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  1. Reminds me of SWCCG where you had to have an Imp and Rebel deck to play in tournaments. It’s been so long, I’m pretty sure you did anyways. I would enjoy that aspect myself in Armada.

    Maybe your bid is your list with the highest fleet cost. Not sure how you’d pick what list you’d play though. Player with highest fleet cost codes which side first? Then lowest fleet cost chooses initiative? I dunno. Might lessen importance of initiative if you can chose two fleet types.

  2. One of my opponents only brought 5x tie fighters and ran straight through my bomber cloud at one tournament. I normally run 8 ywings, 2-3 awings, and a hwk or vcx. If I’m able to get 8 ywing bombing runs uncontested w/bcc support, whatever I’m bombing is dying.

    If there is a bomber list going up against a no squadron list I would bet on the bomber list winning.

  3. My apologies, I meant warlords. Fabs, warlords, same thing right?

    17 hours ago, Ardaedhel said:

    Yeah, not sure about this one either.  Of all the critiques Fab's site is open to, update speed isn't really one of them.  I don't think I've seen him take longer than a week to update, ever, since W1.  Recently, it's been within a couple days.


  4. TO just sent a message to FFG. TO posted this in our FB group:

    Good Afternoon,
    I am the designated TO For the US Nationals being held in Washington D.C. and there is currently a hot debate about ADM Sloane's ability that I'm being asked to make a ruling on in advance of the tournament to provide better clarity for players competing.
    The crux of the issue is whether or not ADM Sloane's Spending of the defender's defense token will prevent them from using the same token (or a similar one also equipped) during Step 4 of the attack (defender chooses to spend defense tokens).
    I ruled that since Sloane's ability says "spend 1 of the defender's defense tokens" and the Armada Rules reference (ARR) says "The defender cannot spend more than one defense
    token of each type per attack" he/she may not elect to spend a similar token for the desired effect (e.g. spend a second brace when one has already been spent by an attacker using Sloane's ability)
    However, because i read the token as being spent, and not being spent as part of the cost to produce an effect of an upgrade (Like turbolaser reroute circuits or ADM Darth Vader's ability) that the token produces its normal defense result (e.g. halves the damage in the case of Brace) irrelevant of whether it was the Defender or Attacker who selected to spend the defense token.
    To best clarify this issue, I would like to know the following:
    1. Does ADM Sloane's ability count as spending for the purpose of allowing the defender to spend the same token (or a similar one) when it becomes his/her turn to elect to spend defense tokens?
    2. Do defense tokens only generate their default defense effects when spent by the defender? Or when spent only during step 4 of the attack in the ARR?
    I appreciate any assistance you can provide on this issue as my ruling (as written above) and would like to know as soon as possible in order to best alert the coming players the way ADM Sloane should be played.

    Very Respectfully

  5. Hahaha, ok. I have another one. I remember Pete called a shot obstructed at another tourney he was TOing. Was it NOVA? I can't remember. There was an obstacle underneath the ship I was shooting directly under the dot, but not obstructing otherwise. It wasn't FAQd yet, so Pete ruled it obstructed. So Pete is 2/2 for rulings against me so far. :^).

    Thanks for the kind words Pete. It's always a pleasure playing in tournaments you run.

    As for TTC, may the rest of your Armada games be played against Y-wings and CRam90s. And your evade re-rolls cause more damage. And all your face ups are structurals or projector misaligneds.

  6. #1 had Demo, Raider; 3x Goz, and a well rounded list of squadrons, with a shuttle and jendon. No BCC if I recall, not really a bomber list. Vector and chirpy on one of the Goz. Think 2 of the Goz had ExpHangers. He plays his list very well.

    #4 (me) Had a loaded MC80 Defiance w/ Crackbar, XI, IO, LS, FCT, ECM; TRC90 JL; TRC90; Gr75; Gr75 w/CN,Leia. 3xVCX,3xZ95s. 395 bid. Advanced Gunnery, Comms Net, Fire Lanes. Went second all games. Played AG once, and comms net x3. Many tokens were had.

  7. Things of note from me:

    1. Tables were well made. Plenty of space.

    2. I was hoping for sandwiches, but meh.

    3. Got to play the winner Jeff in round one, helped boost him to the top. Learned to be more aggressive with AG mc80.

    4. Pete ruled fighter coordination teams do not work with strategic in round 4. Strategic and fct was crucial to the workings of my list. Used it extensively in rounds 2, 3, and 4 though.

  8. I'm going both ways with this. I get 5 rounds would be insane for everyone involved if not properly planned. I understand their decision to cut it to 4. 5+ months of planning was available though. This was not a last minute thing. Tournament hosts should plan accordingly to conduct the tournament within the rules and standards laid out by ordering and accepting the regional kit. Essentially banking on 5 rounds worth of players but only offering 4 rounds of support. I love 5 rounds tournaments myself. That's my counter viewpoint. I'm still excited to attend and I'm glad G&S was willing to host a regional.


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