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  1. Hi Guys Today we have a new video deck tech to share with you. This time, it's for a deck that we call "Training Day", which is an extremely well tested version of the classic Qui-Gonn/Shields archetype. We think this is in the running for the best deck in the format right now - so if you're looking to win a local tournament or you just like Blue heroes, take a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUdmrSIy3Dc You can also find more Destiny content on our Youtube channel, deck techs, tournament coverage, and more, so don't forget to like and subscribe! Cheers
  2. I also have no idea how cards like this ever make it past playtesting. The only thing keeping this card in check is that the character and card pool for blue is not that amazing outside of force throw. As it is, Holocron is "merely" a tier 1 card. Another expansion with more, and more focused, blue abilities, and it will be as broken as it so obviously is. So I think they have some time to fix it before it becomes a real problem. It is still demoralising as all hell to play vs a Holocron into a couple of upgrades, though. For now, I like to Disarm it. There aren't really any other solutions except to be faster or more efficient.
  3. Which is why you need to play it with more melee and more dice control than Zach did. Reys staff, awakening and all in comes to mind as important cards. Also commlink. I'm not talking about that deck, I'm talking about the better version, with more cards. The same problem applies. You then have less ranged damage dice for your +ranged to modify. It's the same in every mixed deck. However you run a mixed melee and ranged deck, playing it with modifiers in is not great. Awakening partially solves the issue, but that's another card and another resource that you have to spend just to make your deck functional. Also, Awakening resolves only 1 dice for 1 action, meaning you still lose a lot of the tempo generated by your multi-acting Rey/Ambush combos. The payoff for mixed ranged and melee just in't there in this deck (or any deck I've found so far, to be honest, but I'm sure there is a build that makes it viable). It's got a gimmick, and it's a good gimmick if you roll well without rerolls, but outside of that it's just a mishmash of cards with no synergy outside of Rey/Ambush. It's a tier 2 deck at absolute best and it will get absolutely rolled over by more streamlined decks in a large percentage of games.
  4. This deck is anything but insane. The hyper train around it is there, but that's all. The inconsistency of having a character who's primary focus is melee in a deck full of ranged weapons causes no end of wasted modified dice. Especially since the deck's "power" comes from multi-activation, a lot of the time the momentum you gain from that is wasted because you throw an unusable or sub-par roll (melees with +ranged, ranged with +melee, etc). The deck also has no strong economy to speak of, and a hp pool that is on the low side. Once other people around you start building real decks you'll see that this is cute, rather than powerful.
  5. Do you like Padawans? Rey? Blue cards? Check out the video deck tech and gameplay video for "Younglings" here: https://youtu.be/YWY9_VFDUgs
  6. 1) Kill them before they kill you. Remember, Crime Lord accelerating resources and killing one of your guys on turn 3 is slow. It is not fast. Aggro decks will kill 10hp guys on turn 2 with consistency, Crime Lord will not. Basically, the decks that should be scared of Crime Lord are slow, durdly decks that are trying to play AT-STs, mill the opponent out, or otherwise mess around too much. 2) Dice Control Crime lord is a single dice. Even if they naturally roll it, you have Flank, Electroshock, Force Throw that can pick out that individual dice, and plenty of other situational ways to remove it. Any deck that relies on a single dice is very easy to disrupt.
  7. Prized Possession is pretty bad. I think it's one of the less playable cards in the set. It costs 4, it takes a single dice off the opponent. If you can afford to pay 4 in order to take a single dice off the opponent (even a good dice like Vader), then you were probably so far ahead that you were going to win anyway. In a game that is often decided by turn 3 or 4 and in some cases turn 2, a card that takes two turns' worth of your basic income is very slow. I think what people are still missing about the game at this point, and what will take people some time to figure out as they play, is just how precious resources are - and how far you can put yourself into a hole by paying resources for things that do not pay themselves back quickly. Even Underworld Connections, which on the face of it looks great, puts you into a 1-resource hole which can be absolutely critical (especially on the first turn, when you ideally want to play UC to maximise its worth over the course of the game). Aside from that, I completely agree about Jabba being a great aggressive card. He is not as hyper-aggro as pairing Jango with Veers or Grievous, but just because you dont have damage faces doesn't mean that you aren't contributing. PS. Gaffi stick is also pretty mediocre.
  8. Today's deck tech focuses on shooting your opponents' characters in the face, thanks to Jango Fett with guest star General Veers. If you want to see just how fast a deck can be, then check it out!
  9. The text means much more than that. It means that you fully resolve the card as if were your own. This would include things such as discarding the card it's their Thermal Detonator or their Infantry Grenade (nasty), or an opponent's Gaffi Stick only being able to remove dice belonging to you (ie you can't use their Gaffi Stick and then remove their dice with it). All instances of "opponent" on your opponent's cards now refer to him instead of you. Etc.
  10. If you've been wondering how to build for the Dark Side of the force, or are looking for some ideas on what deck to build next, check out this Video Deck Tech for Mono Blue Sith!
  11. They just clarified that Rey cannot use her ability post claim in the new RR. I guess they decided that they were playing it wrong on stream! @Steph; no, that isn't me, sorry!
  12. Agree, but it's cool. Let's just wait for the erratas. And maybe discuss it in the rules thread if you guys want to carry on the discussion! Back on topic... new article up. Open to thoughts or comments as always. https://justplaygames.uk/blogs/gaming-articles/star-wars-destiny-how-to-choose-a-battlefield Also now up: live deckbuilding video, featuring villains, yellow, and Thermal Detonator! https://youtu.be/VSAGNFtiTos
  13. Correct, and I agree as per my post above, but as we've seen that that is not how FFG are playing it on stream it's reasonable to expect that the "must pass" rule is the badly worded part and is likely to be changed - probably to a better-written version of "Once this turn has finished, for the rest of this round, that player automatically passes all of their future actions" So I think it's safe to continue to let Rey continue doing this for now.
  14. So I went back to the wording being used... Rey's ability is "after you play an upgrade" and the Claim on the battlefield is "Play an upgrade". I see the argument and recant my own. It seems Rey SHOULD be able to gain another action after claiming the battlefield and then playing the upgrade. Complicated wording but it is there. Behold the powers of civilized debate and referencing to the rules! That's pretty funny. I actually went back and edited my post to agree with you Clarification plx FFG! In other news, today's article is up! I discuss how to choose a Battlefield for your shiny new deck. Happy release day everybody! https://justplaygames.uk/blogs/gaming-articles/star-wars-destiny-how-to-choose-a-battlefield
  15. You've have a misunderstanding about how play works after a player claims the battlefield in your write-up on Rey: Her ability is also very good. The value of action economy in winning the claim race should not be undervalued, especially since Rey has a great claim trick with Imperial Armory (claim, which lets you play a cheap upgrade, and you get a free action). So yes, Rey would get another action after playing an upgrade on herself, but that action (by rule) would have to be a Pass. As the poster above me has clarified, this is incorrect. Rey can do anything legal as with a normal action after attaching an upgrade. Edit: You're correct, as written that sentence does actually prevent Rey from using her ability. I think the intent of: "For the rest of this round, that player automatically passes all of their future actions." Is referring to action opportunities after the claim ability and any resultant triggers are fully resolved. Clearly that's how FFG are playing it too, so we'll wait for that errata but continue to play it like this for now.
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