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  1. Note we recorded the night before the FAQ dropped, next show we'll talk about it and all the other news: Join Mike, Lachlan and special guest Hairy Nick as we talk Gunboats! What do we like about them? What kind of builds would we like to see? And what does it mean for Imperial players? Lachlan delves into the lore of one of the true icons of science fiction, the T-65 X-Wing. Also a special shout out to one of listeners who listens to **** of a Pilot on a submarine. This weeks shows title pays tribute to them. Remember, we want the Tie Hunter! https://hellofapilot.podbean.com/e/****-of-a-pilot-21-we-all-live-in-a-yellow-gunboat-a-yellow-gunboat/
  2. Ladies, gentlemen and Jawa of an UTINI! age, welcome to **** of a Pilot Episode 19. https://hellofapilot.podbean.com/e/****-of-a-pilot-ep-19-classic-own-is-back-listener-questions-and-golden-gaytimes/ The OG crew of Mike, Owen and Lachlan are back in an episode in which we address the questions you sent us: Tips for new players and how to approach list building What alternatives are there to the standard 100 point game that are fun Mike expresses solidarity with another listener who is also making the transition to becoming a Tie Defender Owen makes space ship noises and explains the lore surrounding - Greedo: yes, Han did murder him in cold blood Lachlan delivers another brilliant Holonet News and admits his Patronus is a Chicken McNugget We close the show by collectively eating ice cream. So remember, when in doubt focus! ~ The HoaP Crew
  3. For Rebels, it's K-Wings with bombs (especially Miranda) and Kanan/Biggs. Imperials in a state of flux, however Triple Aces lists seem the most viable. The Tie S/F is fast becoming a staple (both Backdraft and Quickdraw are solid). There was talk about Tie Swams being viable again but not seeing it... yet. Scum is about Attani Mindlink on everything. And oh. Triple Scouts appear to be back. Ugh.
  4. Sorry, wasn't been clear enough - I also was referring to other secondary weapons such as ordinance. Most missles/torps require a resource (focus/TL). I agree Hawks need something that works, but the TLT is a band aid for ship that is badly designed. If a ship can't be used with a specific upgrade, then the ship is not any good. Re other turrets: Ion is not bad but is limited to R2 - has control but less damage. Not suited to current meta of high damage/burst damage Dorsal - no one, no one even thinks it's remotely good. Have to be in R1 to get extra dice, thus easily dodged Autoblaster is ok, but shines with AC... on a Ghost. For 6pts you get a turret that: Requires no resources Can do a consistent, almost guaranteed 2 damage Strips players of tokens in the first shot Stress, Ion and debris effects do not impact/impinge. I mean you can be stressed, Ionised and fly onto a piece of debris and still shoot twice and do 2 damage. Right. And people weep tears of rage over the x/7 getting evades when bumped. Personally I think there are tooo many turrets in the game. No real dog fighting, which is why I'm looking at the newly released Wings of Glory. I've flown TLTs a bit, and I think they're kinda.. easy. Part of the reason no one uses the turrets you've cited (except corner cases like AB/AC on a Ghost) is that the TLT is that much better and requires no skill/resources to use with limited downsides. IMHO that puts it in the same camp of Palp, x/7 and Zuckess when: Warps the meta Makes other choices less/not viable Has no resource tax/downside Is easy mode - there is 0 skill in using a TLT. Just my thoughts.
  5. Agree. Worth testing and reporting back. I've thought TLT should have a target lock to fire. Most other turrets and secondary weapons requires a resource to use. TLT don't
  6. Was gonna make that point. I think when you see TLTs on every faction, and they become auto include for Imps.. well then they might look. I don't think they're destroying the game, but they do warp the meta in a serious way in making many ships less viable.
  7. The great TLT debate returns. A few points: Yes they can be beaten by a skilled player They have a serious weakness (doughnut hole) But I'll be frank they're easy mode. Little skill in using them. No downside. You can be stressed, Ionised, on debris. It's also a spam attack. We've just seen cards/upgrades nerfed primarily because they're was no downside to taking them: TLT falls into the same category. Is there any reason to take other turrets over TLT? (Dash don't count). A 6 dice attack, coz that's what it is, will overwhelm most Imperial ships. There's a big reason you're not seeing many ships in the game. If the Tie/x7 can be sensibly fixed (and I fly defenders and strongly agree with the nerf) than the same can happen to TLT. Upgrades that require no planning, thought or consideration run counter to the spirit of the game. The TLT should require a target lock on the ship it's attacking - it means you don't just spam. Not a nerf, but a fix. As others have noted there is no point playing any other kind of turret. Even at 6pts they're a steal.
  8. A-Wings are fun, but for competition they just don't have the offence. Some thoughts: The ARC-170 is good but Op Specialist isn't that useful IMHO. I'd turn it into a StressBot with R3A2 and Rear Gunner. Does Braelyn have an EPT???? Don't think so... it would have been illegal with it??? A-Wing juke is good in theory, but the 2 red offence will reduce the squads potency. I'd think about trading out at least one of them for a proket Jake (VI + PTL + GC/AT) - you need prokets for better damage out put. If you love A-Wings you may be better going with a 5 wing Snap Shot/Crack swarm. That's a thing, but not sure if top tier. I'd say maybe go three ship build and have one named A-Wing, an ARC-170 StreeBot and a plus one - maybe K-Wing. U-Wing is a good blocker. Something I threw together: http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v4!s!207:-1,184,69:41:26:;86:27,73:7:25:U.18;234:-1,161,-1,75,198:47:-1:&sn=Awing plus plus Braylen Stramm — ARC-170 25 Tail Gunner 2 R3-A2 2 Vectored Thrusters 2 Alliance Overhaul 0 Ship Total: 31 Jake Farrell — A-Wing 24 Veteran Instincts 1 Proton Rockets 3 Push the Limit 3 Guidance Chips 0 A-Wing Test Pilot 0 Ship Total: 31 Cassian Andor — U-Wing 27 Reinforced Deflectors 3 Jan Ors 2 Jyn Erso 2 Pivot Wing 0 Ship Total: 34
  9. Thanks for updating so fast! My fav squad builder!
  10. Welcome to our Valentine Days special. Well not really. This week we're joined by special guest Emily Myers. Our mad bomber, Owen “Kaos” Cross leads the attack as we discuss: The current state of the meta and what's popular (something, something Para....) Emily talks about her experience of X-Wing and gives her perspective on being a woman in the gaming community We talk about how Destiny - FFG's card game - is sweeping the X-Wing community We delve into the lore surrounding Dengar and Manaroo, X-Wing's hottest, cutest and most impactful couple. Join Hazard (Lachlan), Kaos (Owen) and Baron Gundark (Mike) for your fortnightly dose of X-Wing news, views and pew-pew. Remember: when in doubt focus! https://www.facebook.com/hellofapilot/
  11. Friends, T-65 pilots and wamp rats episode 5 of “Hell of a Pilot” is here for your listening pleasure. https://hellofapilot.podbean.com/e/hell-of-a-pilot-episode-5-oooopsilon-i-did-it-again/ We're half way to double digits and wan't to thank everyone for their words of encouragement and positive feedback. Our mad bomber, Owen “Kaos” Cross leads the attack as we discuss: Mike’s (Baron Gundark) final transformation into a human Defender Our thoughts on the Upsilon, Rebel Tie and Quad jumper following play testing Why Klyo “Darth Emo” Ren is not the end of X-Wing as we know it Owen’s continuing quest to turn every ship into a bomber Lachlan (Hazard) talks about the lore surrounding yet another 90’s video game character, Kyle Katarn How we made the Starviper viable in our first listener challenge. Join Hazard (Lachlan), Kaos (Owen) and Baron Gundark (Mike) for your fortnightly dose of X-Wing news, views and pew-pew. Remember: when in doubt focus! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hellofapilot/ Web: https://hellofapilot.wordpress.com/
  12. Welcome to Episode 4! Epic Scum is here and we talk about the C-ROC and FFG's continued attempts to make the Syck a viable ship. We also delve into the results of the West Australian and South Australian regionals. Join us this week as our hosts discuss: What does the Scum epic add to the game? When, oh when will FFG give the Star Viper some love? We discuss how Scum and Imperial are dominating Australian regionals We delve into the lore surrounding Defender pilot Maarak Stele The guys share their favorite stories about giving and receiving critical hits. We'd love to hear your critical hit stories, so post them on our FaceBook page! Join Hazard (Lachlan), Kaos (Owen) and Baron Gundark (Mike) for your fortnightly dose of X-Wing news, views and pew-pew. And remember: when in doubt focus! https://hellofapilot.podbean.com/e/hell-of-a-pilot-episode-2-defends-with-benefits/
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