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  1. I saved up my pennies and bought one of these. It is awesome and solves all of your card storage problems!!! http://www.thebrokentoken.com/custom-engraved-wooden-artist-case-with-organizer-set/
  2. I've been playing this game for just over a year. I'm a total geek and completionist so I'm working through everything in order. I only play solo and have yet to beat Dol Guldor. Everything else I have been able to beat. But the beauty of this game is you can do whatever makes you happy as a gamer. I am not experienced enough yet to be able to build amazing decks. But I'm getting better at assessing a quest and building a deck to beat it. But Randyman, if you're a newbie, be aware that this game is relentless and always offers a tough challenge. Some experts on here can "break" quests but I'm a million miles from that!!! Most of all, just enjoy the game and the world Tolkien created. From his imagination!!! Yes, he made it all up!!!
  3. Gah!!! Not the answer I was hoping for!!! But I suspected my hunch was correct. Thanks for the reply.
  4. When an Objective Card with an Encounter Card attached is returned to the Encounter Deck, what happens to the Encounter Card? Is it also returned to the Encounter Deck? Or is it discarded? Or does it remain in the Staging area? When I have a rule discrepancy, I always pick the toughest option for me, so I have been leaving the Encounter Card in the Staging Area. Have I been playing correctly? Thanks for any help!
  5. I have SoG in my hand. At the beginning of The Planning Phase I pay 2 resources to attach it to a Hero. Can I then exhaust SoG immediately and use the 2 resources generated to pay for additional ally and attachment cards from my hand? Or do I have to wait for the Planning Phase in the next round? I have scrutinised the rules and FAQ and can't seem to find a conclusive answer. The closest is on page 30 of the rulebook when it says that in green steps "Any player can take actions generally". Which would seem to suggest that I can. But it hardly seems definitive. Any help, much appreciated!!!!
  6. I would say no. Gloin has not "suffered" damage. In practical terms, if Gloin has been destroyed he has more than likely taken 4 damage. So being put back into play with just 1 damage could be considered damage reduction if anything!
  7. I live in London. Getting hold of any stuff for this game is a blimmin' nightmare. FFG need to sort out their distributors. Not everyone in the UK wants to play "Magic" #cheesedoff
  8. Does anyone else find Victory Points completely nonsensical and arbitrary? Two easy examples: "Attercop, Attercop" and "The Witch King" have ZERO Victory Points. Huh? How does that make any sense?
  9. Good skills. "Escape from Dol Guldor" is terrifyingly hard. I only play solo and have yet to beat it. Now you are in the "Shadows of Mirkwood" cycle, I am sure you will be able to use the Songs to good effect to help your playing partner out and create some great combos. Happy questing!!!
  10. I have been playing for less than a year and feel I don't have the experience to build a good tri-sphere deck. Most of the time I use Heroes from the same sphere and build in other cards using songs. Sometimes, I think more about deck building than actually playing the game!!! Haha!!! But I'm a nerd and enjoy trying to devise cunning ways to beat the game.
  11. After weeks of trying with mono sphere decks unsuccessfully, I relented and used a tri-sphere deck and beat this quest (just) first time. I used Aragorn (Core Set), Eowyn & Denethor. I think if you're playing solo, Denethor is an auto-include for this quest. It enabled me to "cancel" two "Attercop, Attercop"s I didn't draw "Henamarth Riversong". He is a devastating combo ally for Denethor in solo play. I also didn't draw Gandalf. However, I did draw "The Galadhrim's Greeting" and then used "Dwarven Tomb" to use it again. I also used "Strider's Path" and "West Road Traveller" to ping "The East Bight" out of being an active location three times which really helped me. I made a few mistakes along the way and beat the game on round 9 with a threat of 49!!!! (EEEEEEKKKKK!!!) If I'd drawn an enemy on that last encounter card, I would probably have been toast. Anyways, I think I built a really good deck of 54 cards. If you want details, let me know!!!! Happy questing!!!
  12. Hi, I live in Croydon. Would love to meet up for a game. I can't beat "Escape from Dol Guldor" solo. Perhaps 2 handed it can be done!!!???
  13. I can't view my Quest history on the Quest Log. Anyone know if this will be rectified?
  14. I can't see my quests that I have logged either :-(
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