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  1. im trying to set up one on roll20 https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/42067/star-wars-thives-thugs-and-jedistop on by and say hi
  2. umm everyone keeps calling the player psychotic and the character psychotic but we dont know the pcs reasoning for the action or the in character thought process i mena the place was described as no one id visibly armed that implys their might be non visibly armed individuals secondly the npc is clearly a raciest in character its not hard to jump to the conclusion that this potentially drunk racist could become violent and may have a hold out blaster on him. the player might be thinking i better take him out before he pulls a wild bill on me and shoots me in the back. or thay may be thinking that this is part of the gms plan and that theirs suppose to be a conflict i mean look at this from the players point that really seems like its a set up for an encounter or that its meant to be an environmental conflict meant to cause problems for the character. i could go on furtehr but that the basic point its not hard to see the pc having a reasonable though process on why the npc needed to be shot that docent necessarily mean their psychotic or murder hobos
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