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  1. Second go for Lily was another victory. This was really challenging, as I drew Omen of Devastation as Third Mistery while the Rumour misterious lights was ongoing. I don't think I would have managed to win with only one clue spawning instead of two... Doom track ended at 1!!
  2. True, and for the purpose of solo game with one investigator, spawning 2 clues can ease the difficulty of travelling around. First try with Lili, victory, by the way xD
  3. Thanks. Shame theses new reference cards are not for me, as I'm currently playing only with the Core Set. Today I finished with Akachi 1 win vs 2 losses). Next character will be Lily. I have a question concerning the rumors questions in the forms. If the game results in defeat by awakening the AO, hoy do you consider active rumors by the time the game ends? Just to be sure...
  4. What do you mean by "new rebalanced cards, Tibs"?
  5. In my point of view, solo games with one investigator might be very interesting, but some game effects can be crippling, mainly getting cursed. Yesterday, I nearly won a game against Azatoth only with Akachi and it was really thrilling. I think I'm going to practice more...
  6. Hi there. Looking at the statistics, there does not seem to be a lot of 1-investigator games. However, I'm convinced that for most of us, over 35, real-life guys and girls, solo games is often the only option in weeks. Solo game in EH seems also to be extremely difficult, especially with certaineffects that punish the Main Investigator. Hence, I'm going to submit a series of one investigator games with a systematic. I'm going to go one by one and submit 3 games against each AO with each of the main box' investigators. Let's see how this goes. Yestarday I submitted the fisrt fail Akachi againsth Azatoth. I lost in the last moment...
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