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  1. They said in the article that the story will follow almost the same beats as the regular Jabba campaign, so: But this would be a very cool idea!
  2. ManateeX

    A dreamer problem

    Luke Robinson is the name . And he starts the game with the Gate Box item, so it doesn't ever end up being a problem.
  3. ManateeX

    Jabba's Realm Digital Campaign

    Yep. Captain Terro (but oddly not the dewback, I don't think), the Alliance Rangers and Jabba himself all had tokens in the box
  4. ManateeX

    Need more content

    Haha that sort of reasonableness has no place on the forums, sir
  5. ManateeX

    Need more content

    Hahaha our complaints must have grown loud enough https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/7/18/return-to-jabbas-realm/
  6. ManateeX

    Need more content

    You might be thinking of Mansions of Madness 2nd ed., but Descent 2nd ed. started as a campaign game that's a lot like the standard Imperial Assault campaigns and then added the app on top of that a few years later. It is missing the skirmish mode, though
  7. ManateeX

    Humor and Drama in Campaigns

    After which the app will probably never bring him out again
  8. ManateeX

    not available?

    I assume you're talking about the Lothal expansion? Unfortunately the answer is "no". Retailers tend to put a date on their sites, but they're guessing just as much as we are. I've seen some speculation that it may be available for early purchase at Gencon, but again this is just guesswork and hope. It's kind of a thing with FFG - they don't usually issue release dates beyond a vague "sometime in Q4", and even that isn't something they really stick to. In fact, guessing when things will be released is kind of a game-within-itself, as seen in this thread which tracks every release and article to try to make sense of it all.
  9. ManateeX

    What if loku and mak cost 2?

    I think that might almost be part of the design with spies, though. Those command cards are really powerful, so as it is there's a bit of a tradeoff to taking a unit who can use them. If a unit was already a fantastic combat unit that, oh yeah, can also see the opponent's hand of cards and remove Blaze of Glory, it would be really hard not to bring that unit along in just about every list.
  10. I'd say the biggest consideration is: what is the imperial class deck, and what have they spent their XP on? Leia's ability to exhaust an imperial card can be huge - against the armored onslaught deck, for example, taking out Mortar each turn and really puts a huge kink in the imperial player's plans. Also, if you have a ranged hero with a great weapon her ability to give one of your guys another shot can be really useful. For only 4 threat (with Murne) you really can't go wrong. With that said, though, Jedi Luke is awesome too. He's a bit more expensive, but again with Murne's ability he'll probably make his cost back in just about any mission. So really neither is a bad choice IMO. Again, for me the biggest determining factor would be whether there's a good imperial card for Leia to exhaust.
  11. ManateeX

    Junk Droid and Merciless and Mak

    I think he meant can you play Merciless/PotH against the junk droid. (Edit: if he actually meant can the junk droid play the card then, yes, your answer is correct)
  12. ManateeX

    Junk Droid and Merciless and Mak

    Yes, and yes . Companions are still figures, they just have some additional special rules. This one's a no. You play Price on their Heads on a deployment card, not on a figure. Even if you played it on one of the ugnaughts, whether or not you kill the junk droid will have no bearing on whether or not you get the points from PotH. The ugnaught card says that the droid activates as though it is part of the ugnaught group, not that it actually becomes a part of the ugnaught group.
  13. ManateeX

    Higher Difficulty?

    Along these lines, even good heroes can give you a bit of a fun challenge in the right combinations. Make an all-melee team - not only do you have to worry about movement and positioning a lot more, you've also got increased competition for a smaller pool of weapons that will lead you to try out some items that you probably wouldn't have considered otherwise. Try a game with all white-die heroes - the app gets harder when you don't have anybody who you can reliably stick out front to tank damage. If you're feeling brave, go all-support with something like Gideon, Murne, MHD and Saska. There are some great heroes in that group, but you're going to have to play them a little non-standardly if you're going to have success with them as a team.
  14. I guess it comes down to personal preference, but despite them being in the movies I don't have a whole lot of interest in the likes of Piett or Jerjerrod. They're basically just cookie-cutter imperial officers who happened to have had a line or two in the films - there's really nothing to distinguish them from any of their contemporaries. How do you give them in-game abilities that are actually meaningful to their characters when they basically aren't characters to begin with? Even if Terro is just some stormtrooper on a dewback, he's still some stormtrooper on a dewback. To me that sounds like something fun and different to play with, and it would be easy to see them designing some fun abilities to go with it. Tarkin, Thrawn, Krennic - these guys all had enough screen (or book) time that they've got characterizations that you could work with, and I'd see them all as good leader choices. Off the top of my head you could theme their abilities around power/ruthlessness, strategy/brilliance, and engineering/ambition (respectively) and come up with something fun to play. But even with someone like Pallaeon or Isard, as much as I loved both of them in the EU stories, it's hard to think of what they could bring to the table as a unique gameplay mechanic that you couldn't just paste onto staff officer #73.
  15. I'm not saying that it'll happen, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if they straight-up got the actual Weiss or Terro. Eventually they're going to run out of leader figures from the movies that anybody cares about (if they haven't already), but I bet there'd still be a bunch of people who would love to play with a hulking dewback rider or a tricked out custom AT-ST. And with a pure skirmish game like Legion there's no chance whatsoever to give a backstory to any original unique leaders, so why not just use the ones they've already made? I wouldn't see it as being any different from their "Arkham Files" games, where you can see the same FFG original characters popping up in Arkham Horror, Eldrich Horror, Elder Sign, the LCG, etc. It could be like their own little FFG Star Wars canon.