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  1. Interesting. Balin seems to thrive as an explorer. Either with Delver, not sure how it holds up later aswell, or with traveler and/or Pathfinder. How has multiclassing worked out for you so far? Does it feel like your spreading the character over too much cards or has it shown great synergy?
  2. Some great tips and ideas in here. Hoping to bring the game to the table soon. Maybe even with painted figs!
  3. Great tips! Sounds like a fun party. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to playing full dwarf party!
  4. Will probably be a while before I get some game time. Non-stop work for the forseeable future. Have barely had the time to look through the new classes, sadly. Which is why Ive turned to the hive-mind.
  5. This sounds like an awesome plan! Hoping to have a few days off soon to do some planning. Thanks for the tips!
  6. Looking to head out on a solo adventure with the three dwarves! Ive used Gimli before, although found him underwhelming with suggested starter items/class. And I have no experience with the new dwarves or classes. Turning to brighter minds for some tips and suggestions!
  7. Couldnt agree more, people need to chill just a bit.
  8. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/2/13/the-land-of-steel/ for the lazy ones :).
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