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  1. Victory II-class Focused List

    Big fan of triple VSDs. In old WW2 naval games I’d run Kongo and her sisters... very similar feel. Good ideas above. Thanks guys
  2. The Arrestor Cruiser

    I’m not sure what my least favorite Star Wars ship was before... but I know what it is now.
  3. Armada Fleet Builder

    Yeah. I just double checked. Everything is here. Even added some Gauntlets to a list
  4. Armada Fleet Builder

    I think it’s up to date... looks like everything is there
  5. Armada Fleet Builder

    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sw-armada-fleet-builder/id1277395821?mt=8 solid app... very similar to X-Wing equivalent
  6. Chimera ISD

    I vote Venator... given the scale, it seems like New Trilogy era ships won’t work... but there’s so much in the clone wars that could. 2 new factions would be a blast
  7. Chimera ISD

    Thousand apologies for the Necro thread here... but seeing as the Chimaera is coming to us finally, I had a moment today connected to this thread Did the old ISD2 to ISD1 conversion kit to the FFG model and sent a WIP pic to a friend... who immediately asked why I went to the trouble of putting ISD1 parts on the longer, more slender ISD2... because I’d mentioned to him that it was a conversion but forgot to tell it was the FFG model. If you compare my slightly off angle pic to the supposed WEG ship dimensions, it’s really close... and if I wanted to gently play with it, I could match it... so I’m wavering now. I kinda think we’ve got only one production ISD footprint and the supposed longer ISD2 is just a change in angle
  8. Why are some database listing Rivals set cards as forbidden... can you not use these in standard format play?
  9. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Kanan Fenn will only rule regionals where harpoons and Gunboats no show or get drummed out early. Except when TOs gave popped shuttles free shots, good ole QD double/triple gun can tear the Ghost down too fast for Fenn to save... just TL or boost if you think you’ll be token locked
  10. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    So there... "Historian" is mine... and its just silly the places I go to not pay $200 and wait 4 days to access a single journal article or heaven forbid, a translation of an article. I wonder what percent of historical citation involves grabbing peaks at grad work scanned into Scribd or a GoogleDoc archive that hasn't been shut down yet? Slightly related to topics at hand... man, I take a SWDestiny break for a week and the whole game goes wholesome on me... Looking forward to X-Wing at Adepticon... I took Inquisitor last year and he did me proud... I'm thinking this thread has inspired me to break out Soontir this year... why not
  11. Defensive teaching?!!

    FFG is actually pretty consistent on this. You are following rules when you placed the shields. It say excess shields are not given, but nothing that you discard ones in play. I see redeploy and sith holocron and other similar cards that allow you to ignore a restriction, leave play, and don’t have their effect undone. But yeah, once damage is blocked, you’re back down to the 3 threshold
  12. I’d have thought not, but new starter sets pointedly added blanks to the dice symbols list. You’re not resolving, you’re removing.
  13. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    We should get a magpulse torp that shuts down bomb and secondary weapon use for a full turn
  14. To me, we NEED only one fix... remove Nym’s EPT I’d LIKE to see a soft TLT and Harpoon correction... and a heavy Miranda and Sabine correction, but I don’t see them as necessary
  15. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I had to have this read out loud