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  1. I'm wanting to print dividers for my box and found some pretty nice ones on BGG. However, I'm not sure what paper thickness/kind to use. Anyone familiar with this to give me an idea of what paper and thickness will make for the best dividers? Thx
  2. I've just started getting into the LCG,and the big boxes are nice because I can put the expansions in them. I bought a cool insert that fits perfectly and makes things easy. I just bought the core sets for some new LCGs and they have small boxes where I can't do this. Are there any companies making themed boxes that I can do this with? I know I can get plain white boxes, but they lack a certain aesthetic on the shelf. I know it's petty, but I like things neat and tidy. If I have to do it for them, I'll have to get rid of my nice big boxes so that everything matches. Any ideas? As far as binders are concerned, doesn't it become a pain to take out individual cards and replace them? especially the large numbers of cards that are available? Doesn't seem practical. That would be a lot of binders. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm loving the LCGs, and I am a collector type, so I want allllll the cards.
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