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  1. We've opted for them to be taken as trophies. The rule book seems to suggest this is the case. We agreed to do this in our next game. We also agreed if this is to much of a hindrance on Specimen X that we would make a house rule to say that these trophies specifically have to be used for level ups asap so to be discarded back to Specimen X's discard pile.
  2. Sorry for the double post. The first crashed after posting. I didn't think it would post so retyped it. Doh!
  3. Hello, I've just picked up Nemesis. We ran our first game using Specimen X. There was some confusion whether or not you would take Tyranid threats that Specimen X laid down from his nemesis deck as trophies. The rule book says that these threat cards are treated like any other. So this implies that you would. However, the point was put forward that you could simply hold onto these trophies preventing Specimen X from laying them down again and eventually drying out his nemesis deck. I was just wondering how everyone else had been playing this and the effect it has had on your games. Thanks in advance for any advice or information.
  4. Hi there. I've recently picked up Nemesis and we ran our first game using Specimen X. However, we couldn't work out whether or not once you defeat one of the Tyranid threat cards he drops, whether you would take it as a trophy. The rule book doesn't specifically say but does say the threats are treated as any other threats would be. This would imply you would. The only thing is that you could easy hold on to these trophies as a cheap method of drying out Specimen X's nemesis deck and stunting his ability to lay down Tyranids. This of course appears to be his main tactic. We agreed at the time to not treat them as trophies to keep the game moving at the time. Just wondering how everyone else plays this for future games. Thanks in advance for any advice or information.
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