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  1. It's not that ship modifying the dice, it's you modifying their dice, so works fine. I definitely thing advanced sensors is better on deathrain with bomblets. Enhanced scopes is entertaining if you've got action bombs though.
  2. Yeah, Tim Gronneberg faced off against the RAC/Jax list in the top 16 games.
  3. I've always wanted serrisu in a tie fighter for my swarm.
  4. Aha, knew I read something ages ago. Does it still hold well for current lists. It was written a fair while ago.
  5. Are there any articles around on asteroid placement? I feel it's often something I mess up when playing, but I'm struggling to find any articles on placement tactics for different list types. Had it nailed when I flew swarms, but feel a bit more lost with it now. Thoughts/advice?
  6. I used to fly determination on howlrunner in the early days of this game. Sounds stupid but really used to work. The best one was when my mate put 4 crits on Howl in one attack. All 4 got discarded from determination. He did 9 damage to Howlrunner that game before she finally died.
  7. It's an interesting question. I don't think this applies as you're not resolving the same dice twice, you're resolving the dice once but doing the action twice. The same as a 2-focus side allows you to focus twice, would this create what is effectively a 2-special side.
  8. Bad news for me. There's only one shop in Scotland doing a pre-release, and not able to make the drive over. Oh well!
  9. Not even sure if my flgs is getting any at all. Not holding my breath for it at this point. The amount you see in advance copies and such will pale in comparison compared to the number actually shipped so don't think it'll make much odds. It'd have looked far worse if the FFG event ran out of stuff too!
  10. I'd forgotten that. Kylo is a definite when he's out. That'll be terrifying. Maybe backdraft? Especially when lightened frames hit. QD isn't worth the points and you'll get a lot more damage from BD. I don't think it's worth it at the moment though; SFs die far too fast.
  11. This is the list I'm planning of flying next. Glad to hear it works well. Anything you think would be worth changing? I was pondering tactician over reb captive maybe.
  12. Think I'm going to try: Ryad/Stealth/Lone Wolf/x7 RAC with VI, gunner, rebel captive, engine upgrade and hot-shot co-pilot The RAC idea is taken from a topic in the main bit of this forum. The hope is RAC strips focus and dishes out as much damage as possible. Ryad flies wide and tries not to die.
  13. I absolutely love 21pt Scimitars with Chips, ion missiles, EM. Cheap but can't be ignored.
  14. It's not there for me on the products page, but it is on the "upcoming" page. Just search for x-wing and you'll find them there. Much clearer way to see it too.
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