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  1. ManateeX

    Jet Trooper "Jets"

    I'll put my answer in spoilers as well, based on giving away the mechanics of the Jabba's Realm mission in question. It's a bit of a confusing way to write it, but I guess they were going for something that was both concise and technical (to please all the rules lawyers out there )
  2. ManateeX

    Tabletop Admiral updates and feedback

    @werdnaegni Just a minor issue: if you take Cross-Training in an imperial list but have no other spies, the spy command cards like Strategic Shift seem to be filtered out. And thanks once again for making and maintaining such an awesome tool!
  3. In all honesty I don't doubt that there will be more to come (in fact we know for sure there will be more app content) but I wouldn't be surprised to see a pretty substantial break before the next announcement. But who knows - a smaller wave of figure packs, for example, could probably make it through the development cycle relatively quickly (as these things go) and we might hear something sooner than I expect. I certainly hope so!
  4. ManateeX

    Line of Sight Calculator thread

    Hah! That's pretty funny, but no, it's not a bug.
  5. Fantastic work! I figure these will be the last figures I paint, since it's so difficult to make black on black look anything but boring. You've certainly managed it here, though! Side note: Even after staring at the figures, I still couldn't tell whether the glare on their helmets was painted or was from an actual light source. The only way I eventually figured it out was by noticing that the 'source' is coming from a different angle on the second figure. Seriously, well done!
  6. ManateeX

    Biv's advance and adjacent space

    Surprisingly... yes? Hahaha my instinct wants to say no so badly, since it seems so counter to the way things usually move, but I think you've found something here. Both of those spaces contain adjacent hostile figures, and since you are "placing" Biv you don't need to worry about any other movement rules. I'd say you're good to go!
  7. ManateeX

    Overrun Clarification

    There are two activations, the group activation and each figure's activation within the group (see Jyn's hair trigger for an example of an ability that triggers on the latter). In this case, the card is played by a jet trooper figure and "your" activation refers to the activation of the figure you play the card on. So the card only applies to one trooper.
  8. ManateeX

    Just started skirmish- first impressions

    @MarekMandalore I've played some games at home making both decks, and for things like Negation I just proxy it by using another card that I know nobody is going to use. Like I'll take Diala's command card or something (when nobody is using Diala), and for that game we just both know that that card is Negation. On the one hand it adds one more thing to remember, but on the other hand you don't need to worry about sleeving/printing/etc.
  9. Close. The bounty tokens persist throughout the campaign, from mission to mission. So to start the first mission, everyone gets a token. Say during the mission, Onar, Fenn and Shyla get wounded and lose their tokens - next mission, only Diala starts with a token. That mission Onar gets wounded (didn't have a token) and then Diala (loses hers). Now nobody has a token, so all four get new ones right away. Hope that helps!
  10. ManateeX

    Updated Rebel Sab and Royal Guard cards

    People who play skirmish competitively can use whatever card version they have, too. It doesn't change the fact that people want to play with a card that has the correct text. Again, this isn't a huge issue (and it's also not one that I personally care about, since I'm okay to use the original card and just remember the changes) but I can definitely see where people are coming from.
  11. ManateeX

    Updated Rebel Sab and Royal Guard cards

    Looking at the divide in opinions here, it seems that there's a pretty clear split between those who play skirmish and those who play campaign. I think that in itself is a pretty big indicator: the solution that they came up with is great for people who play skirmish, not so great for people who play campaign. For people who have no access to, or interest in, skirmish tournaments, their only options are to print out the cards themselves or to get them on e-bay. And even if they do go out of their way to do that, neither of those solutions is particularly great for a campaign player since the cards end up being a) of lower quality or b) double-sided. Since your reserved groups are meant to be hidden information, both of these can cause a bit of an issue unless you go through the additional trouble (and cost) of sleeving your cards. Now obviously this isn't the end of the world, and I don't think that anybody in this thread is really claiming otherwise. Nobody is writing their MP/congressman about this, they're just posting a short complaint on a forum that FFG specifically created for discussion about the game. Makes sense to me.
  12. ManateeX

    Just started skirmish- first impressions

    And the best news is that most of the best 0-cost cards, including the ones that Isnigu mentioned, come in the core box and come in duplicate, meaning that you should be able to include them in both lists even if you're building for two.
  13. ManateeX

    Quick Temptation Question

    Yeah, the key concept (which is very, very easy to miss when reading the rules!) is that Threat Level and Threat are different things. Threat level is constant for the mission (in all but a few weird missions that specify otherwise), whereas threat is the currency that the imperial spends throughout the mission.
  14. For the record, I've never had a problem taking off any missed mold lines after the primer/base coat was on (you'll just obviously have to paint over them again with the same base coat colour). I'm definitely on the amateur side of painting, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but it might be easier than hunting down a product and then starting all over again.