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  1. if you wanted a direct answer your question, it's actually yes to both. Each action creates it's own opportunity, so the once per opportunity concept (although I'm not sure it's as much a thing in 2.0 as it was in 1.0, but I could be wrong about that) is still satisfied.
  2. Heeey I get those references! Bayern fan here.
  3. I've been using Citadel paints, and I've been using Abbadon Black for the black, a very watered down Nuln oil (about 2 parts water for 1 part paint) for shade over a Ceremite White base for the light grey (for the partisan renegade colors), and Mephiston Red for the Royal Guard. Haven't painted scum yet but for engine glow, it's good to get a bright color like Troll Slayer Orange, and then drybrush with Ceremite White or Corax White at the center and lightly blend out to the edges of each circular engine.
  4. I've been using citadel paints, and they're pretty good. They do tend to be a touch thick out of the pot, so make sure yo thin it down with some water and you should be good.
  5. I don't want to be that guy, but was there a rules question anywhere past EmeraldBeacon's initial post?
  6. Is this right though? Even if Tavson took a damage from a bomb, that still satisfies the trigger and he took a damage. FFG has aired on the side of "all triggered abilities still resolve" it seems, so this to me feels like he'd still be able to coordinate or jam or something before being unceremoniously removed by a bomb.
  7. I'm under the impression that a roll or reroll, (even a reroll that doesn't count as a reroll for the purpose of other effects) is still a modification. Since Midnight specifically turns off modifications, Han can call his reroll whatever he wants for the purposes of game effects. It's still a modification though.
  8. only your focus results rolled can be changed to hits while attacking and evades on defense if a focus token is spent. Blanks stay blanks unless rerolled or you have something like autothrusters or Finn to further modify them.
  9. lol - this is a good friggin question. Using the precedent set by pitching the droid granting an EPT doesn't discard the EPT, I'm of the mindset that if you pitch shield upgrade, you don't lose the shield. If you have some way of regenerating it after the upgrade has been pitched, then your maximum shield value is now what's printed and thus cannot regen back to value +1 like it was when you placed your ship.
  10. unless there's a rule that indicates that dealing a face up damage card isn't critical damage suffered, I don't see why ISYTDS plus 2 more uncancelled booms or kabooms couldn't trigger this card. Sure, you don't suffer that damage but you still suffer critical damage.
  11. Right. Snap Shot is a may effect that can trigger after an enemy ship executes a maneuver. In the combat phase you can still choose to fire a secondary weapon with the [Attack:] header.
  12. Yes it can. As you quoted, zero dice is a thing in X-Wing, and having 0 dice to roll does not remove the opportunity to attack. It just means during your activation, you choose a target to attack and then roll 0 dice.
  13. This is actually taken from the Rules Reference. Replacing the word "ship" with "range ruler" still maintains the integrity of the rule, and is thus still "rules as written". If your argument includes that because this statement says nothing about range rules, well then, I'm checked out of this thread in its entirety.
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