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  1. Thanks! I used this basic shirt top: I had to do a little bit of green stuff work for the brooch, and then the pleats and seams were just painted on.
  2. Forgot to share Finn from a few months ago, completing our Forgotten Age party.
  3. Almost all of Jabba's Realm in preparation for the APP campaign. Can't find Shyla atm, but I'm sure she's about here somewhere:
  4. Weequays and Gamorreans Adding these on a mobile device so sorry if they come out a crazy size...
  5. New minis! Father Mateo and Carolyn Fern
  6. I use marking on the top of the base, and try to theme them a little bit so they don't look overly 'functional'.
  7. It's been a while since I painted any IA, but after seeing Solo, I was inspired to paint some scum heroes:
  8. I haven’t painted much recently, but I managed to get my Rancor done today. Really enjoyed painting this as the skin is so well textured. Managed to do almost everything with washes. Aside from priming, this took me about 90 minutes. There are lots of things that I could have done better, but this guy may only get 2 or 3 uses tops in campaign so I felt this was enough.
  9. Done with heavies and tuskens. Nice to get a whole box worth of imperial figures out of the way quickly. Next stop: Jabba’s Realm.
  10. I felt I just had to come here to say how much I haaaaaaaate painting stormtroopers. But, I had a good session speed-painting some heavies and tusken raiders tonight so I should have some more minis to post soon. I’ve started to learn to pick my battles a bit better now - not wasting my time trying to get basic mooks look just right when they’re hardly going to be looked at. My collection is definitely growing faster than my painting is keeping up...
  11. I did mine black for the generics as stormtrooper officers and grey for the elite:
  12. Also managed to get Davith done. Productive weekend.
  13. Got onto a bit of a minor roll and manage to get Murne Rin done too.
  14. BT-1 and 0-0-0. I'd put these guys' mission into my agenda deck because of their nice, low deployment costs, but I've never read the comics so didn't have enough of a connection to the characters to want to paint them. However, I didn't want to get to a point in our campaign where I drew their mission and we had to play with unpainted minis, so I bashed these out as quickly as I could. Only spent a couple of hours on the pair of them but I'm really surprised how they turned out. Amazing what some drybrushing and washes can do. I did miss out a few details on BT-1 since I was pressed for time and was only working from a picture of his top half. Might go back and put those in later, but he works on the tabletop now at least.
  15. Sure: http://www.heroforge.com/load_config=1178561