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  1. I had a question regarding a different weapon quality, one of my players will be dual wielding Ancient Swords, both with the Defensive 1 quality, seeing as this is a quality that doesn't activate during an attack, would you essentially have Defensive 2? Also another question, when attempting to attack, and you aren't trying to attack with both weapons does the difficulty still get upgraded? Is there still the penalty because 'You are holding two weapons making it difficult to attack?'
  2. I have a question regarding this force power, I've looked through everything in the power tree and upgrade descriptions yet it doesn't seem to describe the base range apart from "The basic power for Harm let's a character drain the very life from a target with a touch." It says nothing regarding Heal's range. Was wondering if anybody has any information to add? Also, sorry if this question has been asked before, tried looking but couldn't find it.
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