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  1. I really can't see FFG adding the Tector. It would basically just be an ISD model without a hangar with increased hull points and slightly more firepower. Anyways, this is the most logical/realistic list I can think of for Wave IV. EMPIRE: Arquitens light cruiser Immobilizer-418 Interdictor Imperial Aces Pack (TIE Defender and TIE Avenger squadrons) REBELS: Corellian Gunship Assault Frigate MK I Rebel Aces Pack (Z-95 Headhunter and R-41 Starchaser squadrons)
  2. It is what we all have been waiting for. Wave III Armada has been announced; but don't get your hopes up as it is fairly disappointing. I literally googled 'Star Wars Armada III' on images and I found a poster that I actually thought was a mock of Wave III as all there is on it is the Gozanti cruiser and the GR-75 transport for the Empire and the Rebellion respectively. But as it turned out, it is official, this is all we are getting for Wave III. Personally, I like the idea of these new flotilla ships, it adds cool new options for fleet battles, but they are useless in ship-to-ship combat and that is all there is for Wave III! I don't want to sound like a jerk, but what was FFG thinking, only two new ships for all of Wave III?
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