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  1. WAC47

    Ten Numb: Elusive or Debris Gambit?

    I was thinking about debris gambit too, but rereading there is no “may.” Based on wording I’m pretty sure you must treat the evade as white when Range 0-1 of obstacles. Which is harder to avoid than I’d like for consistent focus/evade.
  2. WAC47

    N1 Announced, Can this be Next?

    I’m definitely thinking about painting up one or more of my N1’s in that police blue! Battle for Naboo was my jam.
  3. WAC47

    Why does the Arc-170 have a gunner slot?

    Based on flying against SFs in 1.0, I'd argue that your opponents are making the wrong decision to try and avoid it. There's very little reason to avoid a 2 dice, likely unmodified, shot on a separate target. It's not going to come up very often in the first place, and when it does it'll hardly make enough of a difference to make up for the bad position the ARC is in if it's surrounded. I have a hard time figuring where I value it, but I'd still be thinking long and hard about including it if it were 1 or 2 points. But that's all just based on my own head sim/theorycrafting. SERIOUSLY. I don't feel any sympathy whatsoever for the Phantom.
  4. WAC47

    TIE Phantom - Fifth Brother or bust

    Rebels have no sympathy for you Imperial dogs. The ARC-170 only has one gunner option and it's awful. Count your lucky stars Fifth Brother and BT-1 are both decent options.
  5. WAC47

    Double Side Arc Bubble Trouble

    I think the HWK is a bit of a different beast altogether. Part of it is the obvious benefits of Range 3 and boost. But the other part of it is that one of the arcs is the front arc, allowing it to take the the traditional support position in then back of the formation... at least that’s my understanding. The side arc just increases the flexibility, rather than being restrictive. The other major difference is that the HWK only needs to support one target. The clones (if sinker is representative) need to buff multiple ships to make their abilities worth it. Based on the chassis alone Sinker is going to cost more than Howlrunner and Drea, and the V-19 themselves are likely to be pricier than a TIE. So you’re already behind on efficiency there.
  6. WAC47

    Double Side Arc Bubble Trouble

    As we await the points adjustment and upcoming spoilers for the Republic, I've been mulling over how they might operate on the battlefield. From what's been spoiled so far, the main mechanic for the clone pilots appears to be buffing allies in your side arcs at range 1-2. This has a wonderful thematic, brothers-in-arms feel to it, and the side arcs do have a decently large coverage. However, it requires those of us interested in flying the Republic to completely rethink formation flying. Formation flying in X-wing evolved from two pilots: Biggs and Howlrunner. And as such, it has always focused on maintaining the Range 1 Bubble. This means that many of the formations that we have developed will have a severe issue handling the Side Arc Bubble, particularly when making hard turns. The fact that the ARC-170 and V-19 only have access to a white hard 2 and one other red turn maneuver amplifies this problem. As does the lack of boost. Has anyone begun playing around with Republic formations yet? Is the Double Side Arc Bubble DOA? What do you think?
  7. WAC47

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    While I understand where you are coming from, just because norms will inevitably be used by jerks to justify being jerks doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have norms. Fly casual as originally intended has done wonderful things to promote a fun, welcoming atmosphere in the real world communities of X-wing players. It’s one of the reasons I got into the game and ended up meeting so many great people through it. The problem is when there’s an implied “or else” added to the end, and it’s used to justify the harassment of individuals, many of whom volunteer their time and energy to the building up of the community (whether that’s TOs, podcasters, streamers, devs, play testers or competitive players).
  8. WAC47

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    I should be shocked that the “THIS IS A GAME FOR FUN, FLY CASUAL” crowd on this forum is the one threatening harassment and abuse over a volunteer TO attempting to enforce the rules of a plastic spaceship game. But... I’ve been on this forum long enough to know better.
  9. I’m secure enough in my adulthood to appreciate silliness, wackiness, and hijinks of all sorts. Star Wars is 100% about cultivating a childlike sense of wonder and joy for me so none of this even slightly bothers me. Honestly Kaz’s klutziness is part of what I love about the character. He’s amazing in a cockpit but put him on dry land and he can barely lift parts that Tam easily swings around.
  10. I mean... the stuff isn’t out yet. If it comes out before then that’s a bonus.
  11. Highly recommend Resistance! Probably the best start to any SW TV series yet, and it’s looks like the rest of the season is going to pick up the pace even faster. Hoping to see Kaz and the rest in X-Wing sooner rather than later.
  12. WAC47

    Outryder Cup ... wait, wut?

    While the ruling appears harsh due to the fact that those upgrades appear to be “no-brainers,” the problem becomes when that line becomes blurry. Even 0-point upgrades may have reasons you would not want to equip them. Then it would be up to the TO to judge whether or not something was “supposed” to be equipped. Ultimately, the tournament regulations say you must submit an accurate list, no exceptions. It ultimately is better to have clear-cut rules wherever possible than to put the burden on the TO. Which, by the way, means WE NEED SOME FREAKING FLOOR RULES FFG.
  13. People are likely going to be buying multiple Squadron Packs and there's no need for a second copy of the gas clouds. There'll be opportunities to buy them off of people.
  14. Woo! This is all so exciting! I’ve loved Houser’s work on the “Age of R” series so far! I REALLY REALLY hope FFG has some means planned of getting us these pilots in the appropriate ships.
  15. WAC47

    The “Hondo” operative thread

    Fixed it for you, Tracy.