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  1. ManateeX

    IA on a limited budget

    If there's a dividing line for IA skirmish, it was definitely the release of the Jabba's realm box. The figures/cards in that box really set a new power level that we've been working under ever since its release, and very few figures from before that ever get played competitively (with a few exceptions like Gideon/C3P0/R2/Greedo/the characters that got card fixes). So usually if someone was looking to get into organized play skirmish I would give the same advice as Trevize above: get Jabba's realm, heart of the empire, tyrants of lothal, and whatever blisters from those waves look interesting. From the sounds of it, though, you're only ever going to be looking to play with you and your son at home. If that's the case, I'd almost be tempted to point you in the exact opposite direction. If one player is playing the mercenary figures from Jabba's realm and the other is playing with core stuff, it's going to be a really one-sided fight. You'd probably be better off getting blister packs from before then (Leia, Bossk, Grand Inquisitor, Obi-Wan, honestly whatever looks fun) and playing with those. And to answer your other question, I would definitely ignore the stormtrooper pack on your first run through. It has a few useful command cards, but nothing necessary and you'll definitely get more bang for your buck elsewhere. From a strictly competitive standpoint it does give you a second elite stormtrooper card (which is a good card in the core meta) but honestly if you're playing at home it's easy enough to just pretend you have two anyway. TL;DR If you think you might ever get into competitive/organized play, buy Jabba's Realm, Heart of the Empire, and Lothal stuff. If you want something for fun at home that's more balanced against the core, buy stuff released before Jabba's Realm.
  2. ManateeX

    Star Wars Resistance

    Hahaha now I'm reading the IMDB page for that show, only to discover that the villain in some of the episodes was named "Kybo Ren". Hmmmmm.... maybe we've been looking for episode IX spoilers in the wrong places....
  3. ManateeX

    Star Wars Resistance

    If we're assuming that what we grew up watching is the best... well, let's just say I don't know if I can completely agree with that in my case
  4. ManateeX

    New maps and new article?

    Hrmph. Complete, this game is not. Missing one crucial figure, it is.
  5. ManateeX

    Excited for World's

    This is my first time going to any kind of big event like this, so I'm just really looking forward to the general atmosphere of it all. I've already resigned myself to the fact that I'm likely going to get cut up by Spectre, so I'm just going with the goal of having a good time - if I win a game or two that's a bonus
  6. ManateeX

    New map announced.. Ewoks?!

    That's where I'm at with this, too. I mean, FFG's gonna FFG, but I've got to believe that even their marketing department wouldn't be tone-deaf enough to release this if there were no plans to eventually release a corresponding expansion. I mean I don't think I've see an IA forum/facebook page/etc. in a few months where the most talked about comments aren't some variation of "IS THIS GAME DED?". If there's nothing else coming, rubbing this sort of salt on fans' wounds would be a new level of cold. With that said, I'm still not convinced that there's anything immediately forthcoming like there was last time with CT/Thrawn. The fact that we're getting an old map - and not a new one like we saw in that case - makes me thing that there's nothing imminent. But, even more so than before, I'd be very surprised now if they don't eventually release another box.
  7. ManateeX

    Yoda, Yay or Nay

    I would love a Yoda figure. Big "yay" for me. With that said, I don't think that I would ever say "nay" to anything. I had no idea who 000 and BT1 were when they were announced, but it doesn't make them any less fun to play with. Sure it doesn't make a lot of sense for palp to be out fighting wookiee warriors, but I can 1) choose to not care about that, or 2) choose not to buy it/play with that figure if I do care about it.
  8. ManateeX

    TS campaign suggestions

    I like this idea. It's a bit harder to do in Twin Shadows since you don't get side missions, but I think there are a few agenda sets (Grand Inquisitor's and Greedo's off the top of my head) that let you bring in the villains as a one-time thing without having to permanently earn them.
  9. ManateeX

    Rancorzillo (suggestions welcome)

    Haha no, that was somebody local here in Halifax
  10. ManateeX

    TS campaign suggestions

    What expansions/options do you have? If you have jabba's realm and a villain pack or two, I don't think you can go wrong with the Nemeses class deck. Lots of thematic star wars fun to get to have a few recurring villains show up in your campaign mission.
  11. The last eight maps have been from (I think I have the order right) Obi-Wan, Jabba, Alliance Rangers, Jawa, Ahsokha, BT-1 and 000, Lothal Box, Maul. While it seems like they definitely trend towards the latest expansions, they do go back a wave or two every now and again. They have never rotated one back in. So there are definitely lots of options left to go from the most recent expansions, and literally dozens of choices left going back to the earlier waves. The big thing with competitive skirmish maps, though, is that you generally want them to have a more-or-less even chance for both sides (and to not favour one type of list TOO too much). Another issue for competitive play is that you don't want maps that are super random. Something like "pick a colour and whatever figure is closest to that token is pulled into the sarlaac pit!" would be fantastic for making great stories/moments when you're playing with your friends at home, but would be really frustrating for the player who booked tickets/flights/hotel to travel across the country for a world championship only to see their Vader unceremoniously eaten by a sand monster
  12. ManateeX

    Maul Map Rotates In

    I haven't played on it yet, but I think you're right on. There are lots and lots of little hidey holes for melee figures to get up close without exposing themselves. The reason I'm so sad for Rangers is that it's tough to even find a place on the map that's 5 spaces away from another with line of sight, let alone have your opponent set themselves up to get shot there.
  13. ManateeX

    Maul Map Rotates In

    We've definitely had map changes close to worlds before (from memory it was jabba, uscru in the last two). In fact this is more notice than they usually give. But I think he meant this is the first time we've had two of the three maps change so close to worlds (Lothal and now this new one). For the vast majority of players, only one map will be the same between their regional and worlds. Personally I don't hate it, since I find that map rotation keeps things fresh and there's still lots of time before the competition. On the other hand, I DO hate it because the new map gives Spectre Cell players so many ways to sneak up on my rangers
  14. ManateeX

    Best figure for cost for every cost

    I'd probably put regular riot troopers at the top of my 5-pt slot Edit: And they probably don't beat IG, but eRangers deserve an honourable mention @ 12
  15. In case you missed the non-announcement, the Maul map is rotating in and Uscru is out, as of next Monday https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/87/bd/87bd414e-6ed9-480c-81d9-049978b60c76/swi_tournament_regulations_v34_text_version.pdf