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  1. ManateeX

    I'm looking for Maul and Ashoka

    I don't know why, but they have never had any figures beyond the second wave. It's a shame, since their prices are so great for those figures that they do have. Free worldwide delivery!
  2. The big problem with nerfing focus in any way is that it has such a disproportionate impact on rebel players. As it stands they're already down to one viable troop unit (the rangers) and removing their ability to focus is a huge hit to them. And without the ability to focus, what chance do the rebels have against something like Vader? I don't think it's a bad idea on the surface, it's just so hard to do anything without completely throwing off the balance of the game.
  3. That works better for skirmish, but I think it would be a bit of a let-down for the campaign. Unique villains account for, what, maybe 5% of the enemies you face over the course of a campaign? That means that for most of the game you'd be facing off against little circles - even if the box was cheaper, I think it would lose a lot of the wow-factor that probably brought a few people to the table in the first place.
  4. ManateeX

    Best possible Boba Fett list?

    I have no idea whether this is even playable (and it's probably not competitive), but I had an idea that I'd like to try for an Imperial points-denial list that includes Fett. 13 - Vader w/ Driven by Hatred 13 - Boba Fett 5 - Regular Riots 5 - Regular Riots 2 - Imperial Officer 1 - Zillo 1 - Temp Alliance Full list of command cards here... (http://tabletopadmiral.com/imperialassault/130d97971a5c678b000000000000000d70636c9eb677c5741c87b417392b) ... but the idea is that there's really nothing in that list that your opponent wants to shoot at. The riots are there to go for objectives, and it feels bad for your opponent to shoot at them and to have to chew through all that armour for a measly two points. Fett and Vader are both really hard to kill as it, and defensive cards like Brace for Impact (extra black die), Emergency Aid (riots can use it to recover 3 on vader/fett) and Mandalorian Tactics (2 x Recover 2 for fett) make that even more frustrating. I also included Harsh Environment (adds +1 block to all figures on an interior space, shout out to @GottaBadFeelingAboutThis for the idea) which is basically zillo fodder on Nal Hutta but should be useful on the other maps. The plan is not to wipe out the opponent's army, but rather to grab what objective points you can, kill a few key figures and then survive until time is called. I'm not saying that this is a super-competitive list and there are a half-dozen ways to break it, but in a casual tournament I bet that you could take a few people off guard the first time you bring it out.
  5. ManateeX

    State of IA skirmish for new players

    I hate to break it to you, but it might very well be "the burden of campaign" that's keeping the product line going . I love IA skirmish - it's my favourite game bar none - but based on the numbers that we see in tournaments I think it's probably safe to say that it's not organized play skirmish that's driving sales of the game. I don't think we're going to start seeing regular skirmish releases without any campaign content any time soon. With that said, I agree with everything else you've said and everything else in this thread, particularly about how helpful it would be to release a sort of skirmish starter set that includes everything you need to start playing (except I guess the map tiles for the tourney-legal maps, but I haven't really figured out how they can get around that one yet). I think a one-off release like that could work wonders in getting people interested, and once they're hooked... And yeah, I know I've kind of contradicted myself after saying that it's mostly campaign players that drive sales, but I'd bet that there's a pretty decent-sized group of skirmish players who start by playing a campaign. I'd imagine that in most campaign groups there's only one person who buys the box and expansions, the rest just show up and play. Maybe one day a few of them try a skirmish and enjoy it, but now what are their options? Is buddy really going to buy a whole new core set to join in a tournament when fully 80% of the content in the box is either campaign-specific or unplayable competitively? Some might, but many probably won't. But if he could get a cheaper skirmish started that only includes the relevant content, well maybe that's a worthwhile investment. From FFG's point of view it might initially be a bit of a loss in some cases (someone who would have bought the core now gets just the skirmish starter) but as we all know that once that guy gets invested even a little in the game he's going to be buying expansions until the end of time.
  6. ManateeX

    State of the Meta: Figures at Worlds

    I think most people would agree that they seem to have gotten the hang of skirmish costing with Jabba's realm. Since that time, by my count, they've released 31 figures (I'm including Iggy, Han, Chewie and Vader in this). Of those 31, the only ones that weren't played at worlds based on your list are: -Gammorean Guards, Rancor, Maul -Dewback Rider, 0-0-0 -Jarrod, Chopper So that's 7 out of 31 figures that weren't played (assuming you count the dewback and Terro separately), or 23%. Better still, I'd personally consider some of those (ePigs, Chopper) to be absolutely viable in competitive play, while things like Jarrod and 0-0-0 probably aren't far off. None of them are out and out terrible. So yeah it kind of sucks when you can look at the whole line and say that there are dozens of models that won't ever get played, but we've got to remember that a) they've been working their way through the backlog and giving bumps to the important characters, and b) they've been on a really good streak for the last 2 years. There are always things that could be improved, but we really are in a good place right now.
  7. ManateeX

    Nerf Daniel Taylor

    I didn't go back to watch again and I don't remember that specific moment, but maybe he used Hera's accuracy boost?
  8. ManateeX

    Which Expansion to purchase?

    Usually I'd recommend Jabba's Realm, because I think that has the most fun campaign (although I also hear good things about Heart of the Empire, but I haven't played it). In your case, though, where you're buying to play with the app, I'd just go with whatever heroes and figures you like the look of the best. You really can't go wrong . There's speculation that the next app campaign may use a tile set from one of the expansions (since that's what happened with Descent) but when the new campaign will be released and which expansion they will use is really anybody's guess so I wouldn't probably base your decision on that. If I was personally guessing I would say it would probably be Twin Shadows or Hoth, since they were the next chronological releases. One thing to be aware of though, that applies equally well to both Twin Shadows and Hoth, is that once you add in the expansion to the app those figures will start turning up as random groups. Some, like Hoth's HK droids or Twin Shadows' Heavy Stormtroopers, are great and work pretty much anywhere, but other times you end up with Wampas showing up in the middle of a forest or snowtroopers coming at you from the desert. Now this doesn't really bother me at all, but if you're the type of person where that kind of theming matters to you then you might be better off going with the more generic units from Jabba or Heart of the Empire.
  9. The shine on the eyes turned out really well! (Not that I would expect anything less )
  10. ManateeX

    Worlds Lists 2018

    So did you ever draw SoS and Blaze of Glory in the same opening hand? And did you manage to keep a smile off your face when it happened?
  11. ManateeX

    Hypothetical IA 2nd edition

    I see a lot of really great suggestions for improving the campaigns (more narrative focus, more interactivity within missions, etc.) but to me none of those are things that require a second edition. In fact that app has already proven that we can do a fair bit of that with the current ruleset. Just release a new campaign guide with those elements and you're set - no need for a new edition of anything. Likewise, I don't really see any need for a new edition in skirmish either. I agree that it sucks that there are lots of old characters that can't be played competitively, but it's easy enough to fix that within the existing rules framework if they wanted to spend the resources doing it (either as one-off attachments, like we've seen already, or with a big skirmish upgrade box that I've seen people wish for). I'd also really love to have an app like they announced for X-Wing that lets them change the value of cards that are over/under-played on the fly without needing to release physical errata. None of what I've just mentioned requires a new edition, though. Now I'm not an X-Wing player, but from what I've been able to gather the need for this was partly there because certain upgrades/tactics/ships combo'd so well together that they became known as a clearly dominant strategy. Worse still, that dominant strategy took away some parts of the game that were otherwise fun (e.g. 360 degree firing arcs took away the need to fly well and guess what your opponent would do to a certain degree). We don't really have anything like that in IA skirmish. The closest parallels that I can think of are Zillo Technique for the imperials (you're never not going to take it and all new units must be designed with that in mind) and 3P0/Gideon for the Rebels and to a lesser extent mercs (again, you always take them and there's nothing they can really do to change that without releasing something even more powerful). Yes it's not great that there are auto-includes, and yes if given another shot they could probably be better-designed using new mechanics like power tokens, but it's not a game-breaking problem and (more importantly) I don't find that it really sucks the fun out of the game like people were finding with the X-Wing issues.
  12. ManateeX

    Using Jabba in the Core Campaign

    You could always try playing with the Nemeses imperial class deck which came with the Jabba's realm campaign. It would give you a chance to use him without having to be lucky enough to draw, afford and then win his side mission. Especially since he could (potentially) be in every mission, you could come up with some sort of backstory for why he's there. The classic trope would be that one or more of your rebels owes him a debt for some past deed, and so he's tipped off the empire as to your whereabouts and is also trying to get back at you himself. I mean it still doesn't explain why Jabba would be personally present in all these missions, but if you're going to have any hope of using these kinds of figures (Jabba, Palpatine, even Vader) your players are going to have to have at least a little bit of suspension of disbelief.
  13. ManateeX

    Hyperspace Report

    I don't think that we need a new edition or anything, but I love their ideas for the app and for organized play. Holding beginner and themed (!) tournaments in addition to the regular competitive tournaments sounds like a really fun idea.
  14. @sionnach19 Unfortunately I think your breakdown is the most likely scenario, now that it's been confirmed that there are four troopers in the pack. Like you said we don't know exactly how deathtroopers will work in skirmish, but just in general it would be weird to include four figures and three cards (*cough*clawdites*cough*). On the bright side, with the Jawa/IG88 there's also a precedent for a fix coming with a villain pack (albeit one that wasn't released beside a wave). There's always a chance that we could get Fett's card packaged with Hondo or whatever.
  15. ManateeX

    Worlds Doldrums 3: Store Champs

    Well I don't exactly expect this to flourish (in fact far from it) but I'd love to find a way to make a Vader/Fett list "work" for a random store tournament. It will almost certainly be called "No Disintegrations", and right now I'm thinking that I'll probably add a few officers and some riots to leave my opponent with no appealing options for targets. My thought right now is to bring a bunch of defensive command cards to try to keep my heavy hitters alive until time is called. If I can use Fett and the riots to grab enough objective points I'm hoping that I can hold out for a win or two.