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  1. I didn't expect this to be a 100+ posts topic, so I just skimmed through the posts this morning. I saw someone wondering if there had been some conflict between me and the TO before. I would say not really, the only disagreement we had was in the last league game we played, where he insisted that I measure range from my ship to his ship not from the plastic base but from the ship cardboard. he insisted the plastic base of my ship, especially the slated part, does not count for range for firing. I seem to recall he was hoping to be at range 3 of my primary attack. I thought to myself he was wrong but I let him have it since it didn't really make a difference, and because I've always tried to be friendly to my opponent, usually allowing them take backs and things even if I was losing. I did google it when I came home and I confirmed he was wrong - the plastic base does count. anyway, generally speaking, the guy I had a problem with (the TO above) is not a bad guy. I do think he was wrong (and yes even bullying). if I want that kind of interaction with people, I'll go at the DMV. but as I said, I'm over this game, so I won't be reading any more of the forum. best wishes everybody.
  2. Entering the 4th round, I was 2-1 at the local monthly tournament, having just lost to the very strong and friendly mynock who went 2nd at the norcal regional, and I was facing another strong mynock player. He's very friendly and it's always fun playing with him. I had beaten him before but this match wasn't going well, and Biggs had just died. I did not draw the extra damage cards as it didn't make a difference and my opponent didn't care. I have to say that if he had asked me to I would have, it's just part of being friendly to your opponent. But he didn't care and we moved on to the next round. Except we couldn't. The TO (also a regular local player at the store, like me) happened to pass by our table and told me to draw the extra cards. At first I calmly pointed out it didn't really make a difference, since I wasn't gaining any advantage, but he started to get angry and insisted that a rule is a rule whether meaningful or not. I don't like being bullied, so I got angry myself as well at that point. When he told me to pack up and leave I refused. I and my friendly opponent went back to playing, while the not-so friendly TO went to the other TO, the one who is an actual store employee. Since the other TO is running a business and I am a regular customer who was not cheating but only broke a usually meaningless rule, he decided he didn't care to toss me out of the store. However, what concentration and fun I was having was gone, and I dropped out. I also realized that I was spending 8+ hours in a hot store in socal not only playing with plastic spaceship (which can still be fun) but now arguing about plastic spaceships – something I thought I was done in primary school. So I went home and put my $600+ collection for sale. If you care to know, the TO above was the socal regional champion and mynock podcaster. Take care everybody, it was fun while it lasted.
  3. Youre contradicting yourself. In deciding between rerolling 3 or 4 dice, you state the odds of rolling a focus with 4 dice at 70% in option 1, then reword it in option 2 saying rerolling a focus is at 3%. It cannot be both. it is not both of course. I'll try to explain with a slightly different example: the chance of rolling 4 focuses in 4 dice is 0.4%. you can roll one die at a time or all 4 together, it doesn't matter. so imagine you roll one at a time. imagine you're rolling the 4th dice. somebody jumps in and says, oh you have a 25% chance of rolling a focus there. but it's your 4th dice and you rolled 3 focuses. the chance of rolling one focus on one die is 25%, the chance of rolling 4 focuses in 4 dice is 0.4%. so who's right? in a way, both statements are right. there is no contradiction in the sense that you're measuring the probabilities of different events. one is the chance of one result with one die, the other is the chance of 4 results with 4 dice. you're not choosing the chance you prefer, you're just saying, OK, of course I know that the chance of getting a focus with a single dice, even the 4th dice in this example, is 25%. However, I also know that the chance of this different event, of having 4 consecutive focuses, is only 0.4%, so I'm not holding my breath to get a 4th focus. it can and does sometimes happen, but not very often.
  4. what dependent outcomes? the dice do not know you've stopped after 4 results to consider. all 8 results are independent rolls. the 4 dice you roll do not depend on the 4 dice before. the first 4 dice results do not impact the results of the next four dice. if it were so, you could not apply the binomial distribution to all 8, for example, as the binomial distribution applies to independent outcomes.
  5. well my local group is very nice and welcoming, but they are rather competitive. it's not too common we have casual games, usually it's league or tournaments every week. when I started, I was happy I was able to play a couple of games with a guy who only plays casual at our store, instead of jumping right into league play. nowadays I am happy to play competitive. we have new players joining all the time, but it seems to me it's a little daunting for them because they mostly just lose. you can't be a brand new player and win competitively unless you have a talent at x-wing. OK perhaps our store is an exception since we have a lot of regional champions and world-level skills. however, if you stick to playing even if you lose, you're bound to improve playing such strong players. one of my colleagues at work came around a couple of times and he has stopped, I think he just doesn't enjoy the competition and prefers to play at home with his friends. one thing I like is that most of the players are friendly even if competitive. to keep the competition in the mat, but the "casual" sociable attitude as soon as you lift your eyes off the mat, it's important to keep a local group of players having fun.
  6. I'll make an example: you roll 4 focuses and have Ezra and a target lock. do you reroll 4 dice or 3? option 1, reroll 4 dice: dice rolls are independent from one another, so in the next 4 rolls, on average, I'll get a focus to spend for Ezra. To be more precise, the chance of getting at least one focus when rolling 4 red dice is about 70%*. However choosing this option we're ignoring the information we have: you just rolled a rather rare result. we can use this information by choosing option 2. option 2, reroll 3 dice: dice rolls are independent from one another, rolling 8 dice all together is the same as rolling 8 dice one at a time, or 4 dice twice. the probability of getting 5 or more focuses when rolling 8 red dice is about 3%. Since we already know that 4 results are all focuses, the probability of having at least another focus in the next 4 results is about 3%. So I would spend that Ezra and reroll 3 dice. These kind of rare dice rolls don't happen too often, but when they do, you can take advantage of them. For example, lets say Whisper rolls 4 focuses, and later in the round your shuttle will roll a 4 dice attack (you roll no other red dice in between). Well the chance of spending that focus token on the shuttle red dice is about 3%, so if you get the chance to spend it on green dice, you should consider it. *you can calculate this the long way by multiplying probabilities, or the quick way by using the binomial distribution.
  7. Falcon wearing Tactical Jammies (image courtesy of FFG's Department to Increase Profit with Fillers)
  8. Stealth detector: ignore stealth when attacking
  9. sorry I'm italian but I live in US, I know how things work in italy too often. it's FFG's fault for not being on top of things. it's too easy to just shrug it off as being the foreign licensee's fault. FFG needs to put clear terms in their license regarding unreasonable delays. Even just a 5 minutes phone call to the licensee to put some pressure would cost FFG nothing but may bring some results.
  10. FFG can sell: 1. expansion only with new cards. 2. expansion with above cards, plus 1-2 ships that cost cents to make, and charge the expansion a few $ more. Q: what do you think FFG will do?
  11. before recosting cards like AT there's a bunch of other cards that are wrong. like plasma torp, designed to be attractive when ordnance was not a thing, and now are stupid undercosted.
  12. I don't play imperial but if that ship came out looking like the image I'd consider switching (could also be scum). also the Sana Solo's ship looks great.
  13. well done. when you played against the A-wings, did he focus your Zs first, or Tel?
  14. let me introduce you to charge back. call your credit card and get your money back (especially if you booked online). well, first call the store and say you'll charge back if no refund. you may lose the claim if it's clearly stated in their return policy, but answering a claim is a little convoluted and takes time from the store, and has significant penalties if they lose (their rates will increase if they have too many charge backs). as long as you don't abuse it, a charge back often works. I got $1000 back once when I booked a place in hawaii and it wasn't entirely as described and it took me 5 minutes on the phone with my card representative.
  15. every once a while I come check out some thread on this forum and it basically runs like this: 1. somebody expresses some concern 2. bunch of people tell him it's not cool to post his concerns I am glad these people did not draft the US constitution or we wouldn't have a 1st amendment. sure, not all concerns are valid. and sure, it's nice to be positive and not focus on the negatives. but people are free to express concerns, and it can lead to positive changes, clarifications, and so on.
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