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  1. Onager does very well against the Starhawk, but not needed to defeat it. By no means don't break your self to get one, but you do have pieces to make a mean fleet with one when ready. does pair very will with an ISD, a pair of vsds, my favorite a trio of aquitens and a pair of Onagers and a aquiten escort seems to work pretty well too. I'd probably go back and get the the carrier and probably a second VSD (you can find VSD's very cheap) before grabbing an Onager simply because of the upgrade. Boarding troopers and Dcaps are stupidly useful and the carrier and Sloan might surprise you. From the Onager Gunnery Chief Varnillian, Reeva Demesne and Local fire control are its contribution to the fleet, but the Onagers upgrades are a bit more spot use than the carriers. I hate picking on the Onager cause I do love the ship. Its amazing and a lot of fun to play (blowing up Jaina's light and a hammer head corvette in one shot each then running away from a mc 75 the rest of the game was just incredibly satisfying) , but it just needs so much to work well. She's a siege engine though and though and has to be protected like one.
  2. Know it wasn't one exactly, but the slot kinda fits and it does act like one much like its hard to say the Star Hawks tractor is a super weapon. I just hope they do consider it. would vary the role of the Venator a little bit and give it some brawling power rather than just spitting fighters and long range turbo fire even if its an expensive upgrade like I think it would be.
  3. Wouldn't mind if they made some kind of escort version of the landing ship. Would make sense. Size of the Banking clan Frigate I'd have to imagine medium, but wouldn't complain if they made it a small. Heck cheaper the better for fleet building especially a ship that's deployed 4 to 6 commonly and is a pretty vicious light cruiser style screen or spear head for the Seps Capships. It should keep something like gladiator shields and health. Tough front shields but watching a platoon of AT TE's killing their engines while passing over an asteroid rear shields have to be especially weak. Is anyone else hoping when the Venator comes out there there will be a mod or super weapon slot for that ventral beam weapon we saw at The Battle of Corscant?
  4. Won't deny the Onager is a very fun ship and can do a heck of a lot of damage. I've blown CR 90's out of the stars with one shot and also knocked out Star Hawks with it. I just wouldn't get it early in your collection unless you can protect it well. The aforementioned Arquiten swarm works well in screening. ISD and a Gladiator seem to work alright as well. If you like the ship by all means just keep in mind its a ship that wants to stay back and snipe or fly slow in a formation with escorts flanking. Just might be a bit tough to protect and fly right without the other pieces.
  5. Arquitens being the one broad sider ship that the Empire has at the moment and reasonably fast can do things no other Imperial ship can at the moment. It makes one heck of a flank guard and formation flier as they can fly in a ww1 style gun line like the rebels can and can actually beat them at it with a little help. They can screen an ISD or now an Onager then speed up and crash a flank while leaving said ISD or Onager to happily blast away at the front. At worlds had it show cased what Centercore can do as it happily sit there in range to relay fighter commands. A ship with a niche that at this time only it can fill and Imp Admirals can't have enough of. Heck there's a vid out there arguing if the Empire spent 1/4 of the money it spent on star destroyers on aquitens instead the Rebels probably wouldn't have gotten entrenched the way they did.
  6. Got 3 as well. Wish I had gotten 5. Probably will eventually.
  7. Arquitens, really can't have enough of them also I keep thinking about getting a second Onager. I didn't think twin Onagers would work but people have been proving me wrong.
  8. Made a great choice in the Chimera first. Really can't go wrong with ether ISD as a first choice beyond the vic's. I'd probably go with a fighter 1 pack first over 2. Quantity especially with what would be my next suggestion is its own quality. Which brings us to the light carrier. Works really well with the vics with disposable capacitors which turns vics into extreme long range threats and the carrier its self presents a cheap hull to command fighters from. Next I'd get a Gladiator which presents its self as a nasty brawler and a must for any imperial admiral. Escorts would get what I can get they seem to be the first to go when there is a reprint 1 arquiten for Jerjerode is very much a must too though do work well together in a swarm. Raider is possibly the toughest single ship in this game to master, but if you learn its positioning makes a nice picket ship or one vicious little surprise for a turn. Heck its funny to watch what happens with a raider 2 with dcaps and heavy ion batteries.
  9. I'm with ya on what to put in there the C 70's and the Acclimator would be great fleet builders and would make you want to get a few as would the Banking clan frigates. Drives me up a wall that the Seps don't have a true escort. The frigates look like they would make a great spear head, but leaves nothing for a flank guard. Leaves me wondering why once the Aquiten comes out they just don't spam them and use them to strike the flanks en mass while Acclimators and Venators sit there at long range trading turbo laser fire. Be the quick end to many a seps blockade / offensive.
  10. Nute is great for flavor, but good commander he is not... and would rather have him in an objective pack or something. Irony being the seps did have a lot of great admirals and generals Worm Loathsome from the clone wars movie was a solid if uninspiring general and probably would do well as seps version of Leia or Veers. Heck would love Kraken just to paint him.
  11. I'd stay away from Maul seps really need a commander on the lower end of the points scale. Super Tactical droid probably work as a generic maybe a unique like Kalani or Kraken. Wouldn't mind a Iden analog in Durge as he did command a unit of IG lancer droids or even some one like Worm Loathsome from the clone wars movie.
  12. Wouldn't mind the Mauler and some sort of run down mechanic. Rather than the Saber which we have seen in imperial colors, would rather see the 2M hover tank from empire at war with a turbo laser main gun. Something that is a vehicle killer / blow stuff out of cover, but rather weak against infantry its self if they are out in the open. Think the AT-TE could fill that roll as well though its better protected against infantry.
  13. Between her mission profile and what a TL-50 is, Its basically an LMG with a concussion grenade launcher on it. I have no complaints about her fire power been wanting a shooter beat stick. She can challenge Jedi, but has to be trixy to do it due to lack of defensive options. Can't wait for her and hope she opens to door to other shooter beat sticks. Wouldn't mind seeing characters like Cara Dune for the rebels, The Ultra battle droid for Seps, Rep can't think of anyone who fits that bill yet and have this dream of General Rom Mohc in phase 3 Dark trooper armor, all of which could fit that roll.
  14. Bunch of the guys at the demo did drop a lot of cash on product that day hoping they stay hungry and if by some chance if things open up by May 4th maybe run another demo along with legion and x-wing, though I'm not optimistic about it.
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