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  1. What are the rules for having a painted army at the NA championship at Gen Con? Dose my army have to be 100% painted so I can play?
  2. Anyone playing in the Findlay Lima or Toledo area I’d even go to Fort Wayne.
  3. Any word or pictures on the prize support for the Max Firepower Qualifiers?
  4. Maybe that 4th guy is another heavy weapon option
  5. Anyone have any idea on prize support for the Max Firepower Qualifiers?
  6. Looking to see if there is anyone playing in Findlay OH
  7. I’m sure they are doing their best at least they are willing to correct their mistakes. We are all human.
  8. Looking to collect in one location all of the stores having Legion Tournament events with the recruitment kit. Epic Loot Dayton OH 5/27/18 at noon is one
  9. Give me a couple weeks to get my army together and Id be up for it
  10. I know that they announced the prize support for the recruitment pack but what is the support for the launch weekend and Adepticon events?
  11. I thought it was bad too when I saw it on the demo. Have the dice sides and result chances been published yet?
  12. Epic Loot is the place to go they have a store in centerville and one in Springfield they do OP x wing and Armada and usually host the regional for both in Springfield
  13. Didn't get a chance to see the live stream Is there any link to the video or did you have to watch live?
  14. Don't forget about that 0 cost scout perfect for sacrifice
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