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  1. I'm halfway in the campaign playing solo. Im having a blast. The story is amazing ... BUT I can feel that I will not be replaying this anytime soon. The Village book might have a lot of replayability based on what you do on which day. However it suffers from scripted events in the village that you cannot avoid (i.e. the first time you visit X , read Y ). The problem is amplified in the major quests. They do not have much replayability. The variation of decisions aren't that impactful. They, more or less, lead to the same outcome but with slightly different routes. ( Kill X throwing bomb / Kill X silently with knife ; in the end X will be killed ).
  2. This is fine. you can add combat medic to heal the villains in the final mission.
  3. All the support and success to you and this project. I, too, can't wait to try it out with my group (& give constructive feedback if needed).
  4. I will share my Vinto Build. I haven't tried them, Just theory crafting for now. Build 1: Single Target Dmg Dealer (12xp) : Shot on the Run, Merciless, Dead on, Rapid Fire. ( Pretty straight Forward ) Build 2: Multi-target Cleanup + Reroll (12xp) : Shot on the Run, Rapid Fire, Dead On, Sharp Shooter, Battlefield Endurance. ( Positioning and Knowing when to act is Key , Otherwise the build will seem very weak. This is very effective against the 3 to 5 hp imperial units in initial deployment) Build 3: Flexibility of Attacks (11xp) : Shot on the Run, Merciless, Off-hand Blaster, Pin Point Shot, Battlefield Endurance. [This is the build I am most interested in trying. you will start out as a single target damage dealer build. But you will shine after you acquire Off-hand Blaster. The idea is, at two thirds of the campaign, you can be very flexible in your decisions. Either you can go Hard on a single target with merciless OR you can make 3 medium attacks with bolt slinger, 1) 1 normal attack with a proper gun that passes 5 dmg after block > trigger boltslinger ~ 1 dmg, 2) Off-Hand Blaster + Merciless ~4dmg > Trigger boltslinger 1dmg, 3) Normal attack action 5dmg > boltslinger ~1dmg]
  5. Also, the blaster glints while tapping damage hits are a nice touch.
  6. Feed: At the start or end of your activation, you may choose another friendly figure within 2 spaces. Recover (damage) equal to its health minus the (damage) it has suffered. That figure is defeated. As it reads, you may only feed once per round. If they intended for Rancor to feed twice, they would have written it "At the start and end of your activation, you may.... "
  7. There is a special place in **** for you....
  8. I have been waiting in anticipation for this for too long!
  9. When you do you foresee we get an unofficial copy of this app ?
  10. Well Played , Ace_of_spades.... Well Played....
  11. I'm not saying Loku is a bad character, nor a good one. His +2 accuracy kit is designed for sniping, yet his abilities are more of a support/utility in nature which don't impact the board immediately; they don't synergize together and that's where the problem lies. He will be outclasses by other damage dealers. He can always take the role of support/utility/insight-objective-runner but for the same reasons stated, he will be outclassed by other support heroes. If i were to play him, i will definitely use him as utility/damage hybrid, a more aggressive MHD-19 in a way. His moment to shine is in early to mid campaign thanks to 1) his ability to pick up a crate for free (1xp Card) and 2) add extra damage to high hp units when the group doesn't have strong Tier 2 weapons yet. As stated many times earlier, the latter also helps with final boss missions.
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