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  1. It is an absolutely legal move, of course you have to consider other restrictions of this card.
  2. Hello. At first I would like to apologize since Im pretty sure these questions popped before and Im just unable to find it. Anyway, back to business. The questions are about summoned agents. 1. If I play with only 2 heroes and want to summon agent I cannot do it in some of the groups since they just dont include master monster. Am I correct? 2. Often there is a sugestion to use weaker agents (like Merrick Farrow) with a Ironbound monster group. But isnt that only reasonable with 4 heroes in play? With 2 heroes you shouldnt be ale to summon Merrick (vide 1. question) and with 3 you only get 1 master monster so Merrick will just replace him so there is no way I can benefit from using that monster group. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for answers and sorry one again if that was asked before. Best regres!
  3. Ariser


    Thanks Julia once again! You are a marvel of this forum, I was lurking here for a while and you are just irreplaceable, truly I appreciate what you are doing here! To the topic - about Interecede: yes I definitely see the use of this card but for me it become just 'very good, nice to have' from 'top tier, must have' kind of card. About Rune Blade - I was aware about the part with ignoring penalties/bonuses when rolling, it was nicely clarified in the Reference Book I believe. The situation where unit actually survives Rune Blade is kind of unlikely (maybe with Bone Spurs activate? ) but thats great to know it can actually counter normally. Sorry if I didn't make myself clear in some parts, english is not my main language. Cheers!
  4. Ariser


    Thank you! That actually makes this card not so good but still kinda decent. To not start another topic I'll just throw another question here. This time it's about Daqan lore card Rune Blade. To simplify - is it just a normal combat roll with 4 dices but with rerolls? Can I do a counterattack after Rune Blade didnt kill or made me retreat? Can Obscene use their Ferocity when forced to retreat after Rune Blade? Cheers!
  5. Ariser


    Hello. I have a question about Daqan lore card Intercede. The card says I choose one of the dice's symbol and it will be ignored for the affected combat roll. My question is - do I choose this symbol blindly, before the combat roll (without any certenity it will even be rolled) or do the attacker make his roll first and then I can choose (guaranteed success for the defender)? Thanks for the answer, cheers!
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