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  1. The other thing about off-meta lists is that people don't necessarily know what to do when they come up against them. If you've got a guy who's practiced 40 games vs weequays and suddenly he's up against HK's for the first time, he's not going to have that instinctive feeling for how hard they hit, how far away they can hit from, what command cards they can come out with, etc. Even if someone did the math and weequays are 5% more efficient or whatever, that's probably not going to be worth more than surprising your opponent with a well-timed Triangulate card that they never see coming. I mean imagine being a player who started a year ago sitting down across from a bantha - I mean you'd probably get the idea to spread out your figures a bit, but you'd never be expecting half the tricks it can pull.
  2. Maybe now they can blame it on the Canada Post strikes
  3. ManateeX

    Palaptine and Force Lightning

    Despite their having the same name, these are pretty clearly two different abilities. I'd say that you should be allowed to use both in one turn.
  4. ManateeX

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    Haha yes they did!
  5. ManateeX

    What's the deal with Drokkatta?

    What, you mean you guys didn't immediately notice the fact that she had the bumpy female version of twi'lek ears instead of the normal male ones?
  6. I teetered on that too, but for me it came back to the Nal Hutta example above. In example 16 on the bottom of page 26 of the RRG it seems to spell it out pretty clearly that you can't get line of sight from one of these corners. With that said, I'd love to see a ruling go the other way since for skirmish purposes it's really, really annoying to have that safe zone for mobile figures up there What gets me is that the two rules make for an odd situation where if you're standing on the impassable section and targeting the middle, you are adjacent since that figure is on blocking terrain but you wouldn't be adjacent if that middle space was not blocking terrain.
  7. Sorry, it's the big swampy tile in the lower-centre of this map here with the two spaces of blocking terrain diagonally next to one another: So to recap, what I'm understanding is that if another figure with mobile/massive is on one of the other spaces next to the centre one on Lothal (either another blocking space OR one of the impassible ones) then those two figures (not spaces) are considered adjacent and can thus target each other for attacks, draw line of sight and count spaces. This is because a figure standing next to a mobile figure on blocking terrain is always considered adjacent to that figure. A figure on any other space has no way to draw LoS or count spaces to Sabine, nor can Sabine draw LoS or count spaces to them, because of the intersection of the two blocking terrain spaces that Sabine is not standing on. And thanks for your help!
  8. On the new Lothal map there's a tile that has a "cross" of blocking terrain, with impassable terrain at each corner. You can partially see it at the right of this image: I'm also going to be referencing the tile shown here from the old Nal Hutta map: First, I'll start with some statements that I'm reasonably certain of: On the Nal Hutta map, if two figures were each standing on opposite sides of the blocking terrain intersection such that their corners were touching, they would not be adjacent. On the Nal Hutta map, those two figures could not count spaces to one another through that corner and would thus be considered to be three spaces away from one another. If a mobile figure is standing on blocking terrain, you can both draw line of sight and count spaces to that figure as long as nothing else is blocking you. If you are in a space next to a mobile figure who is standing on blocking terrain, you are considered adjacent to that figure but not adjacent to the space that it is on. So with all that out of the way, I've got a few questions pertaining to a mobile figure sitting right in the middle of that cross of blocking terrain on the Lothal map. From here on out I'm just going to call that figure "Sabine" as a shorthand. 1) Is there any way for a non-mobile/massive figure to count spaces to Sabine? Or does the "corner" where the two blocking terrain edges meet prevent that? If they can count spaces, what in the rules distinguishes this case from the Nal Hutta one shown above? 2) If Sabine is in the middle space and another mobile figure is on one of the other blocking terrain spaces (i.e. orthogonality adjacent in the non-IA sense of the word) then I suspect those two figures are adjacent to one another. But if the mobile figure is in one of the impassible terrain spaces (i.e. diagonally adjacent, in the non-IA sense), are the two figures still adjacent to one another? Again, if so, what distinguishes this from the Nal Hutta example? 3) Can Sabine draw line of sight from her space in the middle of the cross to another figure sitting outside the cross in a regular space (say the other figure is one space to the right and two spaces down from Sabine). Once again, if so, what distinguishes this from the Nal Hutta example? I'm just going to go ahead and tag @a1bert now, but anybody who wants to chime in can feel free
  9. I'm allllll about the bantha. Crush -> Stampede -> Trample -> Jundland -> do-it-all-again-to-start-the-next-turn is just such a fantastically fun thing to do to your opponent's army, and it's also great watching them try to react to the huge furry elephant that's about to be running through their forces. As for the other half of the bantha games where you don't draw the cards you need and your behemoth does three damage and then goes down in a hail of blaster fire... I prefer not to comment
  10. I've always really liked playing Varena when I've had a chance. My favourite match was taking her to a casual store tournament and watching my opponent set out his figures... a rancor, another rancor, and Vader. If you want to get through the Dark Lord's defense in a hurry, just steal his lightsaber. The "stop hitting yourself" imagery when using a rancor's attack against itself was fun for me as well.
  11. ManateeX

    Unplayable figures...

    Oh for sure that's why he went the other way, but unfortunately the end result was the same. The e-web was too slow to factor into the objective game, so we basically ended up with a brawl elsewhere on the map with my side at a 6 point handicap. I mean there were some games in that tournament where he factored in more than that, but even then if he's somewhere that the opponent really needs to be he's just not hard enough for the newer skirmish pieces to take down. If you really want to get depressed about the elite e-web, just compare his stats to the AT-DP for one point more. Same dice, same defense, comparable surges (just missing recover), +1 damage and a reroll, more than double the health, and no restriction on moving and shooting. The poor engineer is just so, so far behind the curve.
  12. ManateeX

    Unplayable figures...

    First off, that tourney sounds awesome! And secondly, I can't agree more with this. We played an online tournament with @cnemmick's fixes for the various underpowered cards, and I wanted so badly for the e-web to work. He changed the card so that you could deploy it up to six spaces away from your deployment zone, letting you set it up a bit to try to bring it into the game more. That sounded like a really cool fix to me! But, even with that, the opponent STILL managed to just move the other way on half of the maps and he just ended up being wasted points just sitting there. It's too bad, because I really love the idea behind the unit.
  13. In a related question, Lola's weakness "Crisis of Identity" instructs you to discard all cards that you control of your current role. Does this mean that I don't need to throw out the cards from my hand/deck, just the ones from my play area?
  14. ManateeX

    Wrapping my head around Under Duress

    I'm trying to remember from a year ago, but basically I think it was something like: IG-88 w FotK Jabba Chopper 2x eJawa 4x rJawa First Strike Under Duress ... some other one point upgrade, not sure. Black market maybe? I sat down against it and thought "wow, this is going to be a weird game but it shouldn't be too bad". And it started that way... but as the game went on, every single card in his deck either gave me strain or gave him victory points. I had to read half of them as he pulled them out, having never seen them before. The play of the game came after I thought the game was pretty much over. IG was dead, chopper was dead, most of his jawas were dead and I still had most of my army left without much damage on them. At the start of the round I was leading something like 38 - 29. That's when he played Chaotic Force (I bet you had to go read the wording on that one ). We each chose three figures from the other side, and then he rolled a 3 on the accuracy result - meaning I had nine total strain to give out, throwing away two cards at a time if I wanted to mitigate. By that point I was almost out of cards, so I was left with a dead smuggler, a dead C3P0 (celebration!) and I had just enough cards to keep a ranger alive with one health left. That one move gave him a 10-point swing, bringing him to 39 points - and if I'd had one fewer card and my ranger had taken one more damage, it would have won him the game. On my first activation of the next turn I was able to hit Jabba with a focused Ranger from ten spaces away, playing Assassinate and pulling out the win. Just a crazy game.
  15. ManateeX

    Wrapping my head around Under Duress

    Was that the guy who brought IG, chopper, 6 Jawas and first strike (of all things!)? That was an awesome list - by far my favourite match of the day.