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  1. The "Second Breath" with a mixed cargo of Meir wine, speeder parts, datapads, and multichannel comlinks:
  2. Good spot...maybe 2 mains & 1 aux in a triangle ?
  3. So, if it's perhaps a ball turret at the base of the vertical fin, could that be another at the end of the 'tail'...but, what's the engine arrangement ? ...and might that be a dorsal turret ? Oh, I love new ships!
  4. Wow!! Which material ?
  5. So, is this how FFG will legitimize "Mario Kart" x-wing ?
  6. Are they supposed to be Nebulons...the tail seems cut off [no engine pod?], and in the rear view when the TIE gets shot, it looks like a ball-turret at the bottom of the vetical "tail"...so maybe a lot smaller ? ...or maybe I'm just not seeing what others are
  7. Really like the Black Sun one...bit different from their usual scheme
  8. Fine for me, but I've been following since early posts...maybe if it's first time reading, or your cache is cleared, there's now some kind of permissions issue ???
  9. The obligatory "Kath"...one of my first repaints:
  10. CSS-1 Senators Shuttle - went with a slightly simpler than on-screen scheme for this, but hopefully still effective I originally intended to put it on Epic stands like the Mobquet, but they would have ended up too close to the nose and engine sections, so just a single large stand...however, if I can persuade my regular opponent to give the Political Escort mission another go [the only one he's ever agreed to try, but 3 times so far], I'm hoping to use it to ease into the idea of Epic play...maybe use the Epic movement template & perhaps the [new] reinforce action, since it'll be a bigger target : As always, any comments/criticisms gratefully received... Cheers
  11. Calling these two finished...tried having a go at engine glow using my go-to acrylic pens, and then blending using Iso-alcohol, but not massively successful Mobquet - the green went a bit darker than I'd hoped for after wash, so tried to bring back some highlights with Iso, and then drybrushing both green & grey...oh well, it will do as a scum version of the GR-75 using Marinealver's kit, if I can ever get an Epic game:
  12. Private, 100/6...still trying to persuade my regular opponent to try Epic and/or HotAC (...again - we ran the intro mission once but he prefers to play Imperial and sold most of his Rebel stuff last autumn ) Attended a tournament at one FLGS last year with him playing, but although most people were friendly it was way too intense for me [...and, I think, him - he's not mentioned trying it again]...also, I think I was the oldest there by at least ten, maybe fifteen years, so not that comfortable Not tried Virtual...never really been much for screen-based games since the early 90's other than Privateer & Mechcommander, but may give it a go since my number of 'real' games is on the decline as things like Eldritch Horror have taken over our gaming meets...
  13. Love the Beggars Canyon idea, maybe with Sandcrawlers as moving obstacles ???
  14. You can't kill a squadron