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  1. Lobokai

    Rules changes killing me

    Poor lad. People are just ignoring you. If I’ve got to vote between caring about you making less profit (but still a tidy sum) or my $20 investment being part of a better functioning game... well, you’ll not get my vote... do you really think there’d be more anger because a game breaking mechanic was allowed to continue or because those paying/making foolish amounts of money from the that flaw saw their unwise investment cheapened? Sure, appeal to emotion... just think your argument through a bit.
  2. Lobokai

    SSD Poll Threat. Happy or not.

    Happy. Thrilled at its inclusion, hoping it heralds clone war ships, floored at its price point. It’s the whale DLC of Armada
  3. Lobokai

    Should FFG increase the official points limit?

    I see this in almost every table top game. People want to inflate point totals because the dream fleet/army/horde/lance/squad is always almost 50 points (or its equivalent) away. Then points slowly grow in informal events... until everyone sees the unintended consequences of altering the core game state and we typically end up back at the intended points total or lower (because people like manageable tournament times). So no. 400 is more than enough. It makes for hard choices, which is a sign of good play balance. If that makes the $200 special ship hard to use in not special games, that’s a good thing for game health, not a bad thing.
  4. Lobokai

    New Boosters: Across the Galaxy

    Pretty sure it’ll be gain a character point, start with 1 resource. And I’m good with that
  5. Didn’t watch, but yes, Cad/Snoke is a stout build right now
  6. Lobokai

    WotF Luke "showing" question

    when resolving... the shields can become melee... so you're good with Ataru. But Guard or Close Quarters Assault, for example, don't resolve, so you couldn't use Luke's dice for either of those... inverse would be true for the Luke's Rod... couldn't use it for Trench Warfare
  7. Lobokai

    Formidable to discard?

    lets assume im not playing against a 3 wide deck... then what
  8. Lobokai

    Formidable to discard?

    If I use formidable to move an upgrade to a fully upgraded character, does it work like redeploy, letting my opponent choose which of their upgrades the incoming one replaces?
  9. Lobokai

    Economics - 2 resources per turn problem

    Well way of the force looks set to hand out resources like cookies at grandmas house, so those wanting more will get it. Too bad. I liked them mattering more.
  10. Yeah. Echoing others, in this area of card writing FFG is crystal clear. No need for any ruling, it means what it says. However, we’ve had a few nonsensical “clarifications” before, so who’s to say this doesn’t somehow change in the future? Given low impact of the card, still unlikely IMO.
  11. Do post and let us know. Locally it feels like everyone stayed “in” the game, but many are playing less often. My small group of 6+ probably plays more... we’ve been pulling out old and forgotten characters and trying to make them hum. ie: Kanan/Ashoka and K2/Yoda are my most active decks Wow. I wish Armada gameplay was as active as Destiny. It’s forums are more active, game?, not so much.
  12. Lobokai

    Yourdestiny spoilers - Dooku and ship

    I wonder if we’ll see a plot that lets you use the ability of a different version of a unique character? Solar Sailer seems really strong for the old Count
  13. Lobokai

    Solo in Destiny - Potential Spoilers

    Well after you watch episode 1 and Last Jedi, we can talk.
  14. Lobokai

    I love this new plot

    Very happy about this! faction and color specific plot that has reusability.
  15. VSDs or Assault Frigates (I use Mark I models). In war games I love using battlecruisers and can get that same vibe with the aforementioned