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  1. Guide says that anything created, even Permenants, need to be maintained. - Create Wall, Door, Stone Block, Rose, Thorns, Boobytrap and anything else.. Do they need to be activated with magic and thus are actually temporary? Can they be dispelled for free by the caster at any time? Do they disappear once the caster has lost a life? Can created walls & doors be dispelled? Side question: When a wall is destroyed with a card, is the damage directed away from the caster, or can they be injured as well (while adjacent)?
  2. Fire Darts says each dart is a separate source and needs a counter for each. - Wall of Earth blocks only 1 dart? - Pain Link reflects only 1 dart? Fire Cloak damages attacker adjacent for each attack on the player. - Would each individual Fire Dart cause Cloak to retaliate? ie 6 darts would return 12 damage to the attacker.
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