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  1. Stinks that the SSD is delayed, but glad we got this announcement. Kinda hope they consider doing one of these a year. Shakes things up as much as a regular expansion and other than effort no reason they can't do it in that time table.
  2. Well it lets me buy Krennic and the Death troopers for legion I guess. Game is still great, just have to wait till the summer. Sucks, but will live.
  3. Probably met while I was walking though watching. Completely forgot Saturday was legion day there.
  4. Good time today. Nice to get out and play and the plan is to do it again some time here in the future.
  5. Figure with football season over with and the SSD coming out in the not to distant future, this spring would be a good time to see if there would be an interest in getting a possible group together for a game in early March and who knows maybe bigger and better things if there is interest.
  6. More indirect fire options are a must. Heavy infantry would be nice, but imagine we will see it with supper battle droids and droidka's. Droids and tanks with shields, I'm rather interested to see how they handle them.
  7. Sooner or later have to get something going in Rochester. Kept up with the mini's, but haven't played in ages. Also should make the trek out to Buffalo sooner or later.
  8. At least a campaign expansion would be nice right now.
  9. Lets see. 3 star destroyers ( 1 Chimera ) 5 victories 2 gladiators 3 arquitens 3 raiders 1 Interdictor 1 quasar fire 2 gozanti 3 fighter 1 packs 2 fighter 2 packs 2 rogues and villains 1 home one 1 liberty 2 profundity 1 assault frigate mk2 1 phoenix home 2 mc 30s 2 nebulon B's 2 CR 90's 3 GR 75's 3 rebel fighter 1 1 rebel fighter 2 and a corillian conflict expansion.
  10. Just in the mean time while they are figuring out the direction of the game, I wish they would come out with more campaign expansions. Thinking coming out with more ship titles, aces, scenarios and maps for other parts of the galaxy would be nice during the interlude while we are waiting for more ships.
  11. General Rom Mohc in a phase 3 armor would be a pretty sweet range beat stick leader.
  12. Chewbacca, Dash Rendar, Kyle Katarn, Jyn Erso are ones I'd like to see for Rebels. IG-88, Iden Versio, The Grand Inquisitor and Agent Kalus for empire. A few just off the top of my head.
  13. Might be interesting to have a light cruiser class ship focused on tractor beams. Assume that's what the dishes are. Might give the Interdictor a little friend.
  14. It is a hope that in a campaign set they do "hero ship titles for cross faction" like the Phoenix Nest and the Corvus for both factions.
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