the problems though. There's still no undo button for if you accidentally trigger something on the map that you weren't supposed to, or accidentally hit the accept button instead of the + button that's right next it when inputting your surges and fail a test that you should have passed, or accidentally hit Yes which for some reason is on the right side of the screen instead of No. At least thankfully they have implemented a 2-touch system for when you go to defeat or activate an enemy group so it's harder to accidentally delete an enemy group. Also no auto-save, which I guess is useful for backing up the game if you accidentally screw something up, but for example in the final mission I played through the first 3 activations but had to get up to do something and when I came back a few hours later, the app had rebooted and the mission started over from the beginning, giving me slightly different enemies then what I had started with. The randomized enemies are much improved from the previous campaign, but there some things that still might bother some. For example, I never saw any snowtroopers deployed in the desert missions I played which was a good thing, nor did I see any Royal Guards, but some people might be bothered by a Wampa being deployed in Jabba's audience chamber or Wing Guards as part of a Black Sun army. 
    I'm looking forward to playing the first mission again but with my physical models tonight with a friend. 
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    algi15 reacted to Tvboy in Jabba's Realm now live!   
    *sigh, sadly, I just got my first Tatooine Wampa. Excluding RtH means excluding all of those heroes, item cards, supply cards, etc. 
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    algi15 reacted to Tvboy in Jabba's Realm now live!   
    No clue about the original campaign. I've played through the first 2 missions of the Jabba campaign so far. Most egregious thing I've seen so far is a Tusken group at the end of a mission taking place on Ylesia as part of a Black Sun army. Other than that there hasn't been any environment violations. And the random named villain cameos have felt a lot better so far, no Jabba appearing in the middle of a Yavin IV battlefield or Palpatine appearing in an obscure ship hangar. When the little roulette animation happens, I can see it only cycling between 3 or 4 different options, so I'm guessing they put a lot tighter restrictions on which units can come out during each different deployment that happens. 
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    algi15 reacted to allenkwest in Jabba's Realm now live!   
    As it says in the title... now to make the time to play.
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    algi15 reacted to Fourtytwo in Gideon Argus is now in Legion?   
    Regarding the idea of imperial heroes: I can imagine something like the heroes in Jabba's Realm - the imperial heroes would be the protagonists in a Campaign where they would defect to the Rebellion, and their skirmish-version would belong to the imperial faction.
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    algi15 reacted to Spidey NZ in I made a J4X-7 Mini   
    ill see if i can upload to thingiverse
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    algi15 reacted to Stompburger in More spoilers on facebook   
    I don't follow the show, can someone explain why she should be considered a vehicle? ?
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    algi15 reacted to angelman2 in I'm looking for Maul and Ashoka   
    My gf researched this last year and the reason is that FFG stopped buying ISBN codes for their IA products after Wave 2, and Book Depository only stock ISBN coded products. So, it is strictly a technical thing.
    (Now, why Book Depository's policy is to not stock non-ISBN Products I have no idea).
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    algi15 reacted to The Cocky Rooster in Prediction!   
    I'm Predicting the new campaign will come out next month when all the students are finishing their year and Summer starts!
    Btw my Wookie Wonder couple lost the first mission in LotA. ?

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    algi15 reacted to supersayian in I'm looking for Maul and Ashoka   
    I scored my second copy of twin shadows and general weiss from there. Wish they did also for some others that I need to get.
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    algi15 reacted to ManateeX in I'm looking for Maul and Ashoka   
    I don't know why, but they have never had any figures beyond the second wave.  It's a shame, since their prices are so great for those figures that they do have. Free worldwide delivery!
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