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  1. Does anybody have any info about the Raid mode mats? I had 1 on pre-order through MM and they didn't have any info, and nothing had been updated from FFG since last June...
  2. After reading and hearing a lot of conversations about Unique Games I believe a lot of us are Missing the Point. Let me sum up: We have been so used to the status quo of Competitive Play, CCG\TCG\LCG, Expansions, and just "You gotta Catch them all" mentality for so long that we are missing that Unique Games are a totally different type of game! These games are meant to be standalone; this box is all you need to be able to play the game. And each person's copy is a Unique experience to them. Discover: Lands Unknown for example is a fun and exciting experience, and unique to me. No one else is going to experience the game the same way I do. Yeah, it would be cool to have expansions and more terrain, but, we need to enjoy it for what it is and realize that this is something different from anything we have done before. Keyforge is similiar in that I hear everyone saying "But i want to play such and such faction". That;'s not the point of the game! The game is Designed to break the common tropes of CCG\LCG\TCG games. It is designed to see how good of a player you are using what you are given, versus getting all of the "cool" cards that are overpowered. What I am saying is: Play the games for what they are, and not project previous games upon them. This is something different and new. Is it perfect? Probably not yet... I mean this is the first time this has been done, but now you have something that no one else does... enjoy it! **end of rant**
  3. The copy I bought has Island and Bayou. I liked it, I'm just worried about the replayability issue. Has anyone started a trade your game thread yet?
  4. Thanks! I hadn't seen that in the rulebook and I was trying to figure out how they were coming up with that.
  5. So I am brand new to IA (I just bought it Saturday), I've been playing the app, and in it I have two Activations per Hero (I'm playing solo). How and our why do you get two activations?
  6. Are there any Destiny players in the Idaho Falls area that want to play? There are several of us that just got started, and are hoping if we can get enough interest the local FLGS will start carrying Destiny again.
  7. Hmmm, the way I see it is that you get your value out of it the moment you purchase it. When your friends come over and you can say, "Look at my CROC on my shelf". Getting to play with it is just an added bonus!
  8. I bought mine the last time it was on sale, and I am really glad I did. The ship looks so much cooler in person. If you haven't seen it out of the box, the pictures just don't do it justice.
  9. That is actually a really interesting idea. Initially, I was thinking along the lines of re-skinning Merchant of Venus into the TI universe, but, making a Merchant of Venus module for TI... or better yet... and hopefully FFG is listening... make them both!
  10. So I just picked up a copy of the 2nd edition of Merchant of Venus from FFG. I know it's out of print, but as I have been playing, I couldn't help imagining how cool it would be if it was redone in the Twilight Imperium Universe. I feel like it would give the game more depth, and maybe some other cool stuff as well. Can't help wishing...
  11. I had a thought, and it's probably not original, but what about an upgrade card that would allow the Empire( though I'm not opposed to the rebels) to hire one Scum ship to fly in their fleet? So this would most likely be a modification that costs around 5 to 7 squad points, and you could only hire unique pilots. It seems to be in the canon ( see Empire Strikes Back), and Bona Fett kind of functions that way. What do you think?
  12. We are going to be playing some x-wing on Friday night from 7-9pm at Gameopolis in Idaho Falls. This is going to be real informal, and is great for newbies to come learn how to play!
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