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  1. Keep getting this bug when I bump Oycunn and move to engagement phase. Need player1 and pilot skill 13.
  2. More features: * When you hover over a game keyword or action symbol, get a float box telling you the current errataed version of the text or give you a hyperlink to the rule (i.e. hover over the barrel roll icon, give you a link to a barrel roll rule page or pop a floater that explains barrel rolls) * When selecting a condition enabling upgrade card, give an option to show the condition card as well apart from the initial card (i.e. Informant to also show Listening Device)
  3. Many of the things previously mentioned and also * Option to print with more details (dial, card text, colours) * Option to export as text (to use with chat clients like FB messenger and whatsapp) * Number of available cards visible on selection (taking into account collection)
  4. Collection does not allow to enter models held by 1st edition and is not taken into account when list building (i.e. I can select 5 alpha stars even if the conversion pack has only 3). Not sure if this is a bug or a feature that is missing, but I assume the collection tab is there so that it can be taken into account?
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