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  1. I guess I’m saying I would pay more for afterburners on an academy than a black squadron, but even more for it on Vader. Something like i0/1/2/3/4/5/6 costing 5/4/3/4/5/6/7 seems pretty close to playable at all levels?
  2. I would 100% take afterburners on academy pilots if it was initiative scaled. It is good at very low and high initiatives, so it would probably need a weird curve of cost and they have only done linear or slightly multiplicative costs so far.
  3. I tried the eight vultures at adepticon hyperspace, just to see how it went. They have a very good opening salvo, but by the time I was down to about four everything just collapsed. They seem to need a critical mass or a wingman that can close or both.
  4. Seven scyk guy was from the future. He just had the wrong cannons.
  5. Re: Grand Galactic Inquisitor v L’ulo: I would take L’ulo at the same point cost if force wasn’t a factor. Is two force points (and I guess a force slot over two talents) really worth ~18 points? The first is probably worth a solid 10 but you get diminishing returns. I think everybody is already on board with L’ulo ticking up and Grand Inquisitor ticking down slightly, I don’t think that is controversial?
  6. I really think trade federation drones have trouble with beef, and separatist drones have a nice snack. Does that correspond to both your points? edit: I guess I’m thinking of wordless beef.
  7. I got caught in a Guri off tonight. Rhetorically: what can I throw out? We need to go lighter. Virago isn’t worth more than 10 points of bid, and that is a sane and rational decision.
  8. How to cheat with Pre-Movement Reposition: the basics Touched on above, premovement cheating 101: set up at 45 degrees in your corner across from their list. Turn 1 dial in your fastest straight. If they charge at you and you don't want to joust, preboost so that straight is across your board edge. If they turn away preboost so that straight is rapidly up and in behind them. Premovement cheating 201: 101 gave the narrow concept, now the general. If you can change your facing before executing your maneuver then the faster the maneuver you pick the farther apart your ending options are. A 1 straight will probably still get you caught in the same range three arc no matter how you preposition. The faster you go the bigger the difference in ending places and the easier it is to see the better options. Get used to that first, then start trying the slower moves. Premovement 301: Always try to dial something that gives the most options. Generally it is bad to force yourself to pre-position, because that is predictable and predictable is dead. Dial in something you can just do, but pre-position if they move for the block or you can arc dodge. Generally premovement burns a resource, whether force or later dice-modding actions. They are insurance and surprises and tricks, but don't be so impressed with dodging arcs that you forget to get mods or even shots. Edit: crossover point: arc dodging doesn't always mean getting outside of range three or to the side. Getting blocked is dodging the arc of the ship you are touching. Not shooting a cloaked dooku is dodging his arc, because you don't let him shrug the cloak and then he can't shoot. Blocking decloak options during the system phase is arc dodging, because any cloaked ship can't shoot. Fighting pre-positioners: options: mob them. If you are in the space in front of them, they can't pre-boost. If you move in next to them, they can't pre-roll that way. If you get them stressed (ouside of primed thrusters) they are on the ropes. Also, they are generally expensive without huge amounts of offense. Force them to use those pre-positionings, because it generally burns a resource. Kill their buddies while being just threatening enough to keep them honest, then hope you have enough arcs to corral them or enough points that they run out of time.
  9. Designing Openers with Preset Options: The basics The lower initiative ships you have in a list, the more you have to be proactive in your setup. They who places first sets the trap, they who places second avoids the trap. It is always worth it to have a set up in mind, because you may eventually play against Han Wedge with a bigger bid than you. Rule #1: You may use any of your templates within range one of your board edge. Use your range two ruler to get exactly to the edge of rocks in the alley. If your edge is just inside range two from the board edge, you can go straight as quick as you want and not hit an obstacle. Use your one bank against a range one ruler if you want to set up at a 45 degree angle. Use your three bank with both corners touching the mat edge if you want to experiment with 22.5 degrees. Setting up with your butt in the corner at a perfect 45 gives you the option to turn up the board or across the board with a bank. This is especially valuable with high initiative advance sensors boosts or supernatural reflexes because you can dial your fastest straight and charge in behind/run away as hard as you can reactively. This is also great when setting up first so your palp shuttle doesn't get forced into a joust it doesn't want (this is an example from first edition, the concept is still relevant). The faster your ships are the more spread out you can be. Y-wings and B-wings better be no farther than corner to midpoint, or they will get isolated. A wings, interceptors, and fangs can start in opposite corners and you can probably make it work with speed. It is worth it to premeasure a few rock placements that look awkward but you have a way around. For example, a big rock at two from the side, no more than range four from your edge: If you set a small base ship up with your range one ruler against the mat edge and the ship against it, all the way forward you can five straight boost in, and the next maneuver all straights should get you just past that rock. Pre-count some rule off 11. If you fly something without a 1 straight (vultures) that want to shoot at range three (energy shell charges) and your opponent brings b wings or y wings: set up one straight back from the front edge of your deployment. This makes it a rule of 12 instead of 11, so you can take the 2 straight, then second move if they had 3 straight you can 2 again, or +1 for each speed slower than 3 they took. Instant range three, every time, even if you are moving first. If you are flying box formations, you have to offset the front and back rows about edge to nubs to avoid bumping corners on banks. Practice that formation before tournament day. Committing last is one of the best ways to get an edge. Set up to give your self options, set up at high initiative values, or cheat and set up last with boba fett crew.
  10. Arc dodging Dooku is weird. Plan for the decloak and if he stays cloaked, don’t shoot him. Arc dodged.
  11. I don’t know how basic you want to go, but there is a clear and distinct line (that most people don’t notice) between “this thing has done well this many times at this rate” and “this thing has done well and is good.” We still don’t know if Kassis Trelix is good, and we can’t really know, but we know it hasn’t succeeded and no one has tried. We can infer he is bad, but that is theoretical. We theoretically know L’ulo is the best Rz-2. Data tells us Zari has a better conversion rate. We can attempt to reconcile that with more theory: people tend to fit L’ulo into more lists (which can be bad) where Zari really only shows up in 5 a-wings (which is definitely decent or better). Did you guys ever talk about the UK national soccer stats errors? Some guy noticed that the higher the number of passes the more likely they were to score, so they spent decades trying to pass a bunch, not realizing more passes correlated with not turning the ball over. He did the effort to collect the data, drew the wrong conclusion (even though the stats supported it) and everyone just went with it.
  12. Looks like I barely squeaked past you, 226th!
  13. They told us to take a picture of our rocks because they had no way to record them, when you went to “update list” it gave xws, text, photo, but didn’t warn you anything you upload (no matter which category) overwrites anything you had previously. Dank.
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