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  1. They are losing the license!? Who is picking it up? Who will be making 40k RPGs? T_T And to think I could have bought them all at one point but I held off just because I felt I had time.
  2. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knows an ETA when FFG is planning to reprint the 2nd edition Source books like Enemies Within? Everywhere I go they are sold out. Thanks!
  3. So in the Core Rulebook there is an entry about the existence of a planet called Ralltiir. Page 334 of Core Rulebook. When I search the Galaxy Map on page 330, I do not see a Ralltiir anywhere. Did they not complete the map to leave some of the locations for these planets mentions to the GM's discretion or did they just mess up? Thanks in advance!
  4. Ok so I picked up the GM screen and the adventure module Debts to Pay. One question I have is where is this planet Bargos the Hutt won in his card game? Gavos, at least that is what it reads. The only think I see on the Galaxy Map in the Core Rulebook is Garos in gird square P7. Is there a typo? Is this the planet they were talking about? If not where is this the planet?
  5. Ok ok ok... I think I get this now... Light Repeating Blaster ® 2,250 Rarity of 7 ( Page 160 ) Outer Rim = +2 Corellia = -2 7 = +0 Outer Rim = 7 + 2 = 9 Corellia = 7 - 2 = 5 The item was bought on Corellia where it's easier to find and sold somewhere in the outer rim... First Multiply the cost of the item... 2,250 x By the difference in the item's rarity.. 2,250x... 5 -9 == -4 The difference in rarity is a 4.. 2,250 x 4 = 9,000 x 4 ( because of table 5-3's increased costs when trading, the item in question has a rarity of 7 so it falls into the rarity 4+ slot of the table ) = 36,000 Credits. Then determine the final sell price based on the success rate of the Negotiation/Streetwise check. ex. Player scored one success in this instance so the item is sold for 25% of 36,000 credits equaling out to 9,000. I think I got this now. It just took a lot of re-reading without seeing an example right there in the book to demonstrate this method to the inexperienced GM. This is also just for a single item. There are no rules for multiple items, or discounts for buying in bulk, it's up to the group or GM to calculate this and come to an group consensus on how those situations play out. Loving this book, can't wait to play our first game of Edge of the Empire.
  6. Didn't really answer my question. Anyone else want to give it a shot?
  7. Ok guys so recently I gave this book a once over and I am planning to attempt GMing a game for my friends. I've already done a bunch of mock combat scenarios to try and anticipate the tables I will need so that I can make things run smoothly there. Right now what I am struggling with is Selling and Trading... I've gone over that section on Pages 150-151 and every time I do I am just completely lost. Here is where I am stuck... " However, when determining the sell price based on the success of the Negotiation check( 1x Success = 25% of the items value, 2x = 50%, 3x =75% , etc.),first multiply the cost of the item based on the difference in the item's rarity between where the item was bought and where it's sold, referring to Table 5-2 and Table 5-3: Increased Costs When Trading." - Page 151 Edge of the Empire Core Rule book Let's say the player had a... Light Repeating Blaster ® 2,250 Rarity of 7 ( Page 160 ) First Multiply the cost of the item... 2,250 x By the difference in the item's rarity ???? So how do I do that using the 5-2 Table? Say from a Outer Rim World where it was bought and trying to sell it on a Core World like Corellia? Outer Rim = +2 ( Plus 2 to what? It's rarity? so just because they have a rare item and took it to a core world it's not as rare? ) Corellia = -2 So a item with a rarity of 7 bought on an outer rim world makes that rarity a 9? ( Am I interpreting this correctly? ) and when trying to sell it on Corellia it's a 7? or 5? ( Head hurts ) So is the difference a 4? I just don't get how they want me to use all this info.
  8. 1) Nobody said this new Beginner Box was leading to a new book. 2) Since Force Awakens came out, they also made a "new" X-Wing box set based on the movie. It's the exact same as the original X-Wing starter set, only the paint jobs are a little different. 3) All of this is in an effort to capitalize on the movie popularity and draw more customers. I made an assumption based on the fact they have 3 other beginner games followed by Core books. Maybe your right maybe they won't make a new rulebook for it. Hopefully not.
  9. *Facepalm.... So people were already pissed about not having a single rulebook or Era rulebook with everything for an entire Star Wars experience... But now you are going to come out with a new rulebook based on the new era movie which is out right terrible and not Star Wars? Fantasy Flight do you just love pissing off your customers? Who was even asking for a book like this?
  10. I have a player who has made a Hired Gun/Merc Solider. One of his skills shows up as a career skill twice. Does this have any significance? The skill in question is Discipline. Is there any rules about this or he just has it as a career skill twice and it doesn't really do anything? Thanks in advance, Trooper
  11. Alright guys, thanks a bunch, all your posts have cleared alot of things up for me and I think I pretty much got it down. Now it's just a matter of playing. Saturday, so excited!
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