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  1. So this was my squad-- Kyle Katarn Recon Specialist Moldy Crow Title TLT's Vet Instincts Jake Farrell Outmaneuver Refit Autothrusters Vet Instincts Poe Dameron PTL BB8 Autothrusters. Here was my strategy: • Select the biggest asteroids and make a nice lane that kyle could fly in the first few turns. With Recon specialist, average around 6 focus before attacks started. • At the start of battle, use Kyle's ability to pass Jake a focus which could trigger barrel roll with Jake to get outside of firing arc (and trigger outmaneuver) OR Pass Poe an extra focus to leave options open for his inate ability. And then I was just going to continuously Kite with Kyle with the TLTs. And Here's what ACTUALLY happened: Everyone went flippin aggro on Kyle and immediately blew him up, and then I just flew around like an idiot trying to do that Poe Dameron "triple action no stress " BB-8 gambit, but couldn't because I couldn't barrel-roll-- because of all of my fat-daddy asteroids. Swiss Round Result: W- 200pts L - 0 pts. L - 33pts. L - 30 pts. I feel like this is ALMOST a good build-- but obviously it's not-- or I didn't fly it right. Thoughts? Add engine upgrade to Kyle? Change poe to a B-wing and add Jan as crew so Kyle can evade?
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