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  1. agree and i think going forward they probably will do just that especially since the separatist will be coming on sprues
  2. wait for this kit to come on sale for 100.00. The airbrush is meh but i had an old air tank sitting around and hooked it up. I have had no issues with it. Also i recently got a iawat eclipse and love it. This is mine http://
  3. I like it i am torn on wanting a classic look and something different like yours. I will probably end up with 2 just to satisfy my indecision. Well done Sir
  4. So this is my attempt to magnetize the landspeeder with as little destruction as possible. First cut through the four front posts. Then Drill out post in these locations. I started small then worked up to a 7/32 bit for the main body and 1/8 on the engines. Work the back free along seems Glue in magnets is pictured locations Then fill with green stuff or other similar product FYI i was able to do this because of a post i saw over on reddit that gave me a visual as to where the post where located. They seemed to get it apart with a freezing and prying method but that was not working for me.
  5. Hey all and you at FFG The Terrain Tutor is looking for a thumbs up on doing a series on Terrain for Legion lets vote this up and get the guys at FFG to reply to him. Go to this video and let him know you want it. He speaks to the point at 8:51
  6. ALL of IA Blood Rage and Arcadia Quest also did a copy of zombiecide for a friend but don't have a pit for that.
  7. It is done have a look at ATST head magnetized. Thanks for the idea
  8. Hey all starting this mod looks like it will work although at the moment the ball is just little under sized and the head does not stay in place i will update after i have coated it in something to give it some friction.
  9. if its this one then it was me also.
  10. That is not a bad idea. I have been trying to think of a way to do this if i attempt it i will post here with the results.
  11. So after getting the mortar launch magnetized i was wanting a way to store the weapons when they where not in use so i decided to magnetize the back plate. I used 2mm x 1mm magnets and 5/64 drill bit. to keep the holes lined up simply hold the back plate in place and drill from the outside.
  12. fits back on fine just need to add some glue. 4-5 the side is only 1.8mm thick so for me that was not an option as my magnets are 2mm.
  13. Hey all just an FYI that you can take the back of the ATST with a small wide hobby knife so that you can get access to the inside. Just slowly work your way around the seem and keep prying a bit at a time. I didn't like the idea of gluing the launcher on and wanted it to be removable. I plan to add some magnets to the launcher and the inside of the atst. A simple mod but worth the time. I will update when its done Update with magnets in. Project came out ok for my first time doing something like this. I had to use a bit of grey/green stuff to mount one of the magnets as the launcher sits at an angel. Then i just set the magnets inside the body, positioned the launcher and glued them in place.
  14. I have to say i was encouraged when FFG/Asmodee announced they would be doing more to encourage LGS support such as MRSP and limiting the price cutting done by online retailers. I would like to have these posters and think they should have been apart of the LGS release strategy rather then a tactic to reduce sales in LGS.
  15. FYI the imperial assault Luke in this pic has also been re-based so the difference is even bigger then what is portrayed.
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