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    Deck Idea

    I just got the card game and I want to use the Night's Watch Faction with the support of another House I was thinking Tyrell so I could focus on defense and intrigue as Tyrell has a lot of characters with that icon also seeing as Tyrell likes to buff up STR I could use that to win a game, but I'm not sure if that would be a good thing to do.
  2. Thanks I check the 2nd edition board, because I was watching a Team Covenant video on YouTube of a player using one deck supported by the non-loyal cards of another house(faction). Also on the other side of the House card which is the banner agenda it says I can include non-loyal cards in my deck I'll have to wait until I get another 2nd edition set to expand it the way I want to would be the best idea to be safe. I figured it out I have to use another house card flip it over and use it as and agenda for the deck which allows me to support the main house i'm using with another house. Once again thanks
  3. I just found out about the game and I want to start playing it competitively so I was wondering if I could support a Faction with two other factions instead of just one.
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