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  1. Kilrex


    After reading the back of the rulebook, I ran across this passage: I wonder what the chances are we will be able to use archons in play at some point? I enjoyed using the Vanguard cards in M:tG.
  2. Kilrex

    The app, where hilarity ensues.

    My wife got that one in her deck. In English it is "Strange Gizmo" and it helped her win both games shes played so far.
  3. Kilrex

    There's a 4-Horsemen Deck on **** for $140!

    You're doing better than me. I was able to get 2 decks at the prerelease event at the FLGS. One deck had 1 rare with no specials/mavericks. One deck was unplayable since it actually contained parts of 2 different decks. The replacement deck from the FLGS has 2 rares and I have not gotten a win using either deck. Swapped decks with someone for a match since I must have been playing the deck wrong. I won 3 keys to zero using his deck. So far 3 decks bought at my FLGS were unusable since they contained parts of 2 different decks. Sadly, none of them were matching to at least make 1 deck. The FLGS was nice enough to let us exchange. One of the guys is keeping his deck unopened and hoping it will be a collector's item some day.
  4. Kilrex

    FFG DMCAed KeyForges TTS module, implications for X-Wing?

    Future Quick Build cards will be built Keyforge style. Scrappy Squadron of the Laser Eaters, a Rebel Squad featuring an Aggressor maverick...
  5. Kilrex

    Cards and their value!

    With 7 factions you need to get 30 decks. 1 (Logos) x 6 (7 factions - Logos) x 5 (the remaining 5 houses) = 30 Glad I'm not your wallet. Logos is a fun faction so far!
  6. Kilrex

    Deck Name Mismatched

    Decided to open the pack and it seems I have parts of 2 decks. The back part is "Wiseman Powers" and the front part is "The Leather Baroness Noble of Evertyre". Guess I need to hit up Customer Service... EDIT: FLGS said they had another deck with the same issue. Hoping they have one of the missing parts. The store said I could exchange there.
  7. Kilrex

    Deck Name Mismatched

    Does anyone else have a deck where the name on the decklist card does not match the name on the front of the deck? The deck list shows the name as "Wiseman Powers" and the front of the deck has "The Leather Baroness Noble of Evertyre". The deck scans into the app as Wiseman Powers.
  8. Kilrex

    Your predictions of Wave IV

    I like your rebel choice. Imperial - TIE Advanced and TIE/LN (Vader and a +1) and/or - TIE Reaper and TIE/Striker (Scarif pack) Scum - G-1A and 2 M3-A Resistance - Bomber and A-Wing First Order - Upsilon and TE/FO
  9. Kilrex

    Your predictions of Wave IV

    Too many panties in a twist if they skipped the Chiss...
  10. Kilrex

    Crew upgrades depicted with the ARC

    I am wondering if the crew next to Palp is Side (or Door) Pocket Gunner? Seeing how a few other things reference the side arcs, a gunner restricted to side arc only shots sounds neat.
  11. Kilrex

    Your predictions of Wave IV

    Wave IV predictions? New Scum style factions. For the Clone Wars called "Mercenaries and Merchants" and in the New Era another called the "Idealists and Isolationists". That way they can limit the power creep of Scum by no longer giving them more ships.
  12. Kilrex

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    I am hearing the Quads should have the Target Lock action and can only Tractor Array a locked ship. Then they can go hunting for the white whale!
  13. Kilrex

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    Give it configuration and crew upgrades. The config would be a scanner that when a friendly ship at range 0-1 is destroyed, you may equip the crew to the tug if there is an empty crew slot. Then I would want a rear arc tractor array that reaches out to range 2 so I can tow my ARCs along. And a scrapper for when a ship is destroyed at range 0-1 you can repair 1 damage card, but gain an ion token. In other words, I want to see more ships with more than 1 config/title upgrade.
  14. Kilrex

    Deadly Speed - Resistance A-Wing article

    Wrong, Unkar loves him some Primed Thrusters!
  15. Kilrex

    Crew upgrades depicted with the ARC

    You only get Sidious if there are no other Force users in your squad? Or only if the other Force users have Dark Side Force?