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  1. Am I just not getting why Shriv is double the cost of vader and kills less functions?
  2. So with the profundity title, can i place my strategic advisor on the smaller ship and have it still function? The real question here is does the large ship only classification apply to buying the card of the function of the card?
  3. So I get why FCS is so good on Corran but Sensor upgrade makes him so much harder to kill. I like R5-k6 because its FCS with still having the durability of sensor upgrade. So say no to expose what about something cheap like expert handling? Allows him to break those pesky target locks? Just trying to shave points to make the third ship better than it is. Moving on to Poe, why not take integrated astromech over autothrusters? 0 points for a guanteed stay alive versus something situational?
  4. why do you think Expose is that bad? on a high PS pilot like Corran you know if you are going to be hit that turn or not. Turn on Expose and possibly throw 10 dice in one turn of shooting.
  5. Corran Horn (Ewing) R5-K6, Sensor Jammer, Expose and Shield Upgrade(49) Poe Dameron (T-70 xwing) R5-P9, Intergrated Astromech, Cool Hand (35) Bandit Squadron (z95) Advanced Homing Missles (15) 99 points, thoughts on this?
  6. So I've been tooling around with this list last couple of days Corran Horn, R2-D2, sensor jammer, lone wolf (45) Gemmer Sojan, proton rockets (25) prototype pilot, chardaan refit (15) prototype pilot, chardaan refit (15) the idea is i can close to range 1 with the pack of awings on one side and hopefully joust one opponent ship down. Corran runs the other side and takes one ship out keep doing looks or kturns till step 3?
  7. So I'm prepping for my first tournament and here is my list idea. Miranda Doni (Kwing) TLT, shield upgrade, luke skywalker (46) Gemmer Sojan (Awing), A wing test pilot, chardaan refit, veteran insticts (21) Outer Rim Smuggler (YT-1300) C-3PO, Lando Calrissian (33) Thoughts? I really like Miranda because she just kills stuff and luke makes her just that little bit better. I tried the fat han build and its fine but it feels like its missing having a third ship to pick things off, hence Gemmer.
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