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  1. Thanks for watching and for the input! I have had several people comment on my reading speed and I definitely plan to work on that. These first videos are to kind of acquaint people with the game first, but we definitely plan on going further in depth in our decklist videos as well as going over other play strategies. Thanks again!
  2. We certainly plan to do just that! We are still kind of getting the game completely under out belts, so some of the early game plays may have a play mistake or two, but these things are definitely in the channel's future.
  3. Hey everyone! I have started a brand new YouTube channel featuring Legend of the Five Rings content called Dice Head Productions. We hope to do other table top gaming videos, but L5R is really the genesis for the channel itself. Right now we only have 4 of the 7 Clan breakdowns up, but we should have the final 3 coming shortly. We really want to focus on high production quality videos for L5R. We plan on doing gameplay, decklist, cycle review, and lore videos in the future. Stay tuned for more!
  4. I really like the idea of having multiple creatures for the Beast Tamer to interact with and plenty of dudes to activate and move around the board. I wasn't sure if it was necessary to play the elite Tusken Raiders or to go ahead and play a unit of Hired Guns for an additional activation. Deployment Cards --------------------------- Bantha Rider Elite Nexu ▪ Temporary Alliance ▪ Gideon Argus ▪ Beast Tamer Tusken Raider Tusken Raider Wampa ▪ Devious Scheme Hired Guns Command Cards ------------------------ Close the Gap Counter Attack Element of Surprise Ferocity Parting Blow Parting Blow Take Initiative To the Limit Urgency Hard to Hit Survival Instincts Hit and Run Jundland Terror Jundland Terror Opportunistic
  5. I think the Elite Nexu is the way to go, though I have been playing with Wampas, both elite and regular, and they are a lot better than most people give them credit for... They hit like trucks.
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