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  1. i hear what you are saying, but why can't we play both 'generic wookie' and Luke Skywalker? i play lotr lcg, and love the FFG created heroes..but i'd love play the main charactor also. thanks again dwaynedauzat.
  2. ok thanks dwaynedauzat...but thats a shame..i am playing Star Wars, i would like to play Luke, Han, IG88 etc and not generic wookie. i had a feeling when i opened the blister pack, and there was no hero card, that i might be let down. i was hoping it might have been in a big box expansion. thxs again.
  3. hey guys i have purchased the base IA, and luke ally pack, how do i play luke as my hero in the app? you can't select him in the app, and there is no hero card in his pack. cheers
  4. hey guys i have the game, woot!!..but the steam app has it as coming soon...when is the app available? cheers
  5. Thanks guys i have ordered stock from the USA..:)
  6. Hey been watching youtube and i am keen to jump into SWD, anyone got any suggestions on buying starters in Hong Kong? any help would be great
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