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  1. I got a look at our store championship kit yesterday. Only had a few moments with it, but there was definitely a 3rd Ahsoka for the organizer (no foil stamp on the 3rd copy that I saw) and I'm pretty sure I saw a 5th mat. I expect the organizer gets an extra copy of everything in the kit.
  2. In a competitive environment, a judge would be called and it would be up to their discretion, the player would likely either be forced to retroactively pay the cost and be given a warning, forced to rewind to the start of his turn and do it over properly, or given an automatic loss. Depending on the history of the player, the exact board state (how impactful the mistake was), and any previous issues with that player. I'm assuming the re-roll came as an effect of the card that was played. If they not only played a card without paying, but also rerolled without having the action to do so or discarding a card, then that is a series of violations in a row and really doesn't look good on them as a player. It would still be up to the judge's discretion, but it may not end well for them.
  3. So Legion releases being handled in a sucky way is unreasonable to complain about because FFG has botched other games even worse? I find your argument unconvincing. Legion is a competitive game. Whether you play it that way or not, whether you agree that it should be or not, it is. FFG has seen to that. As such, the current release schedule is a bit ridiculous. Rebels are screwed right now, especially with Disarray deployment. Imps will be screwed soon. Then probably Rebels again... doesn't matter that it keeps swinging back the other way, no one should be getting screwed. It happens enough without planning it that way, planning to screw over one faction in a competitive game is just ridiculous.
  4. That's not exclusive to barricades, all terrain works that way, if you're in base contact then you don't penalize your own shot. Nice looking terrain!
  5. I wish people would learn to stop making excuses for a company playing them as fools. Do you really think a professional writer led by a marketing team can't manage to draft an announcement and half-dozen tweets that accurately sets expectations? No they did this on purpose, absolutely. Even if it WAS accidental, people were talking about what would be coming for WEEKS, all FFG had to do was put out a tweet to clarify expectations. Instead they intentionally misled and manipulated in order to get more eyes on the new shiny. FFG has been nothing but incompetent regarding releases and organized play for their games, and I had already decided that I am done. Going to continue playing and enjoying Legion and Destiny as long as the community is alive but I am not buying into any more new games. Now however, they've gone from incompetent to outright maliciously anti-consumer. They get a pass, it takes a lot to make me shun a company from a single action, but if this behavior continues then I am out completely and FFG will not see a single penny more of my money. I am sure if I am one of those folks who adjusted travel plans in response to the announcement and then got bait-and-switched I would probably already be out.
  6. Impact 1 needs 3 hits, assuming heavy cover, not one. Cover removes hits before impact changes them.
  7. Stormtroopers are the elite. They are not everything. We do not have any "regular" troops as regular troops are not stormtroopers.
  8. Ah, as an Imperial only player I had not read that article. That explains the source of confusion, but yeah articles get rules wrong all the time in FFG games.
  9. Wedge's card gives you a free action to gain the "Full Pivot" ability. This ability in turn modifies the Pivot action (which, being a move action, takes an action to do). I'm really not sure where the confusion lies.
  10. Ia Skirmish is definitely not a board game. However it is worth asking if there is an active Skirmish community near you or not. If not then yes, the campaign plays like a board game and that is all you would be able to do.
  11. As an IA player, never quite got that. When it was first demo'ed last year I thought it looked to be in a similar vein as IA but still a very different game. Now having actually played it I realize it is in fact a massively different game, even more so than I first thought. Is all it takes for 2 games to be in competition is for them to both be Star Wars and both have troop miniatures with dice for attack/defense? Because that's about as much similarity as these two games have when you really get down to it
  12. How hard? Completely impossible if you want to compete at Worlds or other high-level FFG OP events with the army you invested so much time and money into.
  13. My take on it is that my take doesn't matter. FFG's matters and I don't trust them enough to assume they won't do something stupid, which is why I'm quite a bit annoyed that they haven't released the rules yet when they are supposedly encouraging the hobby side. The longer they don't just tell us what is allowed the more people get tired of waiting and will just do whatever. That said, I think FFG should require stock bases to be used, and the edges to be fully accessible for the movement tool and for base contact determination (nothing hanging over the side that would block it). Also vehicles lines must be clearly and accurately marked on the top of the base, paint on the side is not good enough. Beyond that, do what you will.
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