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  1. ManateeX

    Congratulations FFG!

    Ezra's a toughie. I agree that if you can take him down it's a huge boon, but if you try and miss then between pummel and the spectre cell attack he can heal himself back to full health pretty quick. I kind of approach Ezra like I do Vader. If he leaves himself open a bit and I've got the cards, then I go all out against him. If not, I just don't attack him at all for fear of wasting all of those attacks and still not quite finishing him off.
  2. On the bright side, maaaaayyyybbbeee there was enough of a negative response that someone might actually have an urge to do something about it? I mean we do a lot of complaining amongst ourselves, but nothing's going to really happen unless someone with the power to do something actually sees it.
  3. ManateeX

    Repetitive Villains?

    I've played with everything in from the beginning, and in three playthroughs of FotFF I've yet to see Jabba or Terro (but have seen Sorin in all three and 0-0-0 in two of them). You may just have had some bad luck.
  4. ManateeX

    Looking for some help making lists

    The newest fad in scum is probably VP manipulation, which comes in a bunch of flavours but usually includes (along with IG) Jabba, Hondo, sometimes Sabine, and a bunch of cards that grant victory points. I think the biggest hurdle you're going to run into when trying to make a scum list is that the best scum cards are all hunters/smugglers, and the best hunter/smuggler command cards are all being used in your Han/Rangers list. You're probably going to have to end up proxying some of those cards no matter how you go about it As for another imperial list, maybe you could try a swarm of riot troopers? If you want to get really cute you could also add some strain command cards and/or use cross training and bring in the spy cards to try to mess with your opponent's deck. It probably won't work out great against spectre, but it should be workable against everything else and at the very least should be a lot of fun.
  5. Wouldn't he never have a chance to move? Hit and run grants movement points. Since it's his activation, wouldn't the the stun kick in before he gets a chance to spend those points for movement? Regarding what comes first between Return Fire/the Stun, I don't have an answer for that. Return fire happens "after the attack resolves", whereas the stun from TTL happens after the action with no specific timing "..perform 1 additional action. Then you become stunned". If "after the attack resolves" is still considered part of the attack action then the return fire and parting shot definitely come before the stun. If "after the attack resolves" and TTL's after the action are the same timing instance, I'm not actually sure what the proper order would be. Edit: Nevermind my first line - I just remember the special rule about movement points gained during a special action being spent immediately
  6. ManateeX

    CT's Pin Them Down

    Rules-wise it makes sense for that mission. Theme-wise, with Diala slowly roasting a stormtrooper over a fire he started.... hooooo boy. I think she just earned herself some dark side points .
  7. ManateeX

    Map rotation

    For now it's still Mos Eisley, Uscru and Tarkin. It's assumed that Lothal will be next because it's been announced and released as a mat, but there's been no word yet on when that rotation will actually happen.
  8. ManateeX

    is it death ?

    If you're worried about the app specifically, they answered a question at their last in-flight report by saying that they are working on more app content. So it is not death . If you're worried about more plastic, personally I don't think they're done but that one's a lot more up in the air and we have no real news one way or the other.
  9. ManateeX

    Beginner list, need feedback

    The benefits of 3P0 and R2 are focus and card draw, respectively. If you're looking to keep the all-scum flavour and accomplish largely the same task, you might want to think about picking up Jabba. He does both of those things, and is a pretty cool looking model to boot
  10. ManateeX

    Ffg please respond RE European medals

    In case there are any Canadians still waiting, make sure you contact them if you haven't heard. Not only did my prizes get here in the mail today, they also sent an apology and a free Keyforge deck! If they made it here to Halifax already, I suspect the rest should be getting to you guys soon
  11. ManateeX

    Game defining command cards

    I'd measure "game-defining" as being a card which can single-handedly shift the flow of the game. I guess any card can be game-defining if played at the right moment, but there are a few cards which are almost always game-defining when they're played. -Take Initiative is the big one, as games are definitely won or lost based on whether or not you can get that one last activation out of a damaged figure (or whether you can run them to safety) -Negation makes the list because it's so versatile, and you're almost always going to find a way to ruin the other player's day if you draw it (often versus TI) - Blaze of Glory, SoS and the Vader Parting Blow combo can cause such a huge shift in one activation. These are so powerful that lists can be pretty much designed around these cards. - Rebel Graffiti is a new one that definitely makes the list. If I draw it in the first round I'm probably getting 8-10 points from it if I can keep my Sabine safe (which isn't hard to do when she can easily just hide, pop out and grenade). That's pretty huge for one 0-point card to get you a quarter of the way to victory all on its own. - Borderline for me are On the Lam and Assassinate. Both are absolutely tier-one cards, but they somehow feel more "expected", and don't seem to have the same surprising shift in momentum that the other ones give. I could see them being included in the list, though.
  12. Haha oh man, that sounds absolutely brutal
  13. Hahaha I love it. "We've just received an urgent distress call, one of our rebel agents has been captured and we need to extract him before he reveals sensitive information!" "Yeah, but Chewie's got this big Life Day celebration happening on Kashyyk, right? We kind of had out hearts set on going... Don't worry, we'll hit up that imperial base next week"
  14. I've learned to really like the concept of drawing two new ones each time, but permanently discarding the one they don't pick. On the one hand it gives everyone a much better chance of seeing the mission they want come up (especially important if you have a Diala player who wants a lightsaber ) but on the other hand it still gives them some tough decisions about which way they want to go and makes it feel like their choices matter.