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  1. I preordered at my FLGS. I sent them the missing card request with a copy of my receipt. a week later I had my deck.
  2. I can confirm, if you contact Asmodee they will send you free of charge the promo deck. I just received mine in the mail. Good work FFG on fixing the issue.
  3. So, the rumor is if you have a receipt and submit a lost/missing part report to Asmodee, you can get the deck mailed to you. I did this and have been notified the deck is on it's way, however I can't confirm if it's the regular deck or the promo. Honestly I'd be happy with either as the main reason I wanted it was so my daughter could play as well. I'll follow u[p in a day or two when it arrives.
  4. I have tried to reach out directly. I tried email, no response. Assmodee customer service, received a reply saying this was not a missing or damaged component and they closed my case. Tweeted to FFG and FFGop, and was told to email customer service at Assmodee, and we already see how that went. All I want is some response from the company telling me one way or the other. I can deal with a company that is full of crap as long as I know they are full of crap. I guess I haven't been around long enough to have learned this already, but I don't need the same lesson twice. Spelling errors intentional.
  5. This makes no sense. In order to get the Promo deck you had to preorder. By definition that means they knew the amount of decks necessary and have no excuse for a shortfall regardless of "negative feedback". The simple fact is either their was a production/shipping issue, or there was a planning issue, but either way ignoring the problem and hanging out FLGS is not a way to build customer confidence. Simply let everyone know what is going on and there may be grumbling, but it will be much less.
  6. Did you get your alt art damage deck as well?
  7. What many are failing to realize is the vast majority of people complaining about X-wing 1.0 were those who play in some form of competition. The majority of casual players didn't see a problem with the meta, because they didn't play the meta. They played like minded individuals who played what they liked. To this group 2.0 is completely unnecessary. So after this group has been subjected to constant complaining from the competitive side for multiple years, 2.0 comes out and now the non competitive players are on the other side. Keep this in mind before jumping on your podium and talking down to people.
  8. Ryan vs Bohan At 1:16:32 it appears the attacker changes the green dice while repositioning his attack dice.
  9. At 1:16:32 why did the attacker change the defenders evade to a focus?
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