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  1. I'm personally a fan of the Affinity suite of products - they have a competitor to InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator, and are $50 each, no subscription, perpetual updates. I'm not exactly a "power user" so others may have found gaps with them, but I love these pieces of software.
  2. agreed, as I said somewhere else in this thread, I think that Star Trek Adventures has the right approach where they are publishing books of modular adventures (although I don't believe they are strung together).
  3. Sort of, but it depends on the content and quality. If Edge Studios have ideas for careers that legitimately improve the experience and don't feel derivative of what exists, then I'd be very much up for it (disclaimer: I have all the books and there are a few I still haven't fully read as no one has played that profession so, YMMV). I think the question for me might be "is there enough white space left to make that valid" but would be interested to see what they can come up with. so, @micheldebruyn, sorry if you answered this elsewhere but if not career books, what kind are you leaning towards? Era and adventure books?
  4. there are a ton of useful resources like maps here that I often bastardize: http://thompsonpeters.com/eote/
  5. will do! thank you again! Totally agree, thank you!
  6. If this is yours, I just downloaded it (thanks!) I don't see that on the list, would you mind sharing the link with me?
  7. thanks for the feedback, very much like suggestion #2.
  8. hey all - my regular Star Wars gaming group can't meet as often as we'd like due to real life and there's me and one of the players that would like to play more regularly and I've been wondering about using Genesys to create a series of one-shots (I have mini-James Bond and Mad Max adventures mapped out) or possibly a recurring campaign and was just curious what settings or suggestions you guys might have for how to make that work and be fun. Full disclosure, have never run a game with less than 2 players and a GM. thanks!
  9. @Mandalore of the Rings similar situation, I played RPG's all the way through high-school but didn't play them from 1988 through to 2017/2018, mostly because I just drifted away from people that are gamers and had any interest. My wife got me XWing in 2015 and that got me back into gaming where I then met people who were interested in trying the FFG RPG out and away we went. I prefer meeting in person but the group has adjusted nicely to Discord/Roll20/WebEx, etc, and our sessions are actually tighter and more engaged(and more enjoyable). And you're spot on about the new Alien game, it's super fun - I tricked my group into thinking they were trying out Mongoose's Traveller when we were actually playing Alien, things unfolded even better than I had hoped 😛 Love these four. Have played a ton of iterations of Traveller since picking up the starter set in 1984 (my first non-D&D game) and although I don't play the current Mongoose version, that's a time constraint and I have bought pretty much everything from the new line in the hope that my kids will play it with me in ten years or so. Also, Free League (who made the recent Alien game) are re-releasing Twilight 2000 (Kickstarter coming in August) and I'm just insanely excited for that. T2K was one of my favorite games/settings in the 80's and can't wait to see what they do with it. I would love to play more games but, time, real life, kids, job, it just isn't possible, so I have to content myself by just reading the books 🙂
  10. So, starting at the end first, there is obviously a legal issue that means this is all just theoretical but what you've described is easy enough for me (I'm a CCIE and already have my stuff synched with GDrive but love the idea of the PI VPN to share it with the group) but for one of my playgroup who is a nurse, that's a lot of work and effort and learning to ONLY to share character & group data. My comment about an online component could add so much to this game that OggDude's tool just isn't designed for that would really add to the experience. But, legal stuff, won't happen.
  11. So, as a 50 year old I agree completely with what you're saying. I love the in-person aspect of this but have always wanted an online component for RPG's or to feel like you're part of a larger world. I hate DnD and had never heard of DnD Beyond till now but agree that, licensing issues notwithstanding, something along those lines would be awesome for this game.
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