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  1. ellhaynes

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    “Ram” could well be something like, if you move before melee you get impact 1. That feels like a lot of fun to play with, and also helps address their lack of anti-armour.
  2. ellhaynes

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    So where’s @TauntaunScout then? (My current thinking is he’s either collapsed through excitement, or writing a thesis on why the rules are wrong....only teasing mate! )
  3. ellhaynes

    I've got an idea for a summer project..

    Assume you’ve seen the excellent work done by Sopay, a uk figure sculptor? If not, google action force, soapy and models, and you’ll see them. A thing of beauty.
  4. Something unexpected and that adds a nice mini campaign? Yes please.
  5. People, it’s the first product release in a bazillion years, and you’re NOT happy? 🤨 I’d far rather have this than another small box expansion, the replay value this brings to my existing collection is huge. Yes, I’d love to see more of course, but let’s be happy for this nice surprising Monday announcement!
  6. ellhaynes

    Any good Star Wars novels for Legion?

    Twilight company is a real conundrum - either loved or hated it seems. It simply didn’t feel like SW for me, more like a generic sci-fi novel about squad combat (and if I remember, there really wasn’t that much action?). It’s definitely not of a similar style to the x wing series, which are far more action popcorn in style. For something closer to the original trilogy, how about Lost Stars? I really struggled with the early part, but once you get into it it’s a great story in a parallel timeline to the original movies and cleverly interwoven into scenes from the movies. Also a thumbs up from me for Allegiance, surprisingly good. (ps. I tend to audiobook my SW fiction whilst painting, so my thoughts are based on listening rather than reading).
  7. ellhaynes

    New vehicles!

    I think it’s interesting that we now have two rebel units clearly influenced by Battlefront (At-RT and an armed speeder, in the OT period).
  8. ellhaynes

    Grand Army mode 1600pts

    Yep, I came to the same conclusion. Either double, or simply +1 or +2 to the number of activations, always. Perhaps always taking Guardian would help? And careful management of LOS? Agree it’s a problem but there might be ways to mitigate it.
  9. ellhaynes

    Potential Heavy Trooper Units?

    I think the MLC-3 tankette is one potential option. It features in some of the wider SW material - as a 1980s toy, in some of the earlier comics, and recently in at least one app game - and would work well in a skirmish game. In many ways, it’s a ground variant of the speeder, so rules and points would probably be similar.
  10. ellhaynes

    How would you fix the Airspeeder?

    But you can’t always calculate the actual effectiveness of a unit or an upgrade on the pure maths. Buying an extra weapon for the AT-ST is a much easier decision - it fires in the same direction as the main weapons, so if you can fire one, you should be able to fire the other. In that case, Arsenal really works. Only being able to purchase a rear facing weapon is, overall, an inferior option. Yes, there will always be moments where it’s a huge advantage, but by and large it’s not as effective. Also, factor in that the AT-ST has better forward facing armour; whereas the snowspeeder, in general, is exposing itself to increased danger by plopping itself in the middle of enemy units, just to get that second shot off.
  11. ellhaynes

    How would you fix the Airspeeder?

    +1 to that. Good analysis.
  12. ellhaynes

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    Lovely group, nice and varied.
  13. ellhaynes

    Grenade errata

    Sound logic to me. But also agree that I don’t really like pages of errata etc for existing cards...
  14. ellhaynes

    Boba and the Scouts are available!!

    So next are the two heavy weapon supports I think? Maybe, what, 2 or 3 weeks away?