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  1. Come on @gennataos, that’s no way to smack talk. Of course the field will be stacked, we’ll be there defending our turf! If people don’t show it’s because they fear the might of Arch Alliance!
  2. I’m just saying be patient. They could very well be coming. No reason to start critiquing the floor rules until we have all of the floor rules. Also, the MAIN purpose of floor rules is to provide a system by which judges can enforce the rules. Thats what is provided here. It’s a massive step forward for FFG to cultivate a positive competitive atmosphere.
  3. This is a general, all games document. Documents for specific games are incoming, per FFG OP’s social media posts. Its possible dice-related rules will appear in the X-wing specific document.
  4. Probably waaaaay too expensive to be any good, but throw in Advanced Sensors and you can end up in some crazy positions.
  5. I get that for sure! I love how certain pilots like Whisper have these larger than life legends in X-wing even though they haven’t shown up in stories.
  6. You can have expectations/theories without being so attached to them that you’re disappointed when things turn out differently. And you can even enjoy the outcome even if it doesn’t match your expectations Feel like this is something all Star Wars fans need to remember.
  7. I mean... they are just names. They don’t really have stories, even in Legends. I definitely don’t begrudge anyone their favorites, we all approach SW in our own way. Just curious why the attachment to these characters?
  8. When 2.0 was announced, the devs said that there would be new pilots that weren’t available in the conversion kits. They also said veteran players would have a way to get these pilots without buying new models. I think it was assumed that these pilots would be released in the new 2.0 expansions and be made available to veterans some other way (sort of like the bonus wave 1 pilots like thane and Norra that were packaged separately in the conversion kits). Now it seems like these pilots will only appear in card packs, which is awesome. Just started reading Alphabet Squadron and I can’t WAIT to fly them in X-wing. Heres my Rebel wishlist: X-wing Yrica Quell Antoc Merrick Wes Janson Hobbie U-wing K-2SO Kairos Laren Joma A-wing Wyl Lark Shara Bey Lu’lo Lampar Y-wing Nath Tensent Dex Tiree Davish Krail B-wing Chass Na Chadic Gina Moonsong Hera Syndulla YT-2400 Mart Mattin (Iron Squadron)
  9. Don’t worry, there’s still a mistake. Suggesting R2-C4 is a good option on a Delta 7 😂
  10. I guess the main thing is to make sure people bring multiple lists, and then treating “casual” as just another format (e.g. “hyperspace, extended or casual?”)
  11. You got it! Yeah, maybe my perception is skewed because Monday is my usual night. I agree, it’s hard to mandate one or the other. I think the unspoken assumption is that it’s competitive unless you ask otherwise... I’m just wondering what the possibility of flipping the script occasionally is. It’s hard when the onus is always on the person who wants to play casually to ask.
  12. @MidWestScrub feeling similarly, and I had the same trouble at the end of Season 0. I think with tournaments happening year round there’s no longer a clear “off season.” Even if I’m not planning on going to a tournament any time soon, others usually are and will be prepping with a tier 1 squad. Gone are the days of showing up to game night after a regional season and knowing that people will be flying fun, casual lists they’ve been dying to try. And if you don’t have a tournament coming up until after the points change, it just doesn’t feel worth it to continue putting reps in against the current meta. I’d rather have some time before the meta shake up to decompress and try silly lists with the current points. Maybe we should be thinking about establishing an off season for Arch Alliance (@gennataos) maybe a couple weeks or month before the new points drop. Obviously if people are desperate to go to this or that tournament that’s understandable, but if we as a group have gotten what we want out of the “season” we might declare that game nights are casual unless you specifically set up a competitive game? Just a thought. I know a couple more casual players have stopped coming as often because they don’t want to play against top tier lists all the time.
  13. What we really should be complaining about is her awful ability...
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