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  1. I think I try to be red in the bottom row third over, but I end up green in the bottom right corner far too often.
  2. I assume because k-2so is a cheaper force point for dash, while outrider mitigates the stress. But I don’t want to play it or against it, so I’m not going to think about it harder than that.
  3. That math messed me up in statistics class. If you have a test that is 99% accurate and a disease that affects 1/1000 people, then test 1,000,000 people: 1000 true illness, approx 10 test negative. 10000 false positives. So even if you test positive you only have about a ~10% chance to actually have it, but testing negative is pretty darn safe.
  4. What does a well flown Boba Fenn look like? I want to get some practice against it, but I don’t really know what it even should be doing. I’ve heard keep them together, but that seems a little counter intuitive? I assume they bring clouds. Boba goes and hugs stuff and/or plays legion and doesn’t kill his last buddy for the rerolls?
  5. I guess I was thinking about Brunas’ description when I said tricking. Seven stripey boi vultures all on a single peg is way different than this one on one peg has no struts, the brown ones have discords, and the two peg ones have struts. One peg makes it harder to read numbers, random non-sequential numbers make it harder to track health, and slows the game down. All allowed, but I’d vote unsporting. Doesn’t mean you can’t or even shouldn’t, but when I see it there’s a little feels bad man. To tie it back, no one will ever have to pause the game to ask “which ones have struts again?” if struts are 0, and then the balancing and squad building with Vultures just has to be one variable.
  6. I won my way into one of my few cuts because my opponent forgot my b-wing had a hull upgrade and he hadn’t scored half yet. It felt really bad. I’d rather be a 3-3 or 4-2 player in fun, cordial games than 5-1 by tricking people or “gamesmanship”. I think Travis has a similar mindset, just +1 win in each category and a podcast?
  7. I’m very much same team. Not taking struts also gives me the option of gas clouds again. If they are getting dropped to make room at one point, they are just getting dropped more often or entirely at more than one point.
  8. Any chance you will be at Adepticon? I got a silver one you can probably just have. I have a weird preference for the three with buzz droids being gold, but I picked up five silvers for the full 8 and I’m never going to fly 8 drones again, I’m pretty sure.
  9. Probably not, tbh. My initial thought was the worlds final. When Vader was in the bad spot, I turned to the guy next to me and said “if he can take wedge with him, whisper can solo the rest”. Oil was down on points, but had 90 minutes to close and he did. Does he win that game at 75 minutes? I mean, probably, he got there, but it looks a lot worse.
  10. I’m still trying to look at it from a different perspective. Don’t care if it’s a problem or not, just how the game is. Ace miniswarm can’t really use the tactic of “throw swarm at them, then ace cleans up” because you run out of time in between “them” and “then”. That means the ace needs to be more of a punchy flanker than a late game closer? Thesis statement: This should be influencing list building and tactics more than it currently is.
  11. I agree, but I’m looking to be constructive about it. I’m pretty sure it means we mostly don’t have to worry about late game in list building, theory, or practice? Concentrate on openings, opening engagements, and maybe some mid game and you should be good to go? Coffee is for closers, but closers are for untimed games.
  12. Everyone seems grumpy about number of rounds and going to time. Has anyone really talked about how that could influence list building? I internally groan every time someone talks about needing to bring a late game closer. How often are we really getting to late game, much less having a bunch of time there to close? I would have thought “alpha and run out of time before they can claw back” or “trade up early” or “win the joust” are all much better strategies. I’ve been trying to force my way to mid game quickly with kamikaze dead man fireballs, and it’s kinda working? Not enough that I really want to bring Poe, but enough that Zizi or something similar can plink to half or finish off the limping ships and probably be ahead on points.
  13. 186 had a good line about heroic recently. Terrible upgrade for a game, pretty good upgrade for a tournament. Mathematically not a huge increase, but the increase is entirely reducing the left side of the bell curve, right? Skews distribution right, or something like that? 📈 I want better stat emojis, it goes from: _/ \_ to / \_, give or take.
  14. I’m pretty sure the extended events at system opens is slightly suspect, people are probably majority practicing hyperspace going into those events and it is more of an afterthought? Not to say it isn’t valuable, but I’d stick an asterisk on it until I get some good correlation.
  15. I’ve been trying to interpret a while, Gang might mean cheapest generic in faction, and squad is a nebulous 28-40 non-unique? It might have something to do with repeating the previous ship too. You can fit four Recruits and a mining guild tie, and I’ve been hearing about ion Scyk x2, tractor Scyk x2, recruit x2 which fit the two respectively?
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