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  1. Reminds me of SWCCG where you had to have an Imp and Rebel deck to play in tournaments. It’s been so long, I’m pretty sure you did anyways. I would enjoy that aspect myself in Armada. Maybe your bid is your list with the highest fleet cost. Not sure how you’d pick what list you’d play though. Player with highest fleet cost codes which side first? Then lowest fleet cost chooses initiative? I dunno. Might lessen importance of initiative if you can chose two fleet types.
  2. Nothing is guaranteed of course. Have you played many no squad lists lately PT? I know you had great succes a while back with ISDs and raiders.
  3. One of my opponents only brought 5x tie fighters and ran straight through my bomber cloud at one tournament. I normally run 8 ywings, 2-3 awings, and a hwk or vcx. If I’m able to get 8 ywing bombing runs uncontested w/bcc support, whatever I’m bombing is dying. If there is a bomber list going up against a no squadron list I would bet on the bomber list winning.
  4. I run Ywings at over half of my tournaments. I frequently catch players with few squadrons. Oh, you brought a token screen of 5 Tie fighters? That’s a tabling.
  5. Wow. Close is an understatement. Thank you for the updates. Can’t wait to watch the game.
  6. @SgtDurandal Email organized play. They should be able to square you away. I got a separate email with a new link that worked.
  7. I have a reserved seat. Got the e-mail. E-mail said I need to purchase by March 30th at 4pm. I click the link to purchase tonight and it's saying it's sold out. Lame. Did I wait to long?
  8. My apologies, I meant warlords. Fabs, warlords, same thing right?
  9. Fab's lack of updates made me switch to Ryan's. (edit: meant warlords.)
  10. Contain does not prevent XX-9. Doesn't matter if it's one card or two.
  11. Page 5. Rules Reference. An“after”effect occurs immediately after the specified event and cannot occur again for that instance of the event.
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