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    Set 10

    Are you kidding? Stores love KS. No middle man, no distributors, tons of people miss the KS while it’s open but want the stuff. If anything it’s the distributors that hate KS. Heck, half the KS I back are driven by FLGS buyers.
  2. Boy I hope not. It’s these kinda last errata changes that break a game on its way out.
  3. Not seeing a way, but I often miss these things. FFG trying to keep YASB in business?
  4. Well the beauty of programs like this is that errors can appear where they were not before... so re-asking the question is a valid thing to do (and keep doing). Feel has absolutely nothing to do with it. I play so many games with so many dice, I instantly knew something was off... every game I have played of FC has had dramatically statically uneven dice. Its 7 games in a row now (not games I lose, games the math is consistently creating a roughly 20% offset) . Never has evades of hit/crits been to my favor, never has the the AI been worse than 25% better in its results, very typical that its 35%+ better. That is so mathematically improbable that it simply points to an error. Saying that you simply need thousands of rolls for the numbers to look right is silly... plus, I've crossed the line of 1000 deliberately watched rolls for the problem by now. I have no ax to grind here. Couldn't care less if I win or lose 1 player games against an AI in my home on evenings... this isn't internal loss mitigation or "poor Timmy only see's the math as uneven when he loses". I won't get into my profession or whatever here as its the internet and anyone can claim anything... but if I was watching someone's code create these results simply running an RNG, I'd have no doubt that there was an error and I'd tell them to go squash whatever bug it was. That multiple people are seeing this doesn't say we're luddite poor losers, but instead that there is something anomalous going on under the hood. I simply desire the game to be useful for list crunching or even averaging performance. In its current form, it its not. These anomalies are most profound and consistent during the first couple time an AI list fires. This isn't an opinion or a feeling, it just empirically is at this point
  5. So these dice are truly random? I’ve tracked my last 4 games. I’m no where close to being on par with rolls and the AI is a champ. Best game had AI at +8% hits and crits to my -18% and evade numbers basically the same to my disadvantage. The timing too is incredible... by green blanks line up with unmodified red hits, and my modified hits unerringly meet more natural evades than should be. Is this truly a neutral rng?
  6. if there's any doubt if this is a hybrid or not... here's the 3 exposed dorsal defense turrets... that were later recessed for better fire protection in later models/refits/upgrades... I'm assuming this is the Rogue One CGI model used for EP9... as it shows all the distinctive New Hope and Rogue One features For the record: the second time I watched this scene I did notice that an A-wing was immolating front and center... but capital ship lines captured my eye immediately
  7. it just looks that way here. If you click on the link it should go to the pics... if not... here they are
  8. Posting this everywhere I can
  9. Poor lad. People are just ignoring you. If I’ve got to vote between caring about you making less profit (but still a tidy sum) or my $20 investment being part of a better functioning game... well, you’ll not get my vote... do you really think there’d be more anger because a game breaking mechanic was allowed to continue or because those paying/making foolish amounts of money from the that flaw saw their unwise investment cheapened? Sure, appeal to emotion... just think your argument through a bit.
  10. Happy. Thrilled at its inclusion, hoping it heralds clone war ships, floored at its price point. It’s the whale DLC of Armada
  11. I see this in almost every table top game. People want to inflate point totals because the dream fleet/army/horde/lance/squad is always almost 50 points (or its equivalent) away. Then points slowly grow in informal events... until everyone sees the unintended consequences of altering the core game state and we typically end up back at the intended points total or lower (because people like manageable tournament times). So no. 400 is more than enough. It makes for hard choices, which is a sign of good play balance. If that makes the $200 special ship hard to use in not special games, that’s a good thing for game health, not a bad thing.
  12. Pretty sure it’ll be gain a character point, start with 1 resource. And I’m good with that
  13. when resolving... the shields can become melee... so you're good with Ataru. But Guard or Close Quarters Assault, for example, don't resolve, so you couldn't use Luke's dice for either of those... inverse would be true for the Luke's Rod... couldn't use it for Trench Warfare
  14. lets assume im not playing against a 3 wide deck... then what
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