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  1. My variation has cruise missiles on Nym so having a free target lock could help, also it doesn't hurt to have a TL, there may be times when you have to use a primary weapon when out of range for autoblasters. Adding a blocker adds some variety to the list, its not like youre dropping bombs every turn, and the turns you aren't it could be useful to deny your opponent actions and mess up their maneuvering. Having a third ship can also be a distraction, maybe place it in a spot where your opponent would rather shoot it than your other big ships. It could take the heat off Nym and Bossk for at least a turn or two which is valuable to them because again, youre only rolling one green die for each. You also cant ignore the pot shots it takes, two die isn't a lot, but hes most likely shooting last in the combat phase and enemy ships may have used their tokens already so you could get lucky. Concussion missiles can work with the way I have Bossk set up because even though you discard the TL, you can still re roll with Dengar, modify with chips, and if its the ship you chose for a score to settle, then you can change another focus to a crit. You cant always count on the free TL from k4 as the YV only has 4 greens, and I find myself using the hard 3 the most which is white. Theres a strong argument between K4 or Dengy on the YV but I prefer Dengar because I can for sure use t every turn. But if youre so set on just running those two, id suggest taking the bombs and cad off Bossk and using them for munitions on Nym. That way theyd be pretty evenly lethal and points wise itd be a 50/48 split instead of 55/43 making Bossk an obvious first target.
  2. While I do love me some Bossk, I suggest you keep him as cheap as possible, I try to keep mine around 45 points or lower. He's a pretty big target and can get burned down pretty fast. Yours has a lot going on with bombs, alpha strike, and the mango cannon. Id pick one and stick with that. A score to settle is a good EPT for him as its a cheap way to get his ability off, and don't forget about good ol Zuckuss, there hasn't been much of him since the nerf but I think hes still playable along with inspiring recruit. You can still have you opponent re roll 2 greens and be able to clear it next turn. Also if you can, maybe try and squeeze in a Z or something as a blocker and to get another ship on the board. Bossk and Nym hit hard, but they both only have 1 agility so having something else that can mess up opponents actions or even take a couple pot shots can come in handy. Heres a quick list I put together: Bossk- A score to Settle, Concussion Missiles, Inspiring Recruit, Zuckuss, Dengar, Chimps ~44pts Nym- VI, Cruise Missiles, Bomblet Generator, Havoc, Autoblaster, AC, Chimps ~42 pts Binayre Pirate- XX23, chimps ~13pts Puts you at 99 points and get a blocker that could get target locks for the other 2, Bossk that can use his ability with an alpha strike, and a similar Nym.
  3. Ive been wanting to try a very similar build for Dalan, and Nym seems solid, but Zuvio seems like the weak link to me. I feel like there are better ships to fill the 27 pts that can be more useful like: Viktor Hel with Intensity, XX23, Vaksai, Vectored Thrusters, Chimps, and Munitions Failsafe. N'Dru Suhlak with VI, Cruise missiles, Stims, and Chimps. Viktor's build comes in at 27 points and I feel like you get a whole lot more ship. N'dru AKA Andy packs a gnarly one time punch (up to 6 die with plenty of mods!) getting it off is a different story, but you definitely cant over look him if he's flanking. And he also comes in at PS9 and is only 23 points so it frees up another 4 to beef up Nym or have a bid.
  4. Playing with the bros tomorrow night, were a casual group so we proxy cards and after seeing the starviper preview I really want to give Thweek a go. Starviper-Thweek -Mk II -Virago -Sensor Jammer -Autothrusters -Cloaking device -34 points Protectorate-Fenn Rau -Intensity -CDP -Autothrusters -33 points Kihraxz-Talonbane Cobra -Fearlessness -XX23 -Vaksai -VT -EU -Autothrusters -33 points I know ill see Biggsy at some point so I made Thweek as annoying as possible because scum and itll let the other two rip, if not ill go with the highest PS. For Talonbane, I really wanted to have Intensity so should I drop the thrusters and embrace the in-your-faceness with him? I don't think ill be running into too many turrets or PWTs. And it could also help to have a bid so what should go?
  5. CHEEKSx36

    Jabba preview

    Not sure if its been mentioned yet, but Emon Azzameen with Burnout SLAM, Advanced SLAM, with some bombs is twice as trolly now! Slaver with Jabba, Emon (Burnout SLAM, Advanced SLAM, Cluster mines, EM) leaves you with 21 points to play with. I can just imagine my friends faces after doing a 3 speed move, followed by another, then dropping a bomb with one.
  6. I guess a plus side to Wave XI is that theyre all small bases which hopefully means it wont break the bank too hard? Even with multiples of each ship
  7. I think a modified party bus with Dengar, Zuckuss, and inspiring recruit instead of 4-lom can still do work. Kinda limits you to two rerolls, but if you can keep on doing green moves then you can use it every turn and get your action.
  8. In light of the recent nerf, I feel like we'll definitely be seeing a lot less of him, but I think he is definitely still playable. Especially with Inspiring Recruit! I modified my usual Bossk build because I like having EU on the YV and Zuckuss YV-666 - Bossk -Mangler Cannon -Dengar -Zuckuss -Inspiring Recruit -Engine Upgrade 48 pts Leaves room for your EPT of choice, you can still utilize Zuckuss for two re rolls and clear it next move then boost if you have to. Havent had a chance to play it yet, but it seemed viable pre nerf. ANy other builds you guys got after the nerf?
  9. Cant say I didn't see it coming, but im still in shock...
  10. Ive been wanting to try it on a party bus Bossk with HLC. My go to is usually mango cannon and wired, but the idea of potentially landing 5 hits at r3 tickles me on the inside so I at least gotta try it lol.
  11. For a door gunner, what about something along the lines of "As long as you have no damage to your hull, you may attack ships outside your firing arc" maybe for 2 points? May not be realistic, but who cares, its a freakin door gunner in freakin space haha
  12. Emon Azzameen with Connors, EM, and tail gunner sounds fun, just haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Can also add burnout SLAM and Advance SLAM for some extra funsies. Itd be a one time thing that costs 3 points, but the amount of shenanigans to be had would be first class. You'd be able to do a 4 forward then 4K (with a big base) then drop a bomb with a 3 template haha
  13. I can only hope for such errata.. Id have a kick flying him and Echo together haha
  14. So with all the Dengaroo and Attani Mindlink hype going on, wanted to see if I could put a list together utilizing both. Dengar (33) Lone Wolf (2) Zuckuss (1) Overclocked R4 (1) Glitterstim (2) Punishing One (12) Manaroo (27) Attanni Mindlink (1) K4 Security Droid (3) Unhinged Astromech (1) Kaa'To Leeachos (15) Attanni Mindlink (1) Total: 99 Used Kaa'To since hes the cheapest ship for a mindlink. Kept the glitterstim on Dengar just in case it hits the fan and he doesn't get the focus from Manaroo. Other than that, wasn't too sure on which crew for Manaroo so went with K4 for the TLs. I can see a few things going wrong with this list though 1) Only 1 point bid for the important initiative, especially with all the token burglars floatin around now a days 2) Kaa'to is a higher PS than Manaroo, not sure if that's terribly important but hes primarily there to take the focus action 3) Is adding a 16 point mindlink ship really better than a standard PTL Manaroo... Last one is the biggest as I feel like the list could be fun, but is it trying to be too much? What do you guys think?
  15. Funny you should say that, I made this card three months ago. You think it would all fit on one card? Then you could equip accuracy corrector and cancel your one die primary for two hits for the lulz!
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