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  1. Also, we are all kind of expecting the forums to stop working at some point? Facebook and maybe discords seem to be ticking up in popularity because they won’t be affected by this Asmodee internal shuffling.
  2. I kinda thought that they didn’t really have aces in hyperspace before, you just can’t pretend now. Duchess, Vader with no afterburners, Maarek? Mauler Mithel? Vermeil?
  3. They have all the limited pilots for /ln and reaper, no generics. Everything else is generic.
  4. Also, you can fit six mining guild ties with (murloc noise) closure next to Teroch? I think I got my starting point!
  5. Defenders seem like they may be hyperspace warping, but between that and what looks to be pretty limited force the inclusion of old Teroch has got me
  6. I really like Kulani with Nantex. Getting them a lock at the cost of stress is good and fun, and makes the fight against lower initiative more of a thinking puzzle and is more straightforward against high initiative, smoothing out how hard games can be with them. If you can pull off the target lock for a stress then blue maneuver to clear it while still getting a shot on them, it feels really good. I’m not even averaging that once a game, though maybe I’m playing people who know not to fly into their bullseye before they move? Knowing when to pick a blue maneuver because they might fly into the bullseye before you move, but still having a good enough maneuver to shoot them is my new thing to work on (until new Black Friday ships, probably).
  7. There might be a feedback loop right now happening where there are some three agility stuff on the cheap side of the bell curve, but they all have two die guns which makes the three agility an even better call, and repeat. In terms of things that show up in higher ship counts, I’m not positive, but I’m looking at scyks, TIE/fo, rz2s, barons of the empire?, jedi knights?, Nantex? and I don’t think it’s a mistake to take any of them. Other things that seem good and break the pattern are Wookiees and Fangs and maybe /sf I guess. (And anything next to Sloane). edit: weirdly (not weirdly) in that list every ship has a way to boost offense. Cannons, Xi, optics, Missile/sloane, CLT, and bullseye respectively.
  8. Generics probably need a points bump to differentiate them a little, they all got compressed into narrow windows it feels like. Everything else needs a bump too, because it feels decently close on mook/named balance.
  9. I think I’m in on 5A against 5 Nantex? The six was brutal because you couldn’t trade up, all the a-wings cost more. In theory some of your As should be under 39 and you can trade up again? Merl isn’t there for the Nantex matchup, and there is no world where he is worse than the identically costed generic.
  10. I think Rey has been showing up pretty regularly when extended gets played? I don’t think anything significant has changed for the ship outside of not really having hyperspace events.
  11. What do Boba, Nantex, and rz2s have in common? My theory is they can pretty much always shoot, and some games they just feel unkillable. If they only have one of those things (like games where their greens are uncooperative, or the lower init ones keep guessing wrong on turret direction) they feel pretty okay. Otherwise they aren’t very fun, and mostly because it feels like a wall you can’t get over or a swamp you can’t slog through, depending on what you brought. That being said, I’ll still play with or against them any time, they are only unfun by comparison.
  12. Honestly I think five rz2s still don’t like Nantex. They can’t trade with six i3s, or they are starting on the back foot. I’m not convinced they are gone yet, though people will bandwagon away from them. Craig TIE doesn’t like Nantex much either, a red barrel roll and a medium base means you are gonna get bullseyed. I don’t think people will play Nantex anymore, because they cost more now and must be bad, also leftover stigma. But I still rate them quite highly. edit: and I still have no good sense of when people are talking hyperspace or extended. I still think about hyperspace first, so I double take when some mentions Wookiees.
  13. God help me if I end up playing extended it’s going to be four i5 rz2s with Heroic, slash, and proton rockets. Zizi can have optics I guess. Fifth awing is for cowards.
  14. Taking up a lot of room will be good, tempting me into ruthless again will help counteract that? Please y’all talk me out of four thicc bois and ruthless duchess.
  15. Aren’t they a closest comparison to Scyks? 2 attack, 3 agility, 4 hp. I expect the cheapest generic to be 28 or less, for sure. edit: they are going to probably fill very similar list building spots as torrents.
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