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  1. So far I've been most surprised by the bang per buck on the Interceptor chassis overall. Gone are the days of only being able to reasonably field a super-stacked Soontir. Now Soontir, Turr, and generic squints with a single EPT or naked feel like they can frequently squeeze out enough value to match their points cost. I'm not unhappy if they hit the poor side of variance on a defense roll given their damage output, blocking, and maneuverability. And that's been a very satisfying feeling! On a similar note, the named TIE/ln pilots have been fantastic for mini-swarming for me so far in 2E. A block of Inferno Squad with Howl to taste makes for solid jousting early, and is made of components that stand well on their own when the game breaks down over time! Marksmanship Seyn and Crack Hask have been great in the lategame for me, and having two defensive pieces in Iden and Del to back up Howl has been excellent. I haven't been this pleased to fly a bunch of green dice and no shields in a long time!
  2. Maybe I totally missed the boat on earlier 2E spoilers (and granted, I've been out of the loop on the last couple of waves of expansions). But I'm VERY intrigued by the Reverse Straight and Reverse Bank rules text under Other Maneuvers. Maybe we'll see something with the ability to reverse thrusters on a dime at the cost of stress? Or ordnance so strong the inertia knocks the ship back? Edit: Never mind me, that's a Quadjumper thing. Moving along now.
  3. Hello all! Like most, I'm moving into 2.0 slowly, and while I've enjoyed dabbling in Scum ships, I can't see myself buying the whole conversion kit for it. So, mainly what I'm offering are used full expansion contents for the ships listed below. I'll include dials, pilot cards, and upgrade cards for each, can even separate tokens out of my bags if desired. I'm close to listing my Scum stuff on Ebay piecemeal, so any kind of trade is a step up from that, welcoming all offers. Location: Rhode Island, USA. Willing to ship within United States, and meet in-person at a shop up to a couple hours away to trade. Will ship internationally pending trade deal. Wants: I mostly play Imperial, but am very excited to try out various Rebel lists once 2.0 drops so I may need to bolster my models there. For what's listed here I'm fine trading for as little as model only, as I plan on getting Imperial and Rebel conversion kits and am locked into what I'll be playing until 2.0 drops. Imperial ships that I don't have yet or would like 1 or 2 more of: TIE Aggressor TIE Advanced Prototype 1-2 TIE Bomber 1-2 181st pattern TIE Interceptors Rebel ships I could get behind having more of: Ghost Sheathipede Shuttle 1-2 Y-Wings I'm also willing to trade for colored bases, and dial upgrade kits. Haves: Like I mentioned, it's a small collection of ships, and I'll willing to sort out the expansion contents as needed for each. 2x Starviper 2x Aggressor 1x Khiraxz Fighter 1x Most Wanted Pack w/ extras (can break out Firespray stuff if desired) 2 Z-95 1 Y-Wing 2 Firesprays (1 Scum dial, 1 Empire dial) Pilot cards and dials for Zs and Ys, plus HWK-290
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