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  1. Can't wait to try out the nemeses deck. Thanks for making this, it's quite helpful
  2. God bless you Cubanboy! Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. You should be banned for this kind of heresy!
  4. Braylen really wants the stressbot (R3A2) preferably with gunner although tactician will work as well. On the K-Wing drop proximity mines for Connors and add extra munitions with your spare points. I personally would swap the Y-Wing for Biggs. Hope this helps!
  5. Happy Reeformation day my friends!
  6. Hey Fickle are you still going to stick with Biggs as your ARCs wingmate?
  7. I'm so happy I just liked every single post above me. Yahoo!
  8. Get it. Yes combat is simultaneous. If you like rebellion you'll love TI3, it's a little longer but more fun (in my opinion) Rules aren't super complex - there's just a lot of them.
  9. So........How is this related to X-wing?
  10. Sadly, I'll have to sit this one out. Good luck to all!
  11. Have you (or other adults) move the templates for them. No stress is probably a good idea keep it at red manoeuvre = no action. I'd say only allow focus and evade as actions. After they play it a few times let the ones that seem to understand the game best fly a named pilot.
  12. personally my favourite bomb will always be the proton bomb, it's great when Corran Horn or the Inquisitor or Vader (or any two hulled ship) draws a direct hit and dies from it. Beautiful
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