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  1. VSDs or Assault Frigates (I use Mark I models). In war games I love using battlecruisers and can get that same vibe with the aforementioned
  2. Lobokai

    Anger welling up

    I'm amazed/pleased the ole Chappy skull is still viable... and very much reflects my play-style in almost all tactical war-gaming
  3. Lobokai

    Assault Frigate Mark II

    Yep, canon-wise what the original Assault frigates all were to my knowledge.
  4. Lobokai

    Worlds trash destiny draft

    See, this is how dead the Destiny forums are (why?)... someone posts destiny stuff here... and it probably got more views. I'm mystified at the lack of any Destiny forum of note anywhere... even reddit is comparatively abysmal compared to every other FFG SW game. Do CCG players just instinctively hate online posting?
  5. Lobokai

    Kill it already

    I like the meta outside the game at it highest levels (and I don't play at that level), I'm glad the game has stayed Galactic Civil War ish era, and to me this is the best of both worlds -Game is still "alive", as its getting FAQs, event support, still viable and not OOP -Yet, we don't have some wild crazy release schedule and units just tossed out w/o play testing I WANT FFG to keep just patiently waiting for new films and canon materials that make sense for the era of this game and to KEEP holding back from Rey era releases. Destiny and X-Wing are one the fast pace for me... and while I don't play it, Legion is clearly soaking up time and spot light now too... that's fine. Armada can continue as their thoughtful, carefully groomed, boutique game forever as far as I'm concerned... So sorry, OP, I disagree with just about everything you've said. And BTW on a slow day this forum is infinitely more active than the Destiny one (which I don't get... that place is a complete graveyard, yet around me now, everyone and their brother plays Destiny... there's probably 100 different people at the FLGS in a given week either buying multiple boosters or playing the game... and that's one FLGS of two in our small city
  6. Lobokai

    Assault Frigate Mark II

    Mel's... There you go.... I run two different variants, but this one's painted... just a side note, look how well Mel's bridge and guns fit... really is a nice mod kit
  7. I just meant a younger light side Dooku, we have him in a few flashbacks... no expectation whatsoever that it would happen
  8. Come on hero Dooku
  9. Lobokai

    New Cards Way of the force

    So what card colors can you put in a Grievous deck? Can I put blue weapons in a mono red deck with old GG? What am I allowed to put in his deck and play on him that I couldn't before?
  10. A certain always ready not-jedi needs good upgrades that don't add dice... i've got fearless and resilient and force illusion... what else?
  11. Lobokai

    Plo Koon pairings?

    Sweet... good to know... not that things like that are ever iron clad, but good enough for me
  12. Lobokai

    Plo Koon pairings?

    its not how Plo is worded that might trip that up... its how Padawan and Smuggler are worded
  13. Lobokai

    Plo Koon pairings?

    Looking at how they’re worded, I think that’d be 3 resources for Smugglers and just a -1 for Padawans... though I’d be happy to be wrong.
  14. Lobokai

    Plo Koon pairings?

    http://www.beastsofwar.com/star-wars-destiny/plo-koon-starfighter-cards-spoiled/ Given all the 8 point non-uniques, there’s tons of possibilities for pairing with an elite Plo Koon. Generic Jedi and Partisans with a few mill cards could be nasty... Rookie pilot with Acolyte could be fun. Toss in Plo’s Fighter and there’s got to be some good combos somewhere. Any ideas/thoughts? also, what other forum do people hang out at for Destiny? For a game this size, this forum is a graveyard.
  15. Lobokai

    article up!

    This thing is a monster... it’s doing what I dreamed. This thing is the first legit forward squad commander unit we’ve had. Running this thing and a TIE swarm will be a blast. And I’m thrilled that while the T65 X-Wing changes are a blatant power up, that this unit is a little bit more subtle buff machine. FFG has shown some creativity and added gameplay depth instead of MOAR guns and such. So fitting that this came in a Rogue One expansion: the one movie that seemed to be more historical fiction than bizarre fantasy K-pop cartoonish action. I’m applauding this release Edit: and I’m thrilled if it nets mediocre. We need nice, thoughtful releases that add choices and variety and character... not meta changing power ups (which this still could be). I’d rather just see more releases like this to tell the truth, but the X-Wing one was needed.