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  1. Also, it may be a complete non-starter, but you could try printing them on their nose...I did this with my Senators shuttle [although that was split in two, so more "floor" area] but it really reduces the effect of the layering
  2. Watch out...I think the acetone-smoothing vapour-bath only works on ABS, not on PLA
  3. If you go to your Pinterest page, and (I'm assuming your using windows ) right click on the picture, select "copy image address", then return to your post here...select "insert other media" from the bottom right corner, and then "insert image from URL" - when the input box comes up, right-click and select paste - this puts the pics address in and you should be able to press "insert into post"...and hopefully up comes :
  4. Cheers...yes, although the YV was in two parts & the DP-20 in four parts and took some heavy filling! ...and I'm still not sure I'm happy with the colour scheme
  5. I stoppped modelling many years ago, so when I started doing mods & conversions the spares box was very bare - Barry is certainly the best port of call for suggestions about scavenging cheap kits... ...for myself, it's part of the reason for getting a 3D printer, being able to produce smallish turrets and greebly panels, but it's not up to producing finer stuff like barrels and small comms arrays. May be too big for what you're after, but BenderIsGreat started a thread for larger ship turrets, here.
  6. Just out of interest, MacrossVF1's Arquitens fits almost exactly onto the graph, at 325m / 1:642 / 50.63cm [19.9"] ...but, please note that I've found a wide range of lengths, from below 200m to the 325m above, which could drop it down as low as just over 15"...but the upper end seems more realistic to me based upon the appearances in Rebels - not having seen season 3, are there any instances where one appears in frame with a Nebulon ?
  7. If you feed Refugeanoth's Debilitator Interdictor "Omen" into the formula, it comes out as about 360m at a scale of 1/680...a Victory 1 SD at 900m gives 1/1227 and just under 26"...I have to admit that I think it maybe works up to the Interdictors size, but anything over that really depends on how familiar you are with the ships being played side-by-side - maybe an SD is just too well known as massive?
  8. Is this: Sliding Scale graph maybe where the phrase has been adopted from...I know it's not a popular idea with some, but I've used it for all of my 3D-printed Epic stuff, even down to the Senators shuttle (which looks ok against the GR-75, but even sillier against the Goz ) - most of what I've made or have files for is from 80m to about 160m, but I may try a Star Galleon at 300m [around 48cm long], as it's a fairly simple shape and I'm still having probs with the Nebulon files I have
  9. If you don't have much of a spares box, but you do have access to a 3d-printer, one of the best turrets I've found is the one this "make" is based upon: Gun turret for Matchbox MXT toy truck. It can be resized almost however you want, including 'flattening' for a sleeker looking appearance, and the gun barrels always seem to clip in well.
  10. How about a middle-ground approach, maybe not accurate, but unless we get a proper Wiki gallery for the ship with the art drawings you're unlikely to do better than working from screen-grabs... ...keep the leading edge 'kink', but hopefully significantly reduced so far less noticeable - red line below ??? Also, the engine 'rebuild' thread I was thinking of - not sure if AWeber could be of any help:
  11. Looking forward to seeing progress on this, but can't help much with pics other than those in the "Rebels" thread...as for the extra engines, there was a thread about an early conversion of the Gozanti model to a regular freighter where the builder fabricated new engines [or someone made them for him] - may be worth trying to track it down I was originally going to do a freighter conversion to my 3rd Goz, but with the C-Roc coming I may change to this 55 design instead...
  12. If you want turrets but aren't worried about them being on [different height] towers, I got a set of CombatZone Scenery's Asteroid Base upgrade: https://combatzone-scenery.co.uk/epages/e25b18fb-c32b-422a-8493-a8baeb0f1a17.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/e25b18fb-c32b-422a-8493-a8baeb0f1a17/Products/SP010 ...as a bonus, you also get a couple of escape pods
  13. Been waiting a while for this one, Barry...but more than worth the wait! Love that cockpit armour, what it should always have been like - standard cockpit canopy is ridiculously large Looking forward to the 1930, for the build process as much as the finished model.
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