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  1. Haha, I got plenty of use from the soundboard on the official Star Wars site, their individual sound effects for the podrace are pretty comprehensive. Thanks Tarkalion, let me know how you get on with it!
  2. I'm a big fan of the rules for podracers that appeared in the FaD supplement Endless Vigil, but a bit disappointed there weren't any racing rules to accompany them. Recently the players in my game manoeuvred themselves into an excuse for a podrace, so I decided to design a minigame for it myself. Since the race, the players have talked about having enough race even outside the context of the campaign, so I must have done something right! Hope this is useful for anyone in a similar position, happy to answer questions, receive feedback etc. https://michaelduxbury.com/2017/02/23/force-and-destiny-minigame-podracing/
  3. Let's say I have the Misdirect power with the Magnitude upgrade, and me and my buddy come across a bounty hunter at short range. I generate two pips whilst activating the power. Can I spend pips to target the bounty hunter twice, so that he can perceive neither myself nor my buddy?
  4. But even accounting for a D20 bias, Force and Destiny could have counted on a nomination - and the winner is determined by popular vote, not the ENWorld Judges. Surely FFG has a large and passionate enough fanbase that they could have taken a shot at the title, especially in a year without a major D&D or Pathfinder release? Hell, if your problem is the judging pool, even those are elected by popular vote, so perhaps submitting a candidate perceived as less biased would be a solution. I'd actually heard that the Origins Awards were pretty D20 skewed, but Force and Destiny is now the Origins Award winner for 2016 (hooray!). So who knows. I hadn't heard about the disagreement with EotE Beginner Box - do you have a source, or any more details about this? I might ask the Ennies for comment, if I have a bit more to go on.
  5. I dunno if people know (or care about) the Ennies, which is the most prestigious awards show for roleplaying games that happens every year at GenCon. This year, as in previous years, Fantasy Flight Games hasn't submitted any products for the consideration of the Ennies judging panel. Which, to me, is a shame, because I think Force and Destiny is the best new game I played last year, and some degree of recognition for the design team would be deserved. Or am I the only one who care about this kind of thing? I did a bit of digging with the Ennies and Asmodee press departments, and put up a post on my blog about what they had to say (https://michaelduxbury.com/2016/06/17/not-so-crystal-ball-ennies-predictions-and-weirdness/). Short version: no news this year, maybe things will be different next year. But it's weird to me that the Ennies were snubbed, but the Origins Awards weren't for example...
  6. I'm not a fan of Force and Destiny's rules for Morality. For all the reasons people have already said - too easy to become paragon, napping to the light side by not doing anything nice but also not anything explicitly evil, trivial penalties for some pretty evil actions etc. I like the idea of chronicling the "good" actions of PCs as well as their evil ones, as other house rules have implemented. But the idea of measuring every action the PCs take within that framework sounds exhausting, and I'd rather cut down on the amount of mid-session book-keeping than increase it. My solution is to move Morality shifts entirely to the end of the session, and measuring a character's virtue not by every single action they undertake, but by the most prominent actions they take in a session. Anyway, here's the link to what I've got so far. What do people think? http://michaelduxbury.com/2016/02/19/ethical-mathematics-new-rules-for-morality-in-force-and-destiny/
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